Definitely Human
Down is a 24-part science-fiction series about an expedition into a newly-discovered Antarctic trench, dubbed The Bottomless Pit. The company-backed research submarine Virgil is elegant, state-of-the-art, and capable of withstanding enormous pressures. The same cannot be said for her crew.
Part 19: Synthesis
As Marcus works to prevent the Virgil's return to the surface, he remembers where it all began.
May 19
16 min
Part 18: Reconnaissance
Desperate measures are required to contact the surface, and Sam has a plan that just might work.
May 12
14 min
Part 17: Invasion
A mechanical failure spells disaster for the crew, as chillingly foretold by the retrieved data recorder.
May 6
17 min
Part 16: Ghosts
A new discovery presents the crew with the most shocking and ominous riddle yet.
Apr 28
17 min
Part 15: Entity
The discovery of an artifact in the water presents the crew with the most shocking and ominous riddle yet.
Apr 21
13 min
Part 14: Hypothesis
The crew attempt to explain the mysterious antagonist that faces them.
Apr 14
13 min
Part 13: Anomaly
Marion is haunted by echoes of the past, and the crew are wary of their new arrival.
Apr 7
11 min
Part 12: Mission
The apparent end to the trench has given way, and the crew struggle to understand the full consequences of their predicament.
Mar 17
15 min
Part 11: Lull
With the bottom of the pit a mere ten minutes away, the crew begin to relax.
Mar 10
11 min
Part 10: Progress
As technical issues accumulate, the crew experience a rare flash of hope.
Mar 3
15 min
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