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Doug Loves Movies
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Doug Loves Movies is my absolute favorite podcast. I’ve been listening for years and Doug and his guests are so freaking funny! Doug Benson is one of my all time favorite comics and I listen to just about all his podcasts.
A. Nonauh Muss
Sour puss?
Doug’s passion has worn thin. The pandemic has brought non-movie trivia “games” with people who continue not like trivia or movies.
Always a fun time
Doug and friends always gets me to laugh, whether its during a commute, or sitting at my desk. I hope this goes on forever.
First ever podcast
I’ve been listening to DLM since 2013….when he used to say the date of the podcast plus saying (ocean’s 2013) as the year It’s my first podcast and I still listen and look forward to it every week
Jasmine Shazia
Audience time
It’s time to come out of the shadows! The clubs are opening Doug. I’ll go with 5 stars when you go back to recording at live shows.
Terrible podcast
Waste of time
Pandemic claimed another one
The fun of the show is completely gone when done over zoom. Let me know when he goes back to doing it live.
Bailey Horn
Hey hey hey
Everybody give this show 5 stars
Death by clocks
Better guests please
Completely reliant on guests. Audio quality getting worse
Doug's Great
I've been listening to this pod for like, 10 years. I've been to many MANY live tapings, but for some reason... no review. Sorry about the that. Doug Loves Movies has been an amazingly joyous thing for me. I think you should listen to it. Please don't wait 10 years to review it. You can't blame weed!
Bionic Davey
Long time fan
I’ve been listening to this podcast since the start. I was in middle school listening and loving it. Now I’m 22 and go to the shows when there’s no covid. Really enjoy it and recommend it to everybody.
F*#king hilarious.
So this podcast is more like a comedic game show about movies. If your movie fan of any type you will love it. If you have seen a movie it will be great for you. Very fun and addictive. Extremely lighthearted and leaves you feeling like you just had time with your friends. Enjoy!
Who’s Doug?
I listen to only ONE podcast and when it’s not on....I listen to Doug Loves Movies!! 😁😂😂😂
Fun Movie Hang
I love this show/movies. Been to a live show and it was a ton of fun. Doug’s obviously great at keeping the games fun and casual and caters them to his generally funny guests. Tate, Tate, Tate...
Doug is a great host!
Doug really keeps it moving along. beautifully paced.
Great show.
Thanks for the continued content during the pandemic. I really appreciate the podcast in a new way. I look forward to the laughs, a distraction, along with the movie trivia.
Great Show
Doug is the best. I really appreciate how he develops a light hearted report with guests but is still able to keep the format on track. In a post Harmontown world, this is my favorite podcast, by far. Thanks Doug!
jonny wheels
I love Doug Loves Movies
When things got shut down I was worried about losing my favorite podcast but Doug has kept it going, I don’t miss the live audience, there’s more time to hear from the guests. I appreciate Doug’s effort to have more female guests and discuss the work of female actors and directors. Thank you Doug for being a bright spot in a tough time.
Fun, fun, fun
Doug knows his movies. The guests are great and the games are fun. Doug knows how to move things along.
So Much Fun You'll Pee
A phun movie trivia show interactive with the audience & includes a large rotation of comedians & actors, it's so great you'll have no choice but to pee a little in euphoria
Buffet of Indepedent Hot Takes
The Eagle! Positive energy thanks for giving a hoot.
DLM is great fun!
It’s unfortunate that some lack the history of listening to make it more relatively certain that they would listen to each episode, and enjoy it like a fan. Enjoy your favorites, and be well, friend. Positive energy!!!
Zzzzzzzzzzz. Snore.
Favorite podcast
I love the format and your comedic wit!! Wish you would upload more dlm pods and come to Richmond, VA!!
Love it
Love it!
Glad it's around
I've been listening since it started and it's interesting to see how it's evolved. The running jokes aren't funny to me and I learned to skip ahead until the guests come out. Other than those small gripes, it's a good, consistently fun show.
commander snuggles
Stop having women on
Stop having women on your show u degenerate
Critic Jew
Stan Lee’s best cameo was a DC movie.
Teen Titans Go! to the movies. That movie was dope and so is this podcast.
Review #7000!
Lol tryna pin Mark Normand as the “racist character” really shows how “show business” you are “comedy!”
not kidding.
The banter
It's hilarious.
Hold up
I am the real mothboy!!!!!
Tate Tate Tate
Jeff Garlin is the best worst guest wish he would be on more often!
This is the best comedy podcast Doug has great guests on even if they make doug mad it’s still hilarious
matt snyda
Garlin gone for good
Please don’t let Jeff garlin be on the show ever again. Very painful. But DLM is the best podcast out there.
35 dozen
Chris Cubas, Mark Normand, and Tony Hinchcliff should all go on an annoying courtesy laugh tour. I don’t fake laugh, takes the joy out of it. Just saying. Jeff Garland is the Worst guest though.
Elijah of The Black Pool
Rebuttal To Recent Reviews
Doug had a couple of shows recently where the crowd was disruptive. As a guy who, occasionally, tries to run games himself; it is incredibly frustrating to have one or two people ruin the fun for everyone. (And from some of the context, it appears that the specific audience members that disrupted the recent episode entered with a deliberate intention of ruining the show.) I will agree that the episodes in question were really rough listens and I hope that these are not the episodes where people will begin their exposure to DLM. They have not been representative of the years of entertainment that DLM has provided. I consider Doug Loves Movies one of the highlights of my week. It is infuriating for listeners AND Doug when the audience members won’t let the entertainers entertain.
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Archie Who
Most recent episode is Doug making fun of how someone laughs. She stops laughing after he makes fun of her. I hope she finds something/someone else that makes her laugh because I certainly will.
Used to be a celebration of movies
Used to be one of my favorites. Audience members disrupting the show are deserving of a swift rebuke but lately anything sends him off. Just finished one in which he dress down a fan, who came to back to back shows, because he didn’t like her laugh. It’s like a salt merchant saying ‘no, that particular salt chaps my skin.’ (I am not aware if salt merchant is an actual occupation.)
Greatest podcast
Hilarious. Best part of my Friday.
Seriously, consistently great series.
Here’s the thing about @DougBenson . He routinely and consistently produces one of the best pieces of entertainment I get to consume, in Doug Loves Movies. It’s always funny and edgy, which has enabled Doug to create the perfect mix of late-night talk show and movie trivia game. The games are genuinely fun and challenging, and fully engage the audience as well. The star-studded guests, “oldbys” and “newbys” all feel like family, and each evolution of the games leads the audience to becoming cultish and eager to play. Great show.
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One of the Best!
This podcast is in the pantheon of the best comedy podcasts ever. A hilarious dive into movies with your host of hosts, the HIGHLY entertaining Doug Benson. Comedian and celebrity guests are a ever rotating cavalcade that keeps every episode fresh as Doug travels the country to bring you live and lively games and movie related (sometimes) discussions. I can’t recommend this podcast enough!
Used to love it
I was a huge fan of Doug Loves Movies. I listened regularly for many years. Lately Doug just seems bored and a little over it. I saw another review that said he seems to care more about the live audience than the podcast audience and I completely agree. The quality has just taken a dive. It’s disappointing as I used to really look forward to listening. Now every episode seems the same and I actually find myself yawning while i listen.
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Brett AD
Never miss it.
Outstanding podcast. Even when it’s awkward it’s hilarious!! Wanna laugh? Listen to this.
Always Funny
I want to see a live taping. But until then this podcast is great!
Fun times with Doug and movie trivia games
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