Dorm Rooms To Conference Room's Podcast
Dorm Rooms To Conference Room's Podcast
Dan Tieman & Sabah Ali: College Entrepreneurs and Bloggers
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So inspiring for young and aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere
Such a great line up of guests! Dan and Sabah are killing it with a growing podcast featuring lessons they're learning real-time as well those of influencers of different industries. Know a high school student, college kid, or young-at-heart new entrepreneur? Share this show with them!
You need to listen!
Great podcast for your entrepreneurs wanting to gain knowledge from people actually doing it!
Woot woot!
Great show welcome to the PDC! -Anthony Hayes
What a great show!!!
Sabah and Dan are amazing hosts and give so much valuable information and advice. Looking forward to the journey as they interview excellent guests and discuss valuable business topics. I enjoy when they share personal experiences and make the examples true to life.
Inspired :-)
These two are very inspirational college students that I very much enjoy listening to! :-)
asian monkey= next youssef?
This is an Amazing SHOW!
I WISH this was around when I was going to college. Professors would always tell students, "What company do YOU WANT TO WORK FOR?," instead of challenging students to think outside the box. Why do we have to work for a company? Why can't we work for ourselves? This podcast is for students who are looking to become Entrepreneur's. Trust me when I say these two know what they are talking about. They are working closely with Brandon T. Adams, who is an Influencer in the Entreprenuer world. Keep on killing it Dan and Sabah!
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Andria Schultz
Meaningful tips and advice to launch your entrepreneurial adventure while in college!
Something fresh for 2017 & looking for ways to succeed in college!!
This podcast is an amazing look into the true life of college kids & the struggles they go through in making a dream come true in college! Very exciting & informative for those struggling to pursue a personal dream & not quite sure how to achieve it, DR2CR helps you walk & talk you through every step of the way. Definitely looking forward to bigger & better episodes & to see the growth of this podcast fly sky high!
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Listen to this!
Such a great podcast!👍
Taco mike1234
Fresh view on Entrepreneurship
This is easy to listen to and very relatable. Times are changing and it's more accessable than ever to start up a business. Why not start in college?
Mikey Sils
Excited for this podcast!!
Great job on the first few podcasts! I'm excited to hear them as one of the first. Keep up the good work!
Love this!
Helpful for all students!
Listen to them!!!
Amazing people doing amazing things!
Great podcast for any college student diving into entrepreneurship and business.
Awesome content!
Young entrepreneurs...listen up!
This is a great show to take you inside the minds of some of the young entrepreneurs making big moves regardless of their age and experience! Great job Sabah & Dan!!
This podcast is a great listen to any college entrepreneur who is looking to get insightful tips on business and lifestyle. Sabah and Dan talk about their own experiences in college as well as interviewing other successful millennial entrepreneurs! Easy listen and great content, everyone should check it out!
Queen Sabah
Dan & Sabah kill it on the mic, they are two great young entrepreneurs that want to make a difference. Keep up the good work!!
Biggy 18
This is a Must listen to Podcast for College Students
If you are in college and want to figure out how to make money while going to school and build up your brand and reputation so you are ready to take your own path in entrepreneurship once graduated, this show is just for you!! Dan and Sabah are both living the entrepreneurship life while attending College and are making big strides in their own businesses. They have their own College Accelerator for other college students and they have some connections with some big names. I look forward to seeing more guests who bring the fire. I WISH I HAD THIS IN COLLEGE!!!!!!!
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Brandon T Adams