Dorking Out
Dorking Out
Sonia Mansfield
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Where have I been?!?!! Listening to the wrong podcasts apparently. You 2 are So F***in FUNNY!!! I literally & seriously laugh out loud to myself, scarring my dog in the process I might add. 😂 Some of the “out of center” movies you choose to dork out over, are the same movies I’d watch over & over again. My friends & family usually didn’t “get it” the way I did. So, to now hear others enjoy them & think the way I do about them, brings a tear of joy to my eye! 😝😝😉 Thank you for the energy & enjoyment I’m receiving from your pod. I’m so glad I’ve found you!! Oh, I’m also binging your other podcast about creeps. You 2 are the wo-MAN’s!!! 😉❤️😂😘 Much Respect, Wen
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Fun, entertaining listen!
I am made happy each time a new episode shows up in my library! Love these ladies, their takes so much that I enjoy the listen even when I haven’t watched the movie before! Also shout out to Adam when he joins, just adds to the fun!
Fangirl Lora
See Sonia Swear
I love you guys but ... Sonia! Count how many times you say any iteration of the F word during the first ten minutes of the review of The Apartment. It’s such a turn-off. Use for effect only, please. I’m you’re same age, so trust me, swearing doesn’t wear well on us - not when used too liberally.
Thank you!
You guys are so great to listen to. Your helping me fall asleep at night after long hard days dealing with stress related to supporting people suffering with emotional impact of pandemic. I am grateful : )
Fun and Informative
Overall i like it . I do think at times they let their personal biases take movies out of context. I know it’s a different world now but to hate a movie from 1986 because of lack of diversity or sexism or because the producer or actor was #metood later in life gets a little old. We get it, the movie is problematic and not “woke” but to hate on the entire production for its past indiscretions seems counterproductive. Why review it then?
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I’m listening to your review and, while I haven’t seen this movie in quite a while, I’m so frustrated by you “dorking out.” Terrible. Not good. Why bother.
KK rocks so so so so MUCH
As host Margo might say, this is the perfect podcast to listen to when folding laundry. This is such an easy listen, it’s light and nostalgic. It’s so easy to follow along and if you get distracted for awhile, no worries you sink right back in. It has become my favorite when doing chores and projects around the house. You might not like this podcast if you don’t like women and/or listening to women.
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Charlotte Liz
Like reminiscing with friends
This is my number one “feels like hanging with friends” podcast. I’m a Gen X’er and the movies they talk about bring back so many great memories.
Furl Mama
You may not even read this - But here it is. You’re funny as crap... You guys are fabulous... I love most of the movies you pick... (obviously... I’m your age)...and I’ve gotten my sister hooked. I listened to Sliding Doors today... and it’s a good movie... here’s my question... If fate is fate... Helen was going to catch Jerry cheating ... she was going to lose both guys’ babies... she was going to meet James. So how was she not going to die in both stories? If death was her fate... then she only escaped death by choosing the wrong guy? And why is that a comforting movie’s ? Because I listened too.
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Fun and hilarious!!!
Sonia & Margo are hilarious I love this podcast it’s easy to binge and these ladies are so fun to dork out with!!!
Person );848828
Love Dorking Out With These Ladies!
I found Dorking Out quite a while ago now and it quickly became one of my faves. It’s always awesome hanging out with Sonia
Authentic Autograph
Found you!!
Ok! Love this podcast but I especially love it as a palette cleanser for your “What a Creep” Podcast I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts so obviously your “St Elmo’s Fire” recap is EXACTLY what I needed! Suggestion? Less than Zero?? AMAZING SOUNDTRACK!! It’s such a gooood movie with both brat pack stars and RDJ in the best performance of his young career! Love 2 both of u! Marissa
Love this podcast!
I love sitting down to listen to you ladies talk about so many different kinds of movies...whether I agree with your opinion or not (mostly I do). Thanks for giving me an escape from the daily grind. I feel like we’re sitting down to have a girlfriend gabfest every time I tune into a new episode!
Best there is out there.
Anything else out there? Seems I just keep subscribing to all of your podcasts. Just love all the content you ladies provide. So entertaining and informative. I tell all my friends to listen to each of your content. Keep it coming, I’ll keep on listening. Thank you. -Karolyn
Dorking out at the speed of conversation
Listening to Sonia & Margo dork out is akin to listening to two friends shoot the breeze during Happy Hour at the local watering hole. Sure, there’s some disagreements amid shots for the word “adorable” but it’s all in good fun since all dorks know that anything held dear is worth defending.
Two Cool Friends Triggering Funny 80s-90s memories
I first caught the hosts on the venerable F This Movie Podcast in a very entertaining review of the problematic Revenge of the Nerds. I then migrated over to their own podcast. Sonia and Margo are both sharp, funny, and have a great chemistry--the friends you would want to have with you at the diner after coming out of the CinePlex following any big hit of the 80s or 90s.
Frank McL
Makes Me Happy!
I really enjoy listening to this podcast as I got about my day. Both Sonia and Chris bring a respectable knowledge and insight to the platform and give me new thing to think about. I highly recommend giving this a listen and experienceing what they bring to the table. Worth your time!
Great Star Wars Review
Love the lingo that happens on this podcast. Fave from the Star Wars review is "balding wookies" and "Poe, Rey, me"...clever clever ;P
Turns me onto some shows and such
I enjoy this show even if I speed it up to 1.8 speed. My favorite moment that did not involve the hosts talking about me when I was on a plane in Asia was when the host's wife discussed her hatred of the Gilmore Girls.
Luv, luv, luv Dorking Out!
About 20 years ago (has it really been that long?) I first started reading the musings of Chris and Sonia in Sci-Fi Universe Magazine. What put that magazine head-and-shouders above the competition was that it brought intelligent analysis, insight, and bit of snarky humor to the world of genre media which it covered. Since the folding of that magazine, I've continued to follow Chris and Sonia on websites such as eonmagazine, iF, cinescape, and assignmentx. So naturally I started listening to Dorking Out shortly after it first launched, and I was pleasantly surprised to find it surpassed my expectations. Chris and Sonia have a terrific chemistry, the production value is first rate, and the discussion is always lively, interesting, and well-informed. Give them a listen, your inner dork will thank you!
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Holden Rex
More organic than a potato
Dorking Out seems like a conversation between two friends, and gives pretty good insight into things I wouldn't normally think about. It's usually an organic conversation. I like it. It's good.
Nuff said.
Good listen with people who can poke fun
Sweet. Even though Chris is kind of a blowhard sometimes, but in a pretty self deprecating kind of way... Usually. The trailer special was a pretty fun listen, and the Star Trek episode had some pretty good interviews even though Trek isn't always my thing.
Nerd's greatest hits
When they say they're dorking out about stuff they're not lying. Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel, Game of Thrones, they talk about all of it. In detail. What's nice is they don't take it too seriously, I don't gosh all over the place like a lot of fanboy podcasts. They even, gasp, talk about books and things other than TV and movies sometimes.
Clever Hosts; Total Nerdgasm
Sonia and Chris know their geek culture, and they love it. This is my new favorite nerd/pop culture podcast. Subscribed!
Great podcast!
This is definitely one to listen to every week. Chris and Sonia are funny and entertaining. I love their fake advertisements. Keep up the good work dorks!
Five Stars For Me!
This is my favorite podcast about pop culture that I co-host. However, I disagree with RocketSpots review. I'm obviously THE BEST, and Chris is just fine. We have a lot of fun talking about movies, TV, books, podcasts and the stories in pop culture that you love. You should listen.
The Sonia Show
I'm great
This is the greatest podcast I'm a part of. I may be partial, but I'm awesome. Sonia is pretty good too. But I'm the BEST. And totally modest and impartial... IMPARTIALLY AMAZING!
Love to dork out with Dorking Out
Great chemistry and fun topics. Love the special guests. Highly recommended.
Doesn’t remember
finally a fun place to talk about things
I like this podcast - Sonja and Chris are fun to listen to. Both are knowledgeable about the topics and can have a spirited discussion and keep things fun. Too many podcasts like these are just 100% negative ranting and who needs that? I always learn something and listening to them in the morning beats everything on TV so check it out!
Great Chemistry
Chris and Sonia have such a smooth rapport it makes this a joy to listen to. The show feels like they have been doing this for years even though they just started. Great show, fun vibe and knowledgable analysis.
Ben Weddell
Good deep dorking out.
Although I'm not a full fledged geek, I am an engineer so I have a certain reputation to maintain. This podcast really helped me get informed about current events in an area that I'm rather weak. Really helpful in expanding my knowledge base. Looking forward to future episodes.
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