Doorway To Mexico | Learn Spanish with Intermediate and Advanced Conversations
Doorway To Mexico | Learn Spanish with Intermediate and Advanced Conversations
Doorway To Mexico | Spanish Podcast
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Great podcast and content!
Everything is wonderful except for Michael.
Mexican Spanish!
Really enjoyed listening to these shows. I learned a lot of words I wouldn’t have known otherwise. I really hope they make more in the future! In the meantime I may have to get the extra stuff off their website. Highly recommend if you’re Spanish is decent but you want to understand more everyday people, especially if you live where most Spanish is Mexican Spanish!
Thank you for producing this podcast! It was absolutely amazing! Please do more of those. I’ve learned so much!
Best Spanish podcast for intermediate speakers who want to converse in real life.
This is my favorite Spanish podcast. I almost exclusively converse with Mexican Spanish speakers when I am communicating in Spanish. This podcast gives you the tools to sound way more natural and also to understand a lot of the phrases and words we might hear that don’t exactly translate well but are commonly used in slang. It even has an entire episode on curse words! My Mexican friends have been really impressed and find it quite hilarious when I use some of the new phrases and words I’ve learned. And there’s some Mexican culture thrown in as well. This is not for beginners and there is not much actual vocabulary or grammar taught. But, if you have a decent handle on the Spanish language and want to converse more fluidly with Mexican people this is the podcast for you. I also find it very helpful when listening to the dialogue portions that it switches back from the native speaker to Micheal who is near fluent but still has the slight American accent and speaks a little slower. It gives my brain a chance to catch up in between the smooth rapid dialogue of the native. Que padre!
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Very Effective for Comprehension
Really enjoyed this podcast and look forward to the next season!
Linden T.
Prep for move to Mexico
I listened to all the episodes in my prep to move to Mexico. The show is better produced than any other Mexico Spanish learning podcast I could find; the repetition/review and focused topics on Mexican Spanish slang and culture was really helpful. I was already an intermediate Spanish speaker who had gotten rusty, but even newer Spanish speakers will get a lot out of this show.
I loved this format. When is it coming back? Been over a year.
Last Rationale Dem
Best Spanish language podcast ever!!
I love this podcast! The episodes are short enough to listen to while you walk the dog, and contain a wonderful combination of things you hear a lot, words you should know but don’t, and, most importantly, vocabulary and phrases for common situations. I highly recommend spending the $49 to purchase the entire package. The study guides cover different ways to say the same thing (for example, asking a stranger to take a picture of you or your family), and you can use the different examples to create drills to practice. Fantastic learning tool!
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My favorite podcast to learn spanish
The format keeps you tuned in unlike many other podcasts where i find myself drifting off. Love this podcast just waiting for the new season now
Love this format!
I haven’t encountered a format like this before. It’s very interesting and effective. I love hearing real Spanish with the cultural and usage discussion at the end. I think it’s very good that the guy speaks English then but she responds in Spanish. The context helps me understand what she’s saying.
Very Well Put Together
This podcast has helped me so much with my Spanish listening comprehension. This is also an incredible resource for learning everyday phrases used in Mexico.
Thank you for making my Spanish so enjoyable! I love the people of Mexico. After all, my grandmother was born there <3 I feel like I am there when I listen each morning to your podcasts.
The Good Stuff
This is a great podcast because it teaches you a lot of phrases and idioms that are used by Mexican Spanish speakers that you don’t find elsewhere. I have been learning Spanish for about 4 years now and have since gotten engaged to someone from Mexico. I can confirm that based on the way my fiancé and her family speak, the lessons and phrases talked about in this podcast are extremely relevant to the way people actually speak in Mexico. La neta!
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As a native English speaker living in Mexico City I love these podcasts!!! I learn so much. And I can relate to many situations that Paola shares. Gracias!!
Lauren Elisey
Nice way to refresh your Spanish before a trip
Fun to listen to and I feel like this is what I'll be listening to on the airplane the next time I take a trip anywhere in Latin America. I also really like that it foucses on Spanish from Mexico because most of the people I use my Spanish with are from Latin America.
Great to listen to with family!
I loved the lessons and format. Lovely way to improve my spanish and get ready for a trip!
Christine Rose Elle
A Different Approach for Spanish Learners
I've just started listening to Doorway to Mexico and I'm already hooked! Even though I'm still new to learning Spanish, I love hearing the dialogues and listening to the Spanish teacher Paulina, whose voice sounds like Salma Hayek and makes me feel like I'm chatting with a fun friend, not a teacher. The format is unique, too: a long dialogue that's set in a coffee shop or whatever, with Paulina's student Michael and his family trying to communicate with locals on a trip to Mexico (so it's an 80/20 blend of Spanish and English in some cases), followed by a discussion between Paulina and Michael (and sometimes Julie, his wife, who doesn't speak any Spanish, asking about cultural differences, etc.). The discussion is cool because Michael asks grammar questions in English, trying to figure out the differences and nuances in the words, slang, idioms and grammatical choices that Mexicans may use (compared with the Castellano Spanish that most kids learn in high school, or with American English), then Paulina answers him almost exclusively in Spanish. Even though I don't speak Spanish (yet!), I found myself listening more intently and comprehending what she was saying. I haven't bought the upgrade to the "bonus" materials yet, because I'm not at the level or point where I think I can fully appreciate them yet. But still, I'm considering it because it's clear Doorway to Mexico wants their audience to truly play with the language and excel in communicating with Mexican or Latin American people in a culturally sensitive way. In short: Great podcast! I can't wait for new episodes!
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Frida Diego