Doorway To Mexico | Learn Spanish with Intermediate and Advanced Conversations
Doorway To Mexico | Learn Spanish with Intermediate and Advanced Conversations
Doorway To Mexico | Learn Spanish from Mexico
Learn Spanish with Doorway to Mexico, a fun language learning podcast for intermediate and advanced Spanish students. In our first 22 episodes, we listened to native Mexican Spanish teacher Paulina and her real-life students as they traveled through Mexico exploring the country's rich language and diverse cultural history. Now they’re back together again, interacting in Spanish with friends, work colleagues and other native Spanish speakers in their own neighborhoods. Not just for tourists, Season 2 explores the living Spanish language through a wide range of topics. After each dialogue, Paulina presents an in-depth review of the episode's challenging vocabulary and colloquial expressions to help you develop essential conversational skills to communicate confidently in Spanish, whether you’re exploring Mexico, Latin America… or your own neighborhood. Visit us a
The Car Crash
Buckle up and find out what happens when the Baxters get rear-ended by a Mexican woman who doesn’t have any auto insurance. In the round table discussion afterward, Paulina will review some of the more advanced vocabulary from this engaging conversation to help you become better prepared for all kinds of interactions with native Spanish speakers.
May 31, 2021
23 min
Pets | Discussing Pets in Spanish
Everyone loves to talk about their pets, learn how to use your Spanish to talk about the appearance, feeding, care and behavior of the animals around you. In this episode, the Baxters hire a Spanish speaking pet sitter to take care of the pets in their home. In the round table discussion, we go way beyond talking about dogs and cats, we dive into more advanced Spanish vocabulary that you can use in everyday conversations.
May 23, 2021
23 min
High School Crush | A Spanish conversation about relationships, dating and social media
Join Dani and her charismatic friends on their drive home from school gossiping about crushes, dating, and the latest high school obsessions. We’ll introduce you to a wide range of popular Spanish slang terms and Paulina prepares a number of useful lessons to help your Spanish sound as natural as possible.
May 16, 2021
18 min
Telenovelas vs Mexican Cinema
Michael’s obsession with Mexican telenovelas has his Mexican work buddy, Luis, up in arms. Luis dares us to leave the trashy telenovelas behind and open up to the world of authentic Mexican cinema, where we’ll discover some of the most cherished Spanish language movies of all time. In the round table discussion afterward, Paulina reviews some of the challenging language from the dialogue including common Spanish phrases like: Te pasas, No hay bronca, Ya ni la amuelas, and much more!
May 9, 2021
22 min
The Nanny - Speak Spanish with the babysitter or caregiver
The Baxter family hires a Spanish speaking babysitter to watch their infant niece for the evening. Even if you don't have children of your own, take this opportunity to liven up your Spanish vocabulary in this episode which is full of phrases and expressions you can use in all kinds of real life situations. Join Paulina in the round table afterward,when she reviews Spanish words and phrases such as rollo, recostar, igual, caer el viente, and much more!
May 2, 2021
23 min
The Gardener - Speaking Spanish with the Landscaper
Michael and Julie have a Spanish conversation with their gardener about the various landscaping improvements they’d like to make in their yard. It’s not just about weeds, sprinklers and gophers, in this episode we cover a number of very useful Spanish phrases and expressions that are used in everyday conversations. Join Paulina in the round table portion of the podcast where she’ll break down the challenging vocabulary from episode and show you how to use it confidently when you speak.
Apr 25, 2021
20 min
Beauty Salon | Spanish conversation at a Hair Salon
Join Julie and Dani as they visit their stylist Tatiana at the salon to get a makeover. But don’t think this episode is just about hair, nails and makeup. In this lively conversation, we’ll cover popular Spanish expressions like ¿te late? and ¡va que va!, as well as several other advanced Spanish verbs and adjectives that can help prepare you for all kinds of situations and interactions with native Spanish speakers.
Apr 18, 2021
21 min
Fresa - A Mexican Spanish slang word and stereotype
Learn Mexican Spanish slang. Fresa literally means strawberry in Spanish, but it’s also a very colloquial way to refer to certain kinds of stereotypes in Mexico. Find out what’s going on with this fun Spanish slang term as we get a firsthand explanation of what it means to be fresa in Mexico.
Apr 11, 2021
21 min
The Undocumented Immigrant | Living as an illegal alien in the U.S.
Spanish lessons. What’s it like to live in the United States as an illegal alien? Find out as a valet attendant tells us a little about the challenges and hardships he faces living in the U.S. as a newly arrived immigrant. The Spanish lessons in the round table include a review of popular Spanish expressions, phrases and vocabulary, plus a special focus on using the subjunctive in the past tense.
Apr 4, 2021
21 min
Crossing the Border on foot | Spanish conversation and lessons
Learn Spanish from Mexico. What’s it like for an undocumented immigrant to cross the Mexican border on foot? Find out as one of the Baxter’s employees tells us about her harrowing journey crossing the border from Mexico into the United States through the Southwestern desert. After the dialogue, we’ll listen to the first part of the round table discussion where Paulina will give us an in-depth review of the challenging vocabulary from today’s episode. Some of the Spanish lessons in this episode include how to know the difference between the Spanish verbs Engañar and Estafar, plus the variety of ways people in Mexico use the Spanish verb Tocar.
Mar 28, 2021
21 min
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