Doodle Journey Life
Doodle Journey Life
Amber - Doodle Journey Life
In this podcast series, you will follow Amber, a wife, homeschool mother of four, and a new inexperienced puppy owner on her journey of training her first dog. She will share her insights, failures, successes, and reviews.
4 Preparing for New Puppy
Some things I did to prepare for bringing our new puppy home!
Apr 24
10 min
3 Puppy Update (Poop, Pee, Biting, Oh MY)
Due to the Covid-19 Amber and Darcy had a change of scenery including a 15-hour ride back to their home in Indiana.  Listen as these changes did affect Darcy's progress but new Amber reviews new ideas they are instituting to keep moving forward.
Apr 13
9 min
2: Pick up day, day at home, first night.
We go over how the pick up, ride home, potty training, crate training, first night went.
Apr 9
10 min
1: Introduction Doodle Journey Life
Join Amber as she introduces herself and walks her listeners through what to expect as a subscriber to The Doodle Journey Life.  Be sure to follow Doodle Journey Life on their social media accounts for daily updates.
Apr 8
6 min