Don't Tell Our Wives: Warm Beer, Cheap Comedy, and News
Don't Tell Our Wives: Warm Beer, Cheap Comedy, and News
Don't Tell Our Wives - Warm Beer & Cheap Comedy
Kicked out of Avengers Infinity War, Stolen Fajitas, Airport Security Frisking, Panic Attacks - Ep. 13 - Funny News Comedy
26 minutes Posted May 10, 2018 at 9:00 pm.
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Show notes

Is Florida pronounced Flo-rida? Steve North is out on a trip to Florida, so D will open the show without properly introducing the Honch and Jethrow. On this episode, we have the story of stolen Fajitas, airport people, and questions from the web.

We open with Honch talking about traveling in an airport. As it turns out, the most annoying people that you've ever met are stuffed in a plane -- that is how you know that you're traveling. The story begins with Honch going through security -- he takes his shoes off and they are absolutely disgusting, he knew everyone around him could smell them. Honch got the look from a lady in line that she could smell his feet, and he can smell them too. But that's not really the issue - the lady in front of him had piles of electronics, but it is Honch that gets pulled aside by the TSA for a little bit of a pat down, getting the complete full body rub and four fingers. You fill in the blanks, and email us to tell us your funny travel stories. D also chimes in with his story about traveling from Los Angelas to Detroit, where there was some rough air, and a man next to D that was having a complete panic attack, and D had no idea because he was working on his PowerPoint.

Jethrow then takes us from travel stories to questions from the web, with the first one from a person named Anonymous, which we named Jeff. Jeff was curious about including phones in horror scripts for his film writing class -- does it make for a cliche, or holes in the plotline. Somehow we end up talking about Inspector Gadget, and we thought it would make sense to leave the phone in the script, because the killer would just call the phone. And because all of the conversation, the Honch wanted D to lose his number.

After stories and questions, we actually dive into some news. We all know that D likes to eat all meat, but not as much as a Texas man that was sentenced to 50 years for stealing fajitas for over a period of 9 years. Again, a man stole fajitas...sentenced to 50 years in prison for stealing spiced beef, chicken, and peppers (probably onions too).

Instead of ending the show on a 'would you rather', Jethrow talks about taking his wife to the Avengers: Infinity Wars -- where he was running late to the movies. So they ordered their chinese food ahead of time, quickly grabbed it, and ran to the movie. They ended up getting into the movie, but were asked to leave after containers were everywhere. They got kicked out, but came back spoilers.