Together they amble through the joys and tragedies of owning a dog. From training a puppy to the death of an old pet. Along the way there are all those other humans to meet - some whose names you never know but can easily call their Spaniel. Why do some owners insist on using a special language and taking their dogs wherever they go? Is the animal there for emotional support and do onlookers worry for the humans involved? And which celebrity dog ate a condom and then sported it in the park from the other end? It's all on the hit new podcast DogPod.
09 - Chris Muldoon on lockdown
A very sagely Dog Behaviourist Chris Muldoon from the charity Dogs For Good is the guest in this episode, discussing ways of making coming out of the lockdown a smoother experience for dogs. Maria McErlane and Paddy O’Connell also discuss with Chris the affect that the lockdown experience has had on dogs and our relationships with them, how dogs and human have evolved together, plus the impact that dogs can have on those with dementia.
Jun 8, 2020
22 min
08 - Does your dog eat poop?
Does your dog eat poop? And is it okay to allow them to lick your face? These are just two of many issues Maria McErlane and Paddy O’Connell discuss with Dr Andrew Prentis, who’s been a vet for 40 years, on this edition of DogPod. They also discuss holistic treatments and giving your dogs raw chicken. All that plus the usual insight into the colourful lives of our distinguished hosts and their companions, Dolly and Bob.
May 27, 2020
27 min
07 - Viral Dog Videos
Paddy and Maria are sharing their favourite viral dog videos in this episode to help themselves and the rest of us snigger our way through this pandemic. That’s after Paddy discusses the varying rules on dogs in Lockdown and Maria tells us about her rutting seagulls - all will become clear once you press play on yet another colourful episode of DogPod.
May 26, 2020
20 min
06 - Animal Requiem with Rachel Fuller
Musician Rachel Fuller talks to Maria and Paddy candidly about her Animal Requiem, the human need for ritual after death and what it’s actually like to grieve for the passing of a dog, or in Rachel’s case, six dogs. We hear stories involving caves in Italy and letters to Paul McCartney. They also discuss the contentious topic of when one dog passes, whether it is best to get another one soon afterwards.
May 18, 2020
28 min
05 - Are Dogs Keeping You Sane in Lockdown
Are your dogs keeping you sane in lockdown? That is the question which the inimitable duo Paddy and Maria explore in this first episode of the second series. They also discuss how their dogs, Bob and Dolly are yearning for the company of others, are not socially distancing and the whether the wearing of face masks is affecting relationships with their dogs and other owners.
May 18, 2020
24 min
04 - Busy Woman
Sara is the rare media star who has gained work and kept it all her career. Recently promoted to Drivetime on Radio 2 how does she balance the owning of children and animals ? Has owning a dog contributed to her new success?
Jun 28, 2019
18 min
03 - Lost Dog
Kate had never had a dog but had a chaotic lifestyle. Late night parties with drink and drugs and a long-suffering boyfriend. Then she got a dog and everything changed ..but then she lost it. She tells Maria and Paddy how her life fell apart as she searched.
Jun 28, 2019
23 min
02 - Human Owner Problems
Every dog owner walks with strangers - some become friends, others known only by their dog. Is it healthy to talk to these people? Should they be ignored and why did Paddy run through the park away from one?
Jun 28, 2019
25 min
01 - Emotional Support Peacock
Is the dog a pet or a substitute child? How to spot if you're trapped by your terrier or ruled by your ruffian. What can it do for mindfulness and good health?
Jun 28, 2019
24 min