Dog Words
Dog Words
Rosie Fund
Each episode explores the world of dog care and companionship. Dog Words is presented by Rosie Fund, a charitable foundation with the mission to provide humans with the resources and education they need to give senior and harder-to-adopt dogs a better life. “We save each other.” is the motto of Rosie Fund which simply means, “The more we do for dogs, the more they do for us, and they already do a lot.”
0133: Stubby the War Dog
Author Ann Bausum tells the story of Stubby the War Dog.
Sep 9
31 min
0132: Canine Massage Therapy
Liz Jeans discusses massage therapy for dogs.
Sep 2
24 min
0131: Training Your Dog for Success
Animal trainer Trish McMillan discusses how to set up dogs for success.
Aug 26
38 min
0130: Harrowing Tale of Parvovirus
Jesse Shroyer shares the harrowing story of Oakley the parvo puppy.
Aug 19
41 min
0129: The New Human Animal Support Services Initiative at KCPP
KC Pet Project Chief Communications Officer Tori Fugate discusses Human Animal Support Services, an exciting new initiative that will implement a new range of services for pets and people in multiple pilot cities.
Aug 12
33 min
0128: Border Collies
Caryn Miller to discusses rescuing, fostering, owning and training Border Collies.
Aug 5
35 min
0127: Socio Economic Underpinnings of Breed Specific Legislation
Anthony Barnett of the Symbiotic Behavioral Treatment Center and Game Dog Guardian discusses the socio economic underpinnings of breed specific legislation.
Jul 29
38 min
0126: Dogs Day Out
KC Pet Project volunteer Kelsey Nelson discusses the Dog Day Out Program that allows volunteers to take a dog out of the shelter for the day, a few hours, the weekend or whatever fits their schedule.
Jul 22
30 min
0125: Community Veterinary Outreach USA & My Pet Credentials
Dr. Lara Plass tells us about Community Veterinary Outreach USA and Jeff Davis, President of My Pet Credentials tells us about an online tool that will help you keep all of your pet information accessible up to date.
Jul 15
38 min
0124: Dogs in Art
Docent Sue Shinkle from The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art discusses dogs in art.
Jul 8
35 min
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