Doctor Who: The Whovian Review
Doctor Who: The Whovian Review
Shelby C Sweeney
The Lord of Darkness
12 hour 26 minutes Posted Nov 3, 2023 at 1:16 am.
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Show notes

The Whovian Review podcaster Shelby Sweeney wrote, published, and narrated a pseudo-religious sci-fi/fantasy dramedy intertwined with an epic love story across time, space, and reality. It's called The Lord of Darkness and is available for purchase in ebook, paperback, and hardback here. Please enjoy this free audiobook of the gripping tale.



If you are human, this book is for you. If not, feel free to keep reading anyways. I bring you good tidings of the coming apocalypse! Details enclosed.

Gabriel, Archangel of Communication

P.S. Also enclosed are some pages sent to me by my future self. I haven't read them, for obvious reasons, but I think the source can be trusted.