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Doctor Who: Gallifrey Public Radio
Keir Hansen, Jay Witten, Haley Malle
A Positive Fandom Doctor Who Podcast
Whovian Mixology – The Doctors
If you were to attribute a drink to each iteration of The Doctor, what might it be? We each come up with a list of beverages that we feel matches every regeneration's persona.
Nov 21
1 hr 2 min
Classic Rewatch: Full Circle
Romana realizes her time with the Doctor is nearing an end, and the divisive character Adric enters the picture in this fan-written Season 18 story.
Nov 14
50 min
Torchwood Rewatch: Reset (S2E6)
While reveling in the return of Doctor Martha Jones and all the things we love about her, we also recognize a solid story that works completely outside of the science fiction construct.
Nov 8
40 min
Timestamps and Milestones (Our 400th Episode)
This week, we reflect on 400 podcast episodes, hear from some lovely listeners, and have a brilliant conversation with The Sevateem about their new project "Resurrection Part Two".
Nov 1
57 min
Classic Rewatch: Meglos
With seemingly no end to the horrid cactus jokes, we poke at the second story of Season 18 and try to find its refreshing core.
Oct 22
48 min
Every Dalek Ever, Ranked
This week, we take a glance at the non-news items (listicles, opinion articles, etc.) that tend to dominate our feed during those times when actual Doctor Who news is rather thin.
Oct 10
36 min
Torchwood Rewatch: Adam (S2E5)
An unfamiliar face joins the Hub 3 team, but no one seems to notice until our lovable lunkhead Rhys gets the right people upset about the right things.
Oct 1
44 min
Classic Rewatch: The Leisure Hive
It's the dawn of both Season 18 and the John Nathan Turner era, and there are few things that we don't see up-ended in the first story of 'the new order'.
Sep 19
51 min
What’s My Linear Positioning?
Having only ten 'incorrect' questions to spare, our game panel has to interview a mystery Doctor Who character to figure out their identity.
Sep 11
42 min
Torchwood Rewatch: Meat (S2E4)
The reason many of us remember the 'tortured space manatee' episode from Season 2 is the same reason others forget...the disturbing nature of the episode's primary storyline.
Sep 7
43 min
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