DIZNEY COAST TO COAST - The Ultimate Unofficial Disney Fan Podcast
DIZNEY COAST TO COAST - The Ultimate Unofficial Disney Fan Podcast
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Back to the Past
I just learned about this Podcast from Jeff’s appearance on E Ticket to Broadway. I started listening from Episode 1. I’m really enjoying listening to the banter with Jeff & Patrick. Talking about new rides... I mean attractions. It’s fun knowing how things turned out that are discussed. I look forward to moving through time with this podcast!
JSC52 in SF
Dizney coast to coast is amazing
I enjoy listening to your podcast I used to watch your YouTube videos and they where so awesome and even know they are still awesome
Ready to plan Next Disney trip
I found Dizney coast to coast after our Disneyland trip in July 2019. I ended up booking another Disneyland trip for September 2019 for the Oogie Boogie bash. I appreciated the podcast walking thru the party and what to expect and helped to plan my visit. Looking forward to planning my WDW trip for 2020 with Academy travel. Ty for plugging and introducing them to me as they have been helpful with tips and suggestions for planning my trip. Me and my 4 yr old son love listening! Jeff is a great host. -webgurly
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Fun and informative!
100% give this a listen! My husband and I stumbled on this from the mad chatters and I am so glad we did! From the kazoo jamming theme song to the interesting facts about new things at the parks and information about rides that have been there for decades this is a great listen for anyone interested in Disney
Great podcast for news and interviews
Found this podcast through the MadChatters - love the up to date news about Disney -especially the parks. The guest interviews are amazing and Jeff is incredibly knowledgeable about all things Disney and asks great questions of his guests. The trivia questions are great as well. Thank you so much for keeping your fans informed and entertained.
My Favorite Podcast!
I've been listening to this podcast for a few years now, and I always meant to leave a review, so here it is: I love this podcast! It keeps me informed and updated on Disney news, and I especially appreciate that it includes all Disney parks around the world! I also really enjoy hearing from the various special guests. The conversations are very relatable as a Disney fan, and it just makes me want to join in! It's safe to say this is my favorite podcast!
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Princess Niki Mouse
DCTC is pure magic
I love this podcast! Jeff is an amazing host and super knowledgeable about all things Disney. This podcasts helps me get through long experiments. Being a grad student can be very stressful, but this podcast helps take the stress away so thank you Jeff! I look forward to new episodes every week :)
Best Disney Podcast!! Highly Recommend!
This podcast is THE BEST!! Jeff is so entertaining, funny, and informative! I get all of my Disney updates here and I am continuing to learn more and more through every episode. I highly recommend this to everyone!
Bri Faiella
Pure Disney Magic!!
One of my absolute favourites!!! I’ve been a fan since episode one. This show just keeps getting better and better. Jeff is an incredibly engaging MOUSEter of Ceremonies and his guests are well chosen and equally as passionate. I love how in depth the discussions can get on every topic in the Disney universe
Only getting better...
I am a huge fan of this podcast, and have been listening to it since Day 1. I listen during my drive to work in the mornings, and it's a lot of fun to see how the show has evolved through the years. I really enjoy the podcast segments, in particular, Prime Time in the Parks and Princess Pondering. It's fun to hear Jeff "geek out" whenever Honey, I Shrunk the Kids or Hocus Pocus is mentioned. Jeff is also a wealth of Disney knowledge, and brings in spectacular guests with a wide variety of experiences and stories, it's sure to please any Disney fan. Subscribe now!!
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Love it!
Jeff is highly entertaining and delightful. I tune in for his impressive lineup of guests, his honest opinions and fun tidbits about all things Disney. I love the fun this brings to my week!
Karin Faiella
Best Disney Podcast!!!
Dizney Coast to Coast is seriously the best Disney podcast out there. So informative, and so interesting every single week. Also, there are new and engaging co-hosts every single Wednesday. Better start listening if you haven’t yet already!
TheDisDude (Preston)
Great podcast
Pleasantly entertaining
Great show
Jeff is an expert in all things Disney, whose commitment to getting top notch interviews and making this a great show is clear from the first listen. Best Disney podcast around!
The ULTIMATE Dizney Podcast!!
I love listening to this podcast, it has all the best information and insight on all the latest Disney news!! It is extremely entertaining and I really enjoy the in depth interviews that Jeff conducts including Don Hahn, Byron Howard, and the legendary Bill Farmer!! It’s not just a great Disney podcast, but just a truly amazing and well done podcast!!
Best Disney podcast I have listened too!!!
Great job guys!!
Only Disney podcast worth listening to.
Best podcast about Disney out there . Helps me get though long days in the office. Check it out you will enjoy it
Fantastic Disney Podcast!!
Honestly, this is one of the best podcasts. Whether or not you love Disney, you'll find this one endlessly fascinating. Plus the host is super fun and entertaining. Great coverage of all things Disney. This should be your go to podcast if you're looking to keep up with Disney news and events. Or just listen if you’re having a bad day. A little Disney magic never hurt, right? Keep up the great work! I look forward to the next episode.
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Magically awesome podcast!
I’ve become a huge fan of this podcast in the past year... Jeff has fantastic guests on it, and really interesting topics. I have a hard time choosing my favorite episodes because it keeps getting better and better! He also is a pretty fun guy, and I love yelling at him in my car when I disagree and laughing at his Honey I Shrunk obsessions. Anyway, if you’re gonna do one Disney podcast, it’s definitely this one!
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This podcast is a must for any Disney lover. I’ve been listening to this podcast for a couple of years now, and being both a theatre and Disney fan this podcast is perfect for me. Jeff is very informative and fun to listen to. Jeff treats the Disney legacy and company with much respect without being afraid to criticize. The guests he brings in are also very informed and well credentialed. The DCTC instagram is also a great bonus with daily Disney polls and great shots of the park. The shots are so clear it’s almost if Jeff was in the parks by himself for a couple hours and all he did was take instagrams. {At least I know that’s what I would do if I were in the park alone:) (*cough cough Daily Disney decision)} All that aside I’ve made DCTC as part of my weekly routine, and you should too.
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Unapologetic Disney fun!
Jeff knows his stuff and is a true Disney fan. However, he’s not a blind fan! He’s open to say when he thinks Disney is making bad choices but still openly loves all things Disney! He’s also truly a coast to coast Disney reviewer. So many are just Disneyland or Walt Disney World (yes, Walt Disney World, not Disney World)! Jeff covers both with the same level of enthusiasm! Check out DCTC and have fun in your day!
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Richard Riggan
Informative and Intelligent
Jeff knows Disney. He has unapologetic opinions that he shares with thought and care. He knows his Disney history and has amazingly excellent guest interviews. Precise and to the point on his news days, charming and nerdy on his conversation days. Love the variety.
Best Disney podcast ever!
Hi! Listening from Tijuana MX This podcast is definitely my go to Disney fix, always looking forward for that hour long weekly topic and the end of the week news, Jeff has so many awesome guests and even the topics that doesn’t seem to be of my interest hook me, he prefect word to describe this podcast is: magical. I’ve only been listening for three months now, but went back and listen to almost all episodes, it’s totally worth it. Congrats in having such an amazing show!
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Alan Barajas
Love DCTC!!
I have spent the last 3 months binge listening to every single episode on iTunes while at work. I love how knowledgeable Jeff is about Disney. I have started saying WALT Disney World because of him. His interviews are great because he creates a dialogue that flows nicely with out being awkward. I’m sad it took me so long to discover DCTC but will continue to listen as long as this podcast is running!! -Adri
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Disney coast to coast
I love Disney coast to coast and all your podcasts on YouTube and on here thanks and keep up the hard work and start a discord.
Vedder michel
I love listening to this podcast and I especially appreciate this new season where there are two episodes a week! It’s so great!
Katie Beth Fowler
Best Disney Podcast Ever!!
I love y’all so much I’ve started as far back as Spotify has and just listening while I drive an hour to work/family. Thank you for being so honest and open about your feelings. You bring a little Disney into my boring life. Thanks again! I love y’all!
For Disney podcast fans, one of the essentials!
There are plenty of Disney fan podcasts out there, but few stike as good a balance as Dizney Coast to Coast. Kudos to Patrick and Jeff for delivering a show that's so well-organized but whose structure does not come at the expense of smooth, organic commentary. These guys are pros, and they're insightful and easy-to-understand to boot. Almost all Disney-related news topics are addressed. It's a good mix of films, Broadway, parks, cruises, & isn't afraid to draw comparisons to things that aren't Disney. Geeking out about all-things-Disney is great, but this show does a good job of also keeping things objective.
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One of the Best Disney Podcasts
I absolutely love Dizney Coast to Coast! Ever since my first episode that I listened to which was the Ariel princess pondering. I also got to meet Patrick at the D23 Expo that happened in 2017. A must listen for any Disney fan.
happy holidays
am huge disney fan i love this show gave you what going on at parks from FL and CA and more love watching this show keep up great work that you do. girl from Chicago love Lauren Happy holidays
This podcast is perfect for any Disney addict! It’s what gets me through the work day!!
The Best Disney Fan Podcast
If you’re a Disney fan, you need to be listening to Dizney Coast to Coast! Getting all the updates going on in the Disney Community from movies to the parks! Also going into deep dives on some of the history of Disney parks and princesses! Give it a listen!
Patrick is amazing
Jeff is secondary ;)
Love them!
Jeff and Patrick have such great energy talking about all things Disney. Their voices are expressive and a pleasure to listen to. It's one of the few podcasts that I will play while exercising because their passion helps keep me motivated!
Alison Shih
Hi,"Konnichiwa" Jeff. I am listenling your podcast every week from Japan. You are taliking a lot things icluding Star Wars, Marvel, of couse DisneyParks. also sometimes you are talking about Tokyo DisneyResort. It's interesting!! And I also see Daily Disney Decision sometime I can join. It's so fun to choose your topic. Thank you for uploading every week and make me fun! "Arigato" Ryo (Rio)
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Ryo (Rio)
My Names Jeff
"Patrick is AMAZING" YA HAPPY? haha But seriously great podcast I've been listening to it for awhile now and am now leaving a review, because I usually watch it on YouTube. Also Jeff how much do you hate the "My Names Jeff" meme?
Hey guys!!!
As a fellow Disney fanatic I adore this podcast!!! I’m a Disney World girl but I love keeping up with Disneyland happenings too!! Keep up the amazing work! °o° -johnna
LOVED the Haunted Mansion Episode
We listened to this episode on our way to Disneyland last week and it got us pumped for our favorite ride. Really well researched. Love your podcast!!
My favorite podcast!
This podcast is a fun, entertaining show and is a must-watch for any Disney fan out there. The talented hosts always keep your attention while informing you of current Disney news and trivia. I never miss an episode! If you love Disney, you’ll love DCTC! Thank you to everyone who puts in all of the hard work to create such a great show!!
I love the show so much. Each episode brings a new topic that always is relevant and interesting. Great work!
Aaron Onish
Best Yet!
The Haunted Mansions episode was my favorite episode yet. Super informative. Lots of fun. I’ve always wanted to see Phantom Manor, but now I want to go to Hong Kong too!
Haunted Mansion
I love love loved last weeks episode Haunted Mansion is one of my favs (except for the bride she creeps me out) Can't wait for next weeks episode! :D
Best Disney podcast!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for over a year now, and it is definitely my favorite podcast!
Such a great podcast to get that Disney fix! Jeff does an amazing job as a host!
Best Disney Podcast Available
I listen to Jeff and Patrick every day at my 10 hour a day job, that's a lot of DCTC! They're chemistry is unparalleled and they always keep the topics entertaining. Keep it up guys! I love you both!
The DCTC Community
Jeff, Patrick, Traci, and Aaron are not only lovely hosts and fans of Disney, they are also incredibly nice people. I've been lucky enough to meet all of them, whether it was a quick 'hi', or spending an afternoon at the movie theater it's always been fun. What I love most about them, is there isn't this divide. They are so welcoming, it's almost as if they've known you forever, and that is what I love about Dizney Coast to Coast. Not the trivia, or the news, or even the way Jeff pronounces Mission Breakout (although I do love and adore all of those things), it's the community that makes me come back every week. I've met so many amazing people, and not just the hosts, from watching DCTC and we always make each other laugh. I am so thankful for everyone who has ever left a nice comment, review, or even a thumbs up on a Dizney Coast to Coast video, because you have made this comment stronger. Thank you to everyone involved in DCTC for making me proud to be a disney nerd. I love you all so much. - Monet
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Great Show For Disney Fans. You Will Love It!!!
I stumbled upon the podcast a while back on Podaddict and instantly became hooked. Jeff and Patrick are funny and well informed. The show has a great pace and fuels my Disney obsession. Well done guys and keep up the great work. If you have never listened, download it immediately. There are so many Disney podcasts out there, but only one Dizney Coast To Coast.
Skyler Sandoval
The podcast I've been waiting for.
Move over Malcolm Gladwell. This podcast has replaced music as my treadmill workout playlist. It's that good.
Super interesting
Love Jeff, Patrick, Erin! There topics are super interesting and as a Disney fan it is really nice to near about the lasting on all Disney news and to near there take on it. I always look forward to new podcast every Wednesday. You can really tell that everyone who is involed in this podcast really loves Disney and wants to share it with people like us.
Kira Guthrie
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