Dishing With Digest - Soap Opera Digest News and Exclusive Interviews
Dishing With Digest - Soap Opera Digest News and Exclusive Interviews
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Good Topics~Tough To Listen
I love the topics and interviews. However, the two ladies that host this podcast, their voices are not “made for radio.” As others have said here, lip smacking, nasal voices…tough on the ears, so distracting and unpleasant. Nonetheless, I’ve listened to episodes where I wanted to hear the interviews. Too bad, because they have fun topics and good inside info. Can’t change the nasal tones of their voices, but maybe hone some skills, be conscious of things like lip smacking. It’s almost like “Valley girl” talk…ouch, my ears!
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Compelling Interviews!
This podcast offers compelling interviews from some of the most recognizable names in soapdom. One of the best things about it is that Stephanie and Maura allow the interviewee to complete their thought and/or tell a story about their life/career without interrupting them constantly! Many times when I listen to interviews, I am just getting interested in what the person is saying when the interviewer cuts in and redirects. It’s so frustrating because then the subject never finishes what they were originally saying. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen on Dishing With Digest. I’m a longtime soap fan since I was a kid, and it’s a kick to learn more about the lives and careers of all the soap actors I loved growing up in the 80s, 90s, and beyond. I listen during long walks and it makes the tie fly by!
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Re: Roger Howarth
I have seen Roger H. about 4 or 5 times and each time I met him he was a very humble, kind and talented young man. He makes you feel you are the only one in the room with him while talking with you. I saw him on Guiding Light and he was so goofy, he was cute then he was gone! Then he went to OLTL and he became a household name. I feel very happy that he is in a good lace right now and am grateful he will be back this summer.
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Thank you for Roger interview!!!!
I had goosebumps and want Todd Manning back more than ever! Roger sounds like he’s in a great place. Please no more Franco! He’s giving me hope he will come back as someone else!
Love, but misspelled Kirsten’s name in pod
Love the podcast, but I wanted to point out Kirsten’s name was misspelled.
Aida Dalia 1
Abbys Wedding
I enjoy your podcasts very much. But I do not agree that seeing Melissa and her real life husband Justin get married was exciting on Y&R, Not having Donny there with Melissa to perform those scenes leading up to and including the wedding changed the whole feel of those scenes. I wish they could have waited until he got back to film those episodes but obviously they couldn’t. everything about the two actors is different from physicality to acting style.Watching Melissa and Donny act together for the past year it was disappointing not seeing them together in such an part of the the characters storyline.
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DeeDee 12
What treat
Loved the Justin Bruening interview. Watched him on AMC and now on Sweet Magnolas So good and what a personality more of him!!
Wonderful Interviews
This is one of my favorite soap opera podcasts. The interviews are wonderful. All of the guests have such wonderful stories to share. The hosts are engaging and inviting to the podcast. I look forward to each episode. Keep it up, Stephanie and Mara. So much love for the daytime genre.
Ricky Paull Goldin
Absolutely loved the interview with this actor. He’s so engaging. He was never on shows I watched, but I really enjoyed his stories. Great job.
Loving 😉
Very much loving all the episodes with my ABC faves. I remember 15 minute black and white episodes with my Mom and then being a dedicated viewer from the mid-seventies to the early 2000s.
What’s going on with your app?
I’m three issues behind because they’ve stopped downloading.
Lip smacking
I truly do enjoy the interviews, the hosts allow the guest to speak without interruption, which I totally appreciate it. I have five this podcast 5 stars prior, but I am going to stop listening. The opening with the hosts is informative but the lip smacking is just too much. I wish the girls would listen so maybe they would be more aware. It’s constant and distracting. Sorry, girls.
Vacuous Guests
I was a fan of the podcast but the past several weeks have been terrible. The coup de grace was the Rebecca Budig interview during which there was essentially no topics discussed. Instead there was 40 minutes of the guest saying nothing but how wonderful everyone was to work with. There was not one question of merit asked. Better guests please.
Days of Our Lives
Please showcase and do more stories for Days fans.
Good but..
Not to be petty, but I have literally stopped listening at times due to the sniffing and lip smacking. It seems really loud. Just a tip:)
Chrishell Hartley
Trepidation’s is not a word. I like this podcast but the grammar is sometimes questionable.
Patti R.
I love this podcast!! I just discovered it today. It’s so great for soap fans... I love hearing some of the all time greats talk about their glory days when soaps were on top! I love love love this!!!
Great Podcast
I enjoyed listening, but somebody had a stuffy nose and the sniffing was annoying! I was trying really hard to overlook it, but it was incessant. Please, please, please be aware that audio is different because as a listener I rely on the voice and the audio. If there’s the slightest inkling of odd noise, it becomes annoying and a prohibitor to enjoying the show. Thank you for all you do and the efforts you put forth in putting on your show.
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Kenya Cross
Love this podcast!!!!
If you are a soap fan you will love this podcast. The ladies know their history, and I love the interviews. Definitely a fan!!!!