Dirty Giants
Dirty Giants
Konley Heaton
Tune in every Monday to listen to stories about big bucks, and get tips and tactics from some of the most successful mule deer hunters around.
How to pattern early season bucks and a giant bull story with Ben Sandall
Ben Sandall is not only a great guy but a straight-up killer. He has an unreal streak on awesome otc bucks harvesting a great buck just about every year for the past ten plus years. He shares some tips and tactics on summer scouting that you won't want to miss if you're serious about finding and patterning early season bucks. Then we end off with the story of his giant bull off of a "limited opportunity unit."
Jul 17
51 min
Summer Scouting and killing giant bucks with Skyler Richards
Skyler Richards is a guide at Color Country Outfitters, but also kills giants bucks of his own. He and his wife Nicole have a youtube channel (Skynic Hunting) and put out some awesome hunting videos. If you haven't watched their videos yet, I defiantly would check them out. On this episode, we talk about summer scouting, and Skyler shares some tips with us. We also get to hear some of Skyler's hunting stories. If you're serious about hunting big deer, don't miss this podcast.
Jul 13
57 min
Giant Kaibab bucks with Hunter Weems
Hunter Weems has been around some of the biggest deer to roam Arizona. On this episode, he shares with us his knowledge of the famous Kiabaib units of Arizona. We talk about how the current fire might affect the fall hunts and go into depth about each unit and season. Hunter also shares some stories from years past that you just flat out won't want to miss. Hunter is the real deer when it comes to giant mule deer, so if you're a mule deer freak like me, I'm sure you'll really enjoy this episode.
Jul 3
43 min
A 200 inch typical and a general season giant with Stieg Phillips of Muley Maniacs
Stieg Phillips has killed and helped kills some unreal bucks. On this episode of the Dirty Giants Podcast, he tells us the story of his 200 inch Nevada typical and then a couple of stud Utah general bucks he helped with. Stieg is also the owner of Muley Maniacs, check out his website at www.muleymaniacs.com
Jun 29
48 min
36 days and 2 giant bucks with Drake Schofield
Drake Schofield helps guide for A3 Trophy Hunts. Not only does he guide, but he himself has killed multiple big animals. This past season he killed two bucks over 190 inches after hunting for 36 days straight. He tells us the stories of those hunts and gives tips on how to stay mentally tough day after day of hunting giant mule deer. If you're planning on hunting big bucks this fall you won't want to miss the episode.
Jun 15
58 min
Hunting giant bucks with Parker Fails of Clay Bundy Outfitters
Parker Fails has helped harvest some of the biggest bucks to ever roam the famed Arizona Strip. Parker is a guide for Clay Bundy Outfitters and on this episode tells some of the stories from this past year on the strip. He also shares some tips and tactics on how to be a better mule deer hunter. If you're a serious mule deer hunter you won't want to miss this episode.
Jun 8
58 min
Monster Muleys with Jaren McCourt
Jaren McCourt is an avid mule deer hunter and a guide for Goochs guide Service. In this episode we talk about some of the great bucks Jaren has taken in Nevada and Colorado and then a giant buck he helped with in Utah. Jaren has a lot of great mule deer knowledge and shares some tips and tricks that could help you in your pursuit of a Dirty Giant!
Jun 1
46 min
Giant Arizona Archery elk and OTC deer with Tyler Mott of A3 Trophy Hunts
Tyler Mott is a guide for A3 Trophy Hunts. Not only does he help his clients find and kill giant animals, but he puts a few down himself. On this episode, Tyler tells us the story of his unbelievable Arizona archery bull, and then we throw it back a few years to when he killed an absolute stud on one of Arizona late over the counter archery hunts. Tyler has is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to hunting anything in Arizona. Look him and A3 outfitters up on Instagram at @a3mott and @a3trophyhunts
May 25
50 min
Giant Nevada bucks and bulls with Russ Collard of Mossback Guides and Outfitters
With Nevada Draw results coming out we couldn't help but get Russ on the podcast and talk about giant Nevada bucks and bulls. Russ has helped on some of the biggest bucks and bulls to ever come out of the state of Nevada. He shares some insight on tactics and units that he likes. If you draw a tag be sure to contact mossback Nevada! Call Russ at (801)-735-8001.
May 19
37 min
Arizona Strip giants with Trevor Davenport of Shadow Valley Outfitters
Trevor Davenport is a big buck finding machine. This past season, him and Shadow Valley Outfitters had a year the will be hard to ever beat. Listen to some of the stories of some true giants that they helped kill this past season. Trevor also shares some tips and tactics and the importance of staying positive and having fun on hunts. You won't want to miss this episode.
May 17
59 min
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