Dimensions And Beyond Podcast Radio Show
Dimensions And Beyond Podcast Radio Show
Carly Hawthorn, Dimensions And Beyond.
Exploring aspects of the Alternative News arena, special focus on experiential account. Everything of High Strangeness.
Tree Visitations and Nature Spirits.
Just a simple exploration of what's going on with tree visitations, how it started, how can it happen? Have you experienced visitations from nature spirits? Are we moving into a new understanding of the world around us?
Aug 14, 2021
43 min
Into The Valley Of 2020
Humans versus tech pre and post lockdown analysis, are we relying too much on our tech?Have you felt utterly exhausted recently: Stress, Adrenals and Sleep, the Golden Trio.Spirituality and keeping the light on during dark times.
Sep 19, 2020
54 min
LondonReal and David Icke Interview 3rd Interview
Breaking down and discussing the recently censored David Icke, interviewed by Brian Rose of Londonreal.tv site. The Interview was live on LondonReal's channel on May 3rd, 2020.
May 3, 2020
21 min
The Lockdown Episode
We're talking about the current push for cashless, looking at predicted scenarios now playing out from a blogger's 'future dreams' and we talk a lot about Comets.. Comet Atlas, Comet Borisov and Comet Panstarrs.. messengers of the gods or all hype?
Apr 19, 2020
1 hr 9 min
DeepMind, Future Dreams and Upgrading Your Lightwork.
We're looking at the deals made between Google DeepMind and the NHS trusts in the UK. We explore the best ways of successfully detoxing for the upcoming Autumn/Winter and we look through the notes of Lucretia to find out what she talked about with her future dreams relating to the rolling blackouts now being experienced in California. Finally we have an extensive look at what the energies are doing and how to cope if you're being affected. Our special musical feature is Joshua of Behind Reality with his track 'Dream Sequence'. It's great to be back!
Oct 26, 2019
1 hr 7 min
Barry Littleton Part Two; BioAndriods, AI, Independent Media and Free.Org research!
Part two of the interview, we talk through various aspects of concern in independent media, artificial intelligence implications, where are we going wrong and what can we do to address the balance!www.dimensionsandbeyond.comwww.barrylittleton.com
Apr 14, 2019
23 min
Interviewing Barry Littleton, Contactee Experiencer, Part One!
Barry Littleton is a Contactee and Experiencer, listen to the interview as we talk about his experiences, his NDE and his recent encounters at the ECETI ranch. Barry's youtube videos channel can be found here; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjIKXRLQqZXdEFMQELeczYQ/videoswww.dimensionsandbeyond.com
Apr 7, 2019
46 min
Clif High Interview! Adapting to Solar wavelength changes.
Special Guest Clif High (www.halfpasthuman.com) breaks it down; everything you need to know about solar light wavelength changes, UVA, UVB and UVC, how to protect yourself from recent changes in light, Clif has it all right here on Dimensions And Beyond!
Mar 7, 2019
53 min
Dopplegangers, Celery Juice and DNA
A quick look at DNA information being used by other agencies, AI stories and then exploring the latest Dark Journalist episode which features Astral Twins and Dopplegangers. We take a good look at the potential shift coming in nutrition and self-healing with the work of Medical Medium, Anthony Williams!
Feb 3, 2019
1 hr 25 min
Nature Prescriptions, China AI, Light Body Systems!
China has factory workers wearing BrainCaps.. Scotland has Nature Prescriptions on the NHS and Social prescribing is about to roll out through the NHS for the rest of the UK. Have you tried the power of eight? What's going on with the downloads? It's all here.
Dec 15, 2018
1 hr 8 min
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