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Dietitians Unplugged Podcast
Dietitians Unplugged
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Just started listening to you guys & i love hearing your insights… Thank you!
Keeps me grounded
I love this podcast! I recently discovered Health at Every Size and am working hard to recover from years of dieting and measuring my worth through weight. This podcast keeps me going when I feel myself started to slip! I love the hosts’ energy; listening to them feels like spending time with friends. And they cover so many interesting topics! Even when the topic doesn’t seem like I would be into it, I always end up riveted. Thank you, Glenys and Aaron!
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My favorite podcast
I found this show about two years go as I was trying to find “health” podcasts and as a result fell into a new way of thinking and viewing health, diet, body acceptance, all the things. Their wit, humor, frankness, and knowledge drew me in and introduced me to a new world of science. Thank you for sharing yourselves! It’s still my favorite podcast.
Really thought provoking
I found this very enlightening- my instinct is to disbelieve everything they said initially (other than striving for health at every size), but they kept bringing the science into it and it became so much more clear why dieting doesn’t work over the long term
Frickin Love it!
As a therapist that works within a HAES and intuitive eating framework l, I love hearing dietitians validate and reemphasize the data behind these frameworks. Bonus that they are so personable. Listening to this pod feels like I’m having a conversation with like-minded professionals-thanks guys!!
Aaron is a gem
I listen for Aaron. His authentic voice, willingness to be vulnerable, and his sense of humor make this show a go-to for me. Great topics and discussions.
Amazing resource for those struggling with Eating Disorders/Disordered Eating
I have been listening to Dietitians Unplugged for about a year, and it has helped so much with my Bulimia and BED recovery. Aaron, Glenys, and their guests always have an amazing way of breaking down concepts and ideas so that you can easily relate and implement them into your everyday life. I have been able to build a much healthier relationship with food and my body thanks to this podcast, and because of the many great resources they’ve recommended during their episodes. Glenys and Aaron have helped me be kinder and gentler with myself, and my mood immediately improves when I listen to them. Thank you Aaron and Glenys for providing this amazing resource to all of us lucky enough to have found you!!
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I really wanted to like this podcast . . .
When i found this podcast, I went all the way back to the first episode and then listened to the first 15. Since there aren’t a ton of episodes, my objective was to listen until I was current, with the last episode being of special interest to me as I have some knowledge of Caroline as my daughters went to high school with her. After episode 15, when I came to realize that this podcast really isn’t for me, I skipped to Episode 80. Not to be hyper critical - I had a hard time listening to this episode. I felt as though the hosts were not engaging at all and that Caroline was put in a position of having to “ramble” so as to not have dead air. It was very uncomfortable and made it hard to listen to the actual content. In terms of the prior episodes, I suppose there is an audience for the ideology Aaron and Glenys promote. It is not for me. I think there is a lot of confusion out there around morality, physical health and mental health. Buzz terms such as “fat shaming”, “body shaming” etc. I feel are terms meant to deflect personal responsibility. I also feel that people who struggle with their size/food have a lot more going on internally that is more between the ears than in their digestive system or on their plates and I speak from experience, without judgement - just a perspective.
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#80, Caroline Dooner
Thank you for such a great episode. I’m learned a lot about the F#*ck Diet. Inmaight have to listen to this one episode again. Biggest take away. Do not be afraid of food!
Offensive language
I also get so tired of hearing “like” (especially from Aaron). Why do Gen Xers, or Millenials ( or whatever age group the hosts are) default to that word whenever they have to pause mid sentence. I would like to hear a little more professionalism and less giggling in the conversations. I have only listened to 3 of the podcasts but that is enough for me.
Fellow RD
As a fellow dietitian, loving this podcast!!
I especially enjoyed the episode with Jessica Wilson about embracing discomfort. Really thought provoking episode. Can’t wait to listen and learn more!
Jess, Food Heaven Podcast
Love this podcast
The messages of this podcast are so important and needed. Thank you for the work that you do. You change lives and make the world a better place.
Always wonderful to hear the positive message they bring to people suffering in the world of diet culture! Very inspirational!
Taylor Gillespie
Love y’all
The thoughtfulness of this pod is so deep and real. I appreciate Aaron shedding light on male body trust, which helps me understand my boyfriend’s struggles. What a brave new world we live in where a podcast like this exists. Thank you!
This podcast saved my life.
I promise, it can save you, too. I know - that sounds dramatic AF but listening to dietitians unplugged has truly helped me heal my relationship to food. Aaron, Glenis, and their guests provide a no non-sense commentary on the dangers of dieting and offer pragmatic solutions to negotiating the world as a diet culture survivor. Each episode is packed with the latest scientific research on the harms of dieting and food restriction but it’s no a lecture. It’s like learning something new from your best friends. I am so grateful to have this podcast in my life.
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Authentic joy, excellent chemistry, and hopeful conversations
I just love this podcast! I can hear the joy and authenticity in their voices and appreciate that they keep things light hearted yet compassionate at the same time. Some podcasts that focus on intuitive eating and disordered eating are a little too "heavy" for me and you can feel kind of down after listening. This is so much more hopeful and very conversational. The guests aren't afraid to laugh at themselves — the world needs more of that. Glenys and Aaron have excellent chemistry and even if it's a topic I think I might not relate to, the two of them make it so enjoyable and educational. I’m still on my journey, but am glad I have Glenys and Aaron as my virtual tour guides through this podcast. Oh, and Glenys’s laugh is THE BEST!
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A Perennial Life
Aaron and Glenys are doing such important work elevating the presence and credibility for anti-diet dietitians. They have brave conversations and are making a huge difference in the HAES world.
Great podcast but...
I have enjoyed the episodes I have listened to, but... I would strongly encourage Glenys to quit using the “f” (fat) word. The first time I was shocked but then it occurred in other episodes. Trying larger or smaller bodies instead😘
Informative and amazing!
I love seeing folks within the medical world, dietitians or otherwise, who have adopted a HAES approach. It gives me hope for a future where folks won’t be dismissed, degraded, or discriminated against because of how fat they may be, especially by the medical field.
Never miss and episode!
I love the way Aaron and Glenys work together and with each individual guest. Such wonderful (and important!) topics and new favorites people to learn about and discover. Bravo!
This intuitive eating podcast is my comfort food
The hosts are charming, curious and smart. I am working through the back catalog now and all the conversations are engaging, compassionate and thought-provoking. And they are science-grounded and also ethically centered professionals. Love!
Absolutely love you guys! I always wanting more episodes!
Podcaster to podcaster
You two are a delight. I have a dietitian and wellness podcast myself and aspire to be like you two! I absorb your content as much as possible and look forward to all new episodes. Thank you for what you do (Gina, from the Dietitians Dish Podcast!)
Gina (The Candid RD)
Overall great!
Very informative and easy to understand. My only issue is that the uploading schedule isn’t the most consistent
helpful and informative
Really helpful resource, and also enjoyable to listen to. I wish I had this kind of podcast years ago when I was recovering from my eating disorder. I feel like my recovery would have been so much more supported if I had realized there was an entire recovery community out there, and I just needed to be linked to them. Tons of resources in this podcast.
helpful and informative
You guys are cool
I am listening to some of your earlier seasons. I agree with you all....except I am keeping my Fitbit! This thing is 250.00 bucks!! Lol!!!
Love love hilarious and compassionate
I love this podcast so much. Compassionate, yet hilarious outlook on life. These two are are clearly friends and passionate about HAES. It is so nice to hear a positive compassionate outlook on health from two dietitians. No judgment, no food rules, no ignorance. I love both of your “broadcaster voices” can’t wait to hear more each week!!
This podcast has played such an important role in my recovery process. I find the hosts to be incredibly reassuring and compassionate.
LOVE this show
Thank you guys so, so much for producing this amazing content! It is so refreshing to hear your perspectives when all we hear anymore is “blah, blah... obesity epidemic... blah, blah... lose weight...” With every episode, I feel that my own personal experiences/feelings are being validated. Please keep making episodes for us!! :)
***bo peep***
So helpful
As a practitioner, I love listening to these two! Informative, friendly, fun. Thank you Glenys and Aaron!
Kate Husted
Keeping it real
Real information- no fluff - very healthy and helpful- would be a five if audio was better and would like a little more healthily food for brain health -
Preach on
Just listened to your thin privilege episode. I don’t agree with all your beliefs, but with that said I think if you’re going to preach this gospel.... Just call it what it is. You’re preachy, and that’s ok I’d rather know you’re hard core wanting to make everyone believe your concept, because you know and believe it’s the best and the only! I respect someone that’s willing to take all the back lash because they truly believe in something. I have much respect for that. So keep up the good work, and make me a believer! PS. I only gave you 3 stars because of the language you use sometimes. The cursing makes It hard for me to have this on in the background with my toddlers in the room 🙄
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Helpful and fun podcast!
These two bring awesome perspective and aren’t afraid to approach difficult questions. They’ve been super helpful along my journey and I recommend this podcast highly for anyone struggling with body image and who feels like there has to be more to life than obsessing about how to dress in a flattering way, and similar nonsense ;)
I’m a born again dietitian!
I’ve been a registered dietitian for almost 20 years (eek!) and I’m diving head first into this most refreshing movement! Professionally, I specialize in nutrition support for critically ill patients in the hospital. Personally, I have come to embrace intuitive eating and the HAES movement. Aaron and Glynys have such unique perspectives and personal journeys to share. Take a listen - you can be “born again,” too!
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Glenys and Aaron are a delight. They tackle tough food and body issues with candor and a heavy dose of laughter.
Great to hear
Great podcast, very informative, brings us back to the roots of eating based on when we are hungry and what we want to eat without obsession
Fun and Enlightening
I am an RD and love listening to the podcast.
A Podcast Can Change Your Life
Thank you for your hugely important work!
Funny and engaging
I love the chemistry between Aaron and Glenys, their funny banter is great and I want more of it! Awesome guests and important topics. I can’t get enough of fat positive podcasts and this one is fantastic.
Damage done by Diets
If I had only known the damage that diets would do. I'm grateful to this podcast for exploring anti-diet ideas and the more positive way to approach my health, my size, and the food I eat. I am working my way through the back-catalog, and listened to Episode 6 about cleaning eating and attempts to shield children from "unhealthy" foods. Sure wish I had heard this when my kids were young. I will continue listening to old and current episodes for encouragement and validation for where I am now. Thanks for a great podcast!
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Amazing podcast!
Love how the two of you play off of each other and I love that we get two perspectives in one podcast. Cant wait for more new episodes!
Chubby Nonna
Love the podcast. Heard Aaron on the Love, Food podcast and had to subscribe to you guys also. I am 63, a lifelong dieter and a weight watcher escapee!! Just discovering intuitive eating, feel like a freed prisoner. Keep the podcast coming, so helpful!
Great podcast!!
I really enjoy listening to your point of view on different diets and trends out there. Would be curious on your thoughts about the Virta program.
Glenys and Aaron are such needed voices in this world
I came upon this podcast by accident, and I am so thankful... Somehow as a teenager I managed to avoid diet culture as much as I could, but in my early twenties, I wasn’t prepared for diet culture in new clothing, “clean eating” .. I fell into years of disordered eating and obsession and this podcast was truly a turning point for me. I feel genuine love for Glenys and Aaron!! They are so honest, thoughtful, and so funny, and such needed voices in this world. I am so thankful for their work and this podcast... this podcast has helped me to accept myself, love myself, and actually live again. Thank you <3
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Eye opening
I just started from the very first podcast. I’m on episode 12 now. I can’t get enough. You two voice everything that is said in my mind that I never say out loud!!! You’ve completely challenged who I THOUGHT I wanted to be. Now, I’m reading the two books you talk about frequently and trying to find a different and healthier path. THANK YOU
No sleep for days
Fat Girl
It is so lovely to listen to this podcast and feel so understood and validated. As a kid, before I was even in kindergarten, people told me that I was going to be fat. I was called big boned, husky, chubby and every other name in the book. By the time I was 10, my mother was encouraging crash diets. I grew up lamenting the body I was born with and fantasizing about the moment I would finally achieve the "right body". This podcast contains excellent information in a format that feels comfortable and not like you are sitting in a classroom. Good job Glenys and Aaron.
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Best Podcast
Love it!
Smart, funny and irreverent - my favorite combination!
This podcast takes on all the taken for granted notions about weight, eating disorders, health, morality and more. Thought provoking, norm busting and a reliable place to turn for anyone who wants to live a fully embodied life.
Kimi J
A Marvelous Podcast
Always remarkable. Always thoughtful. Always reassuring. Go forth in majesty!
Giver Of Thy Advice
One of the Best!
This podcast not only provides informational & supportive content for dietitians and everyday people on their HAES journey, the personality that comes through makes me look forward to each new episode!
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