Depth Insights with Bonnie Bright
Depth Insights with Bonnie Bright
Explores the world of Depth Psychology, integrating culture, ecology, anthropology, philosophy, Jungian thought, and indigenous issues among others.
Isis Code: Revelations from Brain Research & Systems Science
Carl Gustav Jung has visualized wholeness in the collective unconscious and its archetypes. Quantum physicist David Bohm saw it in what he named the"implicate order" which sustains, guides and organizes energy. Not surprisingly also, as it is in all of us, perennial traditions intuitively expressed it through their myths, legends and even used it efficiently in their medical systems.   Most importantly, it is consequently expressed through the brain, an obvious fractal aspect of it. This brain being also an observable physical object, a consensus becomes possible as to the model at its origin. Putting these together, Ariane Page in her book Isis Code describes this ultimate model as the LIFE biosystem (Law Inherent to the Five Elements).   Join me with Ariane Page for a stimulating and informative conversation that covers a range of topics including Carl Jung, depth psychology, nature, biology, neuroscience, and the elusive quality of "oneness"
Aug 23, 2013
39 min
The Roots of Mass Shootings: Depth Psychology & Gun Violence
After the mass school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT, in December 2013, I moderated a 2-part teleseminar series with Jungian analyst Michael Conforti for the Depth Psychology community and the general public in which we engaged in a depth psychological and archetypal discussion about the event. In preparation, I opened Issue 81 of Spring Journal (2009), a long running publication of Archetype and Culture called "The Psychology of Violence." Inside, I discovered a powerful and intriguing article by psychologist and professor, Glen Slater, entitled "The Mythology of Bullets." In the essay, Slater addresses the major mainstream issues that always arise in such devastating events: gun violence, media influence, and mental health.  However, Slater goes much deeper to look at the archetypal aspects of guns in America, how our inherent cultural roots come into play, and how the uncompromising drive of the American Dream insists we succeed at any cost. This drive enables us to project the causes of our failure onto others; to do whatever it takes to remove the perceived obstacles that have defeated and marginalized us, and to objectify fellow human beings.  More, with little cultural capacity for reflection or container in which we can view our failures, difficulties, sadness, anger, and depression, we reach out for the one mythical object that allows us to regain control--a gun. Join me with Dr. Glen Slater for an engaging and important discussion of the roots of mass shootings and the depth psychological and archetypal aspects of guns in America.Glen Slater Ph.D. holds degrees in Religious Studies and in Clinical Psychology and has taught Jungian and Archetypal perspectives at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara for nearly two decades. Glen is the film review editor at Spring Journal and a regular contributor to that public
Jan 12, 2013
42 min
Beyond Horror & Hope Pt 2: Depth Psychology and Violence
Part 1 of "Beyond Horror and Hope" drew an unprecedented response listeners from several different countries registering to be a part of this sensitive and significant conversation regarding the horrific tragedy of the mass school shooting in Newtown, CT, and it's implications for us both individually and culturally.The trauma and terror of senseless acts of violence perpetrated on the most helpless and innocent among us, is not a topic that can be adequately covered in a single hour.While our conversation brought us to the depths of the alchemical nigredo or underworld and in many ways was a collective moment of bearing witness with not only the victims in Newtown, CT but also with the victims throughout history whose lives have been cut short by senseless violence, we were beckoned to continue this exploration of evil and innocence, horror and hope.In recognition of the enormity of this topic and of the tremendous response from the depth psychology community around the world, this second disussion focused on yet another archetypal look at various facets of the tragedy and the cultural landscape which contributes to this kind of event. Jungian analyst Michael Conforti invite you to join us in a continuing discussion to find meaning and hope by using an archetypal lens in the tradition of depth psychology.
Jan 5, 2013
1 hr 18 min
Beyond Horror & Hope: Archetypal Look at Sandy Hook Shooting
The horrific tragedy in Newtown, CT, has left us all grappling with the trauma of senseless acts of violence perpetrated on the most helpless and innocent among us, our children. While we may never understand what it is that allows for such atrocities, we have to continue to search for meaning, a way to understand and perhaps, to stem the tide of this force.Beyond Horror and Hope: The Archetypal Intersection of Innocence and Evil is an exploratory conversation in response to the Sandy Hook Connecticut school shooting with Jungian Analyst Michael Conforti, PhD and Depth Insights host and founder of Depth Psychology Alliance, Bonnie Bright, M.A.What are the archetypal influences underpinning the horror of the Newtown, CT school shooting---and those of so many recent violent events perpetrated on innocents with legal firearms. Is evil a reality? Is it an age-old pattern that becomes constellated under certain conditions? How do we find hope in the horror when tragedy strikes?It was Carl Jung who taught us not a only about the reality of the psyche but also offered up a courageous admission of the reality of evil. Building on Jung's discovery about the archetypes of evil, and Elie Wiesel's countless decades in writing about the Holocaust, we address the issues emerging from this and other similar disasters from the perspective of an archetypal approach to psyche and life.We invite you to join us, as together we bear witness to this tragedy and search for a way through the darkness to a place of understanding.
Jan 3, 2013
1 hr 8 min
Exile & Myth in American Culture-On Politics, Grief & Ritual
Bonnie Bright talks to Barry Spector about how America became a culture of exile, and the ever-greater need for mythology, archetypal thinking, ritual and grieving in the face of what Barry calls "The Myth of American Innocence." Barry’s book "Madness at the Gates of the City: The Myth Of American Innocence” is the featured book for the Depth Psychology Alliance free online book club in the month of November. Learn more by clicking on the Book Club at Barry writes about American history and politics from the perspectives of myth, indigenous traditions and archetypal psychology. In addition to Madness At The Gates Of The City, Barry maintains an active blog that takes an archetypal look at current events and culture and which, along with his essays, can be found at Barry and his wife Maya conduct an annual Day of the Dead grief ritual that will take place on November 3rd, 2012, near Berkeley, CA. Learn more at
Oct 19, 2012
42 min