Denton Dallas and Beyond
Denton Dallas and Beyond
Denton Dallas and Beyond
A travel and resource podcast
DDB Ep 278 Wipes to Swipes
In this week’s episode, the crüe reviews the latest car wash based blood sport in town. From there, we cool off with information on Mr. Frosty’s and a little theater action at Alamo. As we continue on with a mondo Denton segment, we shout out to all our Facebook peeps that have been contributing to […]
Mar 2, 2020
DDB Ep 277 Hippie Hair
In episode 277 of Denton Dallas and Beyond, the crüe takes you on a wonderful journey through the latest advancements in fire suppression, pet friendly rides and high quality spanking rub. We finish up with a review of Layalina’s in Denton. In the Dallas segment, Sparkle’s reviews new and different cigar friendly venues and supper […]
Feb 17, 2020
DDB Ep. 276 No Biting
In Episode 276, the crüe takes a close look at the latest and greatest of Armadillo beers. From there, we discuss the soon to open Tap house, Herf’s. We close out the Denton segment with talk of what’s to come. The Dallas section is power packed with information on Elen’s Diner, and AvoEatery. In the […]
Feb 4, 2020
DDB EP. 275 Dilla Discussion
In episode 275 of DDB, the crüe breaks big news about the Back Yard on Bell space. We also address the latest openings and closings in the Denton area. As we head to Dallas, it’s all about DFW’s new routes and how to maximize your flight value. In the Beyond section, Sparkles educates us on […]
Jan 20, 2020
DDB Ep. 274 Red Bull Run
In episode 274 of DDB, the Crüe discusses a few of the latest openings and closing in the Denton area. Next we give a break down on the past week’s party planning and festivities. In the Dallas section, we review Fort Worth…of course. As we head beyond, it’s all about the golden globes.
Jan 13, 2020
DDB Ep 273 Grass Holes
In this weeks episode of DDB, the crüe gets down and dirty with a local treasure hunt. Sparkle’s continues with hard nosed reviews of Cafe Brazil, Thai Squared and Cheddars. Edwin finishes up the Denton Segment with information on Armadillo’s new beer club and Steve’s Wine tasting. As we move to the Dallas section, we […]
Dec 11, 2019
DDB Ep 272 Moonlight Mooning
In this week’s episode, the crüe weaves a tale of bare bottoms, bloody Mary’s and turkey day surprises. We close out the Denton segment with a flash review of two local Artists: Tony Ferraro and Wrought of Obsidian. As we head to Dallas, it’s all about Bob and his classic meat. In the Beyond segment, […]
Nov 18, 2019
DDB Ep. 271 Back Goat
In episode 271 of Denton Dallas and Beyond, the Crüe takes a hard look at weak doors and small goats. As we move through the Denton area, the conversation turns to Howling Mutts, horse carriages and train routes. We finish up with the latest and greatest crunch bites from Komodo Loco. As we head to […]
Nov 12, 2019
DDB Ep 270 T-Foul
In episode 270 of DDB, the crüe provides some hard hitting news and reviews for the Denton area. As we move to the Dallas segment, Sparkles and Edwin enlightens us on soul food burritos and new jersey style Italian cuisine. We close out the show with a few highlights from Roux’ recent trip to Las […]
Oct 29, 2019
DDB Ep. 269 Jefferson Shuffle
In episode 269 of DDB the crüe gets excited about new hot fresh eats, ax throwing and the Day of the Dead. As we head to Dallas, it’s all about massive burgers and Asian smokehouses. In the Beyond segment, fun times will be had as we speak spooky about Jefferson Texas.
Oct 9, 2019
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