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Denton County Collective
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denton county collective is a small group of grass roots advocates using music, and empathy to have open conversations about the things that matter to us. The people of Denton, Texas, America, and beyond. thank you for listening. Please take a moment to check out some of Public Access America's other podcasts @PublicAccessAmerica @TheUnsignedCountdown @AdamHasABeard @Sounds-From-Above
Denton County - 3:19:21, 7.25 AM
Yup. We talked and stuff.
Mar 19, 2021
1 hr
Thats A Great Point…If There Is One
a continuing conversation. Last episode the collective talked movies. This episode they continue that conversation and move on to a variety of topics. Thank you for listenming
Mar 15, 2021
1 hr 9 min
What The Pet? - It’s Another Movie Night
Opening music is Sun Kiss Play by friend Scarlett Deering! Sometimes the collective just talks movies. and pets today for some reason. Listen as Ryan Joe and Jason jump tangent to tangent through some of the great movies in recent history. but first we discuss, conversation vs confrontation, the weird pet culture growing in America, the fact that the vaccine is closer then it might seem, #Pettalk #COVIDvaccine 16:00 Utopia, Goonies, My Blue Heaven, Gross Point Blank, High Fidelity, Shameless, Gross Point Blank 2?, War Inc, The Whole 9 Yards, Leprechaun, 6 Days 7 Nights, Pitch Black, Conicals Of Riddick, Riddick, Dare Devil, Cyclops - Scott Summers, Marvel Universe, Dead Pool, X Men, Avengers, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Rocky, Rocky 2, Rocky 7, Creed, Rocky 4, Maybe 8, Maybe 3, Iron Eagle, The Karate Kid, All The Karate Kid Movies, Cobra Ki, Breakfast Club, Top Gun, Road House, All The Karate Kid Movies, Star Wars, Roque One, Karate Kid? Eraser Head, Twin Peaks, Lost Highway, X Files, Fear And Loathing, Handmaiden, Old Boy, Ghost In The Shell, Glorious Bastards, Hobbit, Crack, Meth, Diet Pills, Cigarettes, Old Boy, Bitch Fuck, Family Guy, Hateful 8, Tombstone, Good Bad And The Ugly, Fist Full Of Dollars, The Shield, Sons Of Anarchy, Django, True Romance, Karate Kid, Four Rooms, Three Extremes, Pulp Fiction, El Mariachi Desperado, Reservoir Dogs, Spy kids, Spy Kids 2, Shark girl, Lava boy, outro Music is Lullaby By Scarlett Deering
Mar 11, 2021
1 hr 2 min
They’re Making A Stink About Something That Doesn't Smell Bad
00:00 Cold open - The Democrat hoax of gold 00:30 Sammy Stripmatter - Easy Bee 03:30 CPAC conspiracy - Right wing artists 5:45 Are the calls of cancel culture a pretense for vailed fear of equality - Dr, Seuss, Potato Head 27:30 Ryan’s origin story - Free market -Vs- Bigotry in sheeps clothing 40:00 Rainforest Vs Ocean Boom! “However, phytoplankton in the ocean can also produce oxygen. ... Scientist have agreed that 50-80% of the oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere comes from phytoplankton carrying out photosynthesis. So yes, phytoplankton do produce more oxygen than a rainforest!”,more%20oxygen%20than%20a%20rainforest! 41:00 Mars!!! - Gregg Abbott is scared 45:30 Term Limits to change the country - Age limits to save the future - An educated American to save the future 50:00 this brainwashing educational system - Charging for education is sad to me - W3e need the next best at everything 56:00 JaBiden Syrup - 2024 is about policy 1:00:00 Recommendations - ContraPoints - Inspirations beyond disability - Get A pet Natalie Wynn on Twitter @ContraPoints Inspirations beyond disabilities Respect your sex worker 1:06:00 Sammy Srripmatter - Future Island
Mar 7, 2021
1 hr 13 min
I Don’t Want People To Have To Suffer To Learn Their Lesson
00:00 Cold Open 05:30 Negativity By Character (Ft. Stu Brootal) 08:15 Texas Politics - Cruz v Biden. Abbott v Texans 14:00 All the varients - One state - one man - one rule 20:00 The agenda is - obstruct, mock, then blame 23:00 Ryan’s personal stance - supporting safety measures with our wallets 29:30 Begins the football analogies - 10 yards or more 35:00 confronting misunderstandings - You’re not infectious after being vaccinated 39:30 Disability shaming - We’re glad you’re disabled? 44:30 Statistcally Republicans are choosing a minority 47:00 The balance of our support - Joe Biden or bust 52:00 Is Trump transferable - wheres Beto? 56:00 So CPAC happened - 59:30 Outro by Character
Mar 5, 2021
1 hr 3 min
Tonight We Feature There Is A Moon - 2:24:21
Tonight the collective features one of their own. Press play and get to know our friend Scarlett Deering and what was behind the making of her hit album There Is A Moon. SoundCloud listeners look below to listen to Scarlett's Spotify, And comment on the episode time line to let her and us know what you thought of this episode. thank you to everyone that listens and supports Find Scarlett: 00:00 Eclipse - From the album There Is A moon 04:15 We are in affect - Welcome Scarlett Deering 10:10 Superstitious 28:45 Sun Kiss Play 32:51 PhoneCall Song 42:30 Intro - Then Plate 44:10 Mary and October 53:05 Lullaby 1:03:55 Buttercup Interlude 1:08:05 Coo Coo 1:10:30 Witch Baby 1:18:30 Sunset on Sunset, The Unfinished House 1:46:30 Waves 1:49:50 Mr. Blue Eyes 1:51:55 Good Goodbye
Feb 25, 2021
1 hr 56 min
Jason's Pre- Birthday Tribute- 2:10:21
Ryan and Joe pay tribute to the master of podcasting Jason Anthony. From high praise much deserved to a conversation that begins to explain the power of thought. the calls to action, and the desperate need for advocacy.
Feb 12, 2021
1 hr 31 min
Did They Pray All Night- 1:27:21
Ryan Jason Joe and Scarlett talk clock Work Orange, religion cave men COVID and more
Jan 26, 2021
1 hr 6 min
All The Technological Things- 1:20:21
Jason Joe and Ryan are joined by friend of the show Scarlett Deering
Jan 22, 2021
58 min
Denton County Collective - 1:13:21
Jason, Joe, and Ryan talk about their weeks, personal, and political. As America begins a long slow road to healing. The world watches in wonder. we are not what you see on the news.
Jan 14, 2021
1 hr 16 min
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