Dennis Has A Podcast
Dennis Has A Podcast
Dennis Has A Podcast
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Dennis is great.
I am addicted to DHAP. I knew the man before I listened, but I’m so glad I did. A lot of fun, so listen, won’t you? You’ll be glad you did!
Dennis is da man
Indie comedy interviews from the underground, Dennis has got ya covered on life, love and all the other lil bs
Matthew WJ
Dennis is a Star
If you are into the NYC comedy scene DHAP is a must download! I recommend!
Fun and Enjoyable!
Dennis regularly displays a wonderful conversational style with all of his guests, engaging in a variety of topics that make this show a wonderful listen.
The man has skills!
Great show! Dennis has the perfect balance of asking the right questions and being a good listener.
Never A Dull Moment
Whether your interested in movies, music, sports or anything going on in life, Dennis brings it each episode! He's a great podcaster, that always keeps it loose and light with his guests and makes for a great, easy listen.
Nick J-Bones
Dennis Has A...
Maybe bias, but I have been on a bunch of podcasts; and I can't say I have met a host who has been as kind, courteous, and professional as Dennis Holden. I enjoy the easy free flow feel to his show. Entertaining, fun, captivating, and sexy
Frank Pellegrino
It's a great podcast!!!
See title above.
I love this guy!
This is a great podcast. He always chats with really fun and interesting people. Very funny and fun topics. Definitely give it a listen because it’s all around wonderful!
Funny Stand Up Lady Person
So fun!
This is a fun, laid back, interesting podcast. The host is a positive guy truly interested in the comedy world and asks the right questions. This is good for comedians and comedy lovers or just regular people!
LOVE this podcast!!!
This podcast is totally addictive. It’s so easy to listen to because Dennis provides such a fun and easy-going environment for guests that he gets them to reveal really interesting tidbits. Don’t sleep on this one!
DHAP is legendary - A living archive of comedians and performers that keeps growing. A truly special podcast for anyone who loves comedy and entertainment and who wants to keep up with the action in real time
Love that Dennis!
He makes funny people funnier!
great guy, great guests. Hilarious. hijinks ensue. give it a listen see for yourself! you don’t wanna miss out
So fun!!!
Seriously, it's great. Dennis just knows how to talk to people and let them share their stories. He's also really great and steering the conversation where it needs to go, all and all, a superb podcaster. He also gets a ridiculous variety of people on his show - baseball (Mets) fans, do gooders, foodies, comediennes, actors, the list goes on and on! Just take a listen, you'll be hooked.
Excellent interviews
Dennis is relatively new in the Podcast world, but you'd hardly know it. He really has developed a unique style that is tough to categorize, so I'm going to go ahead and call it a variety show :) in my opinion, where he really shines is in his interviews. Here's to continued success! Dennis Has a Podcast, You have to listen to it!!
SL in Brooklyn
I'm totally hooked!!
I may need an intervention.
Dennis Has An Awesome Podcast
Love listening to Dennis, he's always got insightful topics ready to go, he always has great guests on - this guy knows how to pod. Plus, as someone who has been on the pod before, he's so easy to talk to and keeps a conversation going with such little effort, which is a huge plus. Fun, easy to listen to, fantastic host - yeah, you should listen to DHAP.
Matt Donato
Do you like podcasts?
If you do, you might want to check this one out. No one can talk on a variety of topics like Dennis "Dennis has a Podcast" Holden, from Ice Cream to Ice T of Law Order SVU fame, you'll hear it all on Dennis Has a Podcast.
Ryan P Deighan
Well spoken and entertaining
Dennis seems like a smart, friendly guy - the variety of topics provides for a nice escape. WWE episodes are my favorite!
Dennis is such a funny guy, 5 stars all the way!
Such a warm and caring host!! He's a natural!
Dennis Is A Must Have!
Hilarious! Very interesting interview questions! Dennis Has A Podcast is entertaining and funny for all. Topics range from sports, entertainment, music, art, and politics. A must have when it comes to podcast listening!
The Glory and the Power
Bravo! The podcast to end all podcasts. I may not be on it but I will listen to it, oh yes.
Shady Paz
The best!
Dennis cracks me up! I love listening to him, he is a gifted story teller!! Great work, can't wait for more
i love this show! the wide range of topics leaves something for everyone. dennis makes me giggle, he makes me smile, but most of all, he makes me think! this show is entertaining, while also leaving you pondering. great feel to this guy, love this show!
Always a pleasure to listen to! Full array of topics and such great energy. Can't wait to guest star again soon!
Voice of an angel
Great topics
Frank Varricchio
Dennis is smart and funny! Wonderful show!
Guy Hutchinson
It's like God (or Tebow) is whispering in your ear
This guy is Awesome!!! I laughed, I cried, I ran the whole gambit of emotions. I'm pretty sure he is the love child of Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert and John Mayer. He is entertaining!!!
It's like listening to God ( or Tebow) whispering in your ear
I laughed, I cried , I ran the whole gambit of emotions. This man is entertaining !! I think Dennis is the love child of Jon Stewart , Colbert and Mayer. Give him a listen... You won't be sorry.
Great content! Very conversational, good food or thought on various topics.
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