Demystifying College Admissions
Demystifying College Admissions
Julie Kim
I’m Julie Kim, and I’m the host of Demystifying College Admissions. Look, I’ve been there before! Navigating through the college admissions process is overwhelming, confusing and ultimately stressful. This podcast is designed to inspire high school students to identify their passions, learn all about the most updated college admissions strategies, with guests and experts from all industries! And the best part is we’ll also dive into mental health so that this podcast will be a healthy, safe, and vulnerable space for all teens and parents out there!
Harvard Undergrad vs. Harvard Graduate School, with Beth Young
20 minutes Posted Dec 31, 2018 at 1:00 am.
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    Beth Young is a current Economics major and Psychology minor at Harvard! We discuss in depth her experience as an undergrad as well as my experience at Harvard graduate school. Harvard admissions, like any Ivy League, is competitive -- but there are common traits that all top schools are looking for.