Welcome to the DefineYourFitness podcast! A place that is the go-to hub for all things Health & Wellness. I'm Brittany, a certified Exercise Physiologist and health and wellness enthusiast wanting to use my knowledge and expertise for the greater good. Health advice and guidance is not always the easiest to find (or the most affordable) so I want that to change. Here you will find advice, tips, and professional opinions/education on all topics relating to living a maintainable, healthy lifestyle! I hope you stick around to help build this community and movement! Stay healthy, live happy!
Episode 3: Getting on/back on track| Establishing your purpose and SMART goals!
The most requested topic is here!!! In this episode I go over all the steps you can take for successfully getting back on the health and wellness track/lifestyle. These tips and tools apply to everyone from the beginner dabbling in the idea of adding in some healthy habits to their everyday lives to even the most experienced "fit" person that may have taken a wrong turn but are ready to jump back into their healthy habits, or establish new ones! Hope you enjoy! Subscribe so you never miss an opportunity to re-'define your fitness' !! Stay healthy, live happy  xo, Brittany
Aug 16, 2019
21 min
Episode 2: How do we define fitness? | Societal stigmas and tips to shift your 'fitness'
In this episode, we go deep into the nitty gritty layers of what the term "fitness" really means and how you can start to apply it to your life! Because fitness is for EVERYONE! Stay tuned to the very end for 3 tips to live by so you can begin to shift your perspective on living a healthy lifestyle! Hope you enjoy this episode, talk to you next Friday! Stay healthy, live happy :) xo, Brittany
Aug 9, 2019
21 min
Episode 1: Welcome! | The mind behind DefineYourFitness
Welcome to the DefineYourFitness podcast episode 1! I hope this episode gives you a little insight on the mind behind this brand and inspires you to become apart of this community and this movement. The tools for living a healthy lifestyle should be available to EVERYONE, and I am here to help with that. Stick around so I can help guide you to defining what fitness means to you!  stay healthy, live happy. Brittany xo
Aug 2, 2019
10 min