Decompress with Jess
Decompress with Jess
Jessica Marini
Ep 16 Self-Compassion, Eating Disorders, and Anti-Diet with Dr. Paula
41 minutes Posted Oct 11, 2021 at 9:00 pm.
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Show notes

In this episode, Dr. Paula Freeman and I discuss being compassionate to our bodies and our journeys along with the concept of anti-diet (which I was BLOWN away about lolol)

What may be at the root of an eating disorder?

How does perfectionism play a role?

How is self-confidence different from self-compassion?

What is the "Health at Every Size" Paradigm? (VERY COOL)

We get into all of this and more!

Dr. Paula is a psychologist, coach, writer for Psychology Today, and really just such a cool person. Her knowledge on this topic is endless. What was so great about her is that her passion for her work truly shows, and it makes you passionate about it as well. 

Dr. Paula's Information:

Linktree: @mindful.drpaula | - Instagram link in bio

Connect on Instagram: Dr. Paula Freedman (@mindful.drpaula) • Instagram photos and videos

Article: Having Self-Compassion in Eating Disorder Recovery | Psychology Today

My Information:

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