Decompress with Jess
Decompress with Jess
Jessica Marini
Decompress with Jess is a podcast about mental health, self -esteem and everything in between. This podcast will be a space where the listener can totally decompress and relax while discussing mental health topics to make it feel less overwhelming.
Ep 27: Mental Health, Gut Health, and Holisitc Health with Dean Michael
Sorry for shouting friends, and I am probably late to the game with this but.....THERE IS SUCH A THING AS BRAIN-GUT CONNECTION AND THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF SERATONIN ARE MADE IN YOUR GUT!!!!!!!! Okay, I have calmed down now lolWhat is the brain-gut connection?How does it tie into mental health?What are superfoods?We get into all of this and more!For this episode I am honored to have on my friend Dean Michael, founder of Manifested Wellness, former (IFBB International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) Pro, and just an overall great person. His passion about this topic really shows through, and he truly broke down the information in a way that is less scary. You can find more about Dean and his work via the following:  Instagram - Dean Michael Fazzolari (@dean_michael) • Instagram photos and videos My Information: Instagram: @decompress_with_jess • Instagram photos and videos Email:
May 9
29 min
Ep 26: Body Dysmorphia, Body Image and Body Altering/Photo Editing Apps with Dr. Christina
Dr. Christina is back (yay) to help us tackle the impact of body altering and retouching apps on body dysmorphia and body image. This made my head spin lol  Retouching apps can whiten teeth, remove blemishes, eliminate pores and even alter the shape and proportions of your body. But at what expense?What is body dysmorphia?What are some root causes of body dysmorphia?How does social media impact our body image?We get into all of this and more!Dr. Cristina's information:Podcast:‎Behind The Bite on Apple PodcastsInstagram:Behind The Bite Podcast (@behind_the_bite_podcast) • Instagram photos and videosWebsite:Homepage - DR. CRISTINA A CASTAGNINI, PHD ( information:Instagram:@decompress_with_jess • Instagram photos and
Apr 25
37 min
Ep 25: Stress, Anxiety, Trauma and Healing with Alison
Stress, trauma and trauma (oh my)!!! In this episode, Stress/Trauma Coach and Mentor Alison discusses the big three, how they coexist, and ways for us to really feel that healing component in today's overstimulated world. How do stress, trauma and healing coexist together?What is the science behind stress and trauma?What are some strategies we can utilize to help handle stress and anxiety?We get into all of this and more!What I love about Alison is that she really ties her own personal experience into the episode and is vulnerable with the audience. She is also very realistic. In saying that although stress is unavoidable, there are ways to live in a place of less stress. I truly felt more empowered after this episode. I hope you did too!You can find more about Alison and her work via the following:  Instagram - @beatpeace | Linktree My Information: Instagram: @decompress_with_jess • Instagram photos and videos Email:
Mar 28
28 min
Ep 24: High Functioning Anxiety with Georgie Collinson
Hiii friends :) Get ready for today’s episode because (yes this is not a typo) we are going to decompress WHILE talking about high-functioning anxiety with Georgie Collinson. I am not joking, she really made it quite exciting. I even feel relaxed LOL (but still buckle up because it was mind blowing LOL) What does high-functioning anxiety look like?Why is it so difficult to calm ourselves down when in this state, and what is a better alternative?How can we change our relationship with anxiety?We get into all of this and more!Georgie Collinson is an Anxiety Mindset Coach, Hypnotherapist, Naturopath and Nutritionist, helping busy women to achieve balance in mind, body and business. As a recovering perfectionist and proud high-achiever, Georgie was once the prime example of high-functioning anxiety. Searching for answers, she finally discovered a lasting breakthrough for herself and clients with a holistic mind-body approach that considers anxiety and stress from the thoughts you think, the food you eat, your gut health, your hormones and lifestyle. This developed into The Anxiety Reset Method, the structural basis of Georgie’s online programs. Originally from Melbourne, Georgie spends much of her time by the beach on the Mornington Peninsula, where she is running online group programs, producing The Anxiety Reset Podcast, and working privately with clients around Australia and the world. She hosts gut health retreats in Byron Bay, and is currently writing her first book. Georgie's mission is to be an example to women that life doesn't have to be this way. There is so much confidence, flow and balance available to us in our lives, and we don’t need to sacrifice our goals. There’s so much more to our lives than anxiety will let us believe, and we all deserve to have it all and more.It truly was such a pleasure to have her on!You can find more about Georgie and her work via the following:  Podcast - Anxiety Reset Podcast on Apple Podcasts Instagram - Georgie Collinson | Anxiety (@georgiethenaturopath) • Instagram photos and videos Website - My Information: Instagram: @decompress_with_jess • Instagram photos and videos Email:
Feb 27
39 min
Ep 23: OCD with Maddy
Hiii friends :)  For today's episode we are going to discuss obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) with blogger Maddy, and everything that goes along with it  (it was VERY interesting).  What was cool about this episode is that it started off with OCD and branched out to anxiety, mental health, stress, and having a sense of responsibility to help others. Buckle up :)What is OCD?How does stress tie into OCD?What are some ways we can raise our awareness to it?We get into all of this and more!Maddy is a personal blogger providing tips for OCD and anxiety.  Her bravery of sharing her own story with listeners and readers makes her not only more relatable, but quite genuine as well. It was refreshing to hear the perspective of OCD being conveyed by your everyday average person. It was quite a pleasure to have her on and discuss this topic with her !Maddy's  contact information:Instagram: Maddy | OCD & anxiety tips (@mentalhealthwmaddy) • Instagram photos and videosBlog:Home | Mental Health with Maddy ( | LinktreeMy Information:Instagram: @decompress_with_jess • Instagram photos and videosEmail:
Feb 20
24 min
Ep 22: Self-Sabotage with Rachel Kove
Hi friends and Happy New Year! I am back for the first episode of the new year yay!  For today's episode I have on Rachel Kove, and we discussed yes everyone's favorite topic....self-sabotage (yikessss)What is self-sabotage?How can our unconscious habits lead to conscious choices?What are some root causes for self-sabotage?What are some ways we can raise our awareness to it?We get into all of this and more!What lured me in about Rachel is how candid and genuine she is. She talks about everything from body image to perfectionism and being vulnerable. She makes all these topics seem less scary and totally relatable.  Rachel is a 12-year mental health expert, one of the hosts for podcast, "Kicking it with the Koves", actress, singer, author, and owner of Transformational Solutions. Basically, she does it all while making you feel comfortable enough to open up to her about topics people usually don't feel super comfortable opening up about. This was a great conversation!Rachel Kove's contact information:Podcast: PodcastOne: 616: Martin Kove | Kicking It in the Cobra Kai DojoTransformational Solutions: Transformational Solutions - Life Coaching, Mental HealthInstagram: Rachel Kove (@rachelkove) • Instagram photos and videosMy Information:Instagram: @decompress_with_jess • Instagram photos and videosEmail:
Jan 26
33 min
Ep 21: Perfectionism with Dr. Menije
For today's episode I am honored to have Dr. Menije with me to discuss yes.... perfectionism !!!What is perfectionism ?What are some of the root causes of perfectionism ?What are some signs you are a perfectionist?How does being a perfectionist impact our relationship with ourselves and others?We get into all of this and more!Dr. Menije is a leading expert on overcoming perfectionism and building an authentic life. As the founder of Perfectionism University, an online platform for self-help courses on breaking up with perfectionism, her goal is to create a community where we can all unlearn Perfectionism and start our journey of embracing imperfections and owning our enoughness.  She knows firsthand how perfectionism can lead to anxiety and disconnection from self. She had her real awakening once she read the “Gifts of Imperfection” from one and only Dr. Brene Brown. She realized there was a name to what she was suffering from. She was seeking perfectionism because deep down, she thought "I wasn’t good enough." Now, Dr. Menije speaks relentlessly on many platforms to share her personal story combined with her clinical training as a licensed psychologist to help women break up with perfectionism. She knows one can be a prisoner of their perfectionism. Her hope for you is that you turn the judgment to compassion and ultimately live a life where you embrace imperfection rather than striving for perfection. Dr. Menije's contact information:website: www.perfectionismuniversity.comInstagram: Information:Instagram: @decompress_with_jess • Instagram photos and videosEmail:
Nov 25, 2021
36 min
Ep 20: Unconscious to Conscious Emotions with Shane Coyle
 Trauma informed board-certified compulsive behavior specialist Shane Coyle is back from episode14 expectations yay! This time he is back to discuss our emotions (ah my favorite), and their journey from unconscious to conscious. You are not going to want to miss this. Can unconscious emotions be repressed emotions?How do unconscious emotions effect our behavior and relationships?What is the relationship between healthy relationships and conscious emotions?We get into all of this and more!Shane's Information:Website: HOME ( on Instagram: Shane | healer (@shanecoylehealing) • Instagram photos and videosMy Information:Instagram: @decompress_with_jess • Instagram photos and videosEmail:
Nov 15, 2021
34 min
Ep 19: Trauma with Vassia
In this episode, Vassia Sarantopoulou  and I discuss the trauma and its impact on the relationships with ourselves and others (very powerful. I was holding back tears, but in a beautiful way). What is trauma?How does it impact our attachment styles?What are tips for ways to deal with trauma while maintaining relationships and forming new ones?We get into all of this and more!Vassia is a licensed psychologist. And head psychologist and founder of AntiLoneliness, This is a company providing mental health services to those in need with the premise that we are not alone. It is quite beautiful. Vassia is a remarkable human being. Her knowledge on trauma and how she shares it is quite thought provoking. Her service to others is admirable as well! Vassia's Information:AntiLoneliness website: Website + Academy ( on Instagram: AntiLoneliness | Mental Health (@antiloneliness) • Instagram photos and videosIt Didn't Start With You Book: It Didn't Start with You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle: Wolynn, Mark: 9781101980385: BooksMy Information:Instagram: @decompress_with_jess • Instagram photos and videosEmail:
Nov 8, 2021
39 min
Ep 18: Autopilot with Me
In this episode I discuss being on autopilot (who knew both people and cars can do this !!!) Now that I think about it, I feel like I do relate this to the car. I know this sounds silly, but I’m not into the new fancy cars that drive for us. Yeah it’s simpler. Yeah it requires less effort. I don't know call me old fashioned, but it takes away from the experience of driving . Autopilot in general takes away from our experience of being present and a part of our lives ,the events taking place and the relationships we are growing .What is autopilot?Why are we on autopilot?What are some signs we are?How can we raise our awareness and be more on "conscious pilot"?We get into all of this and more!Resources:How to Stop Living Life on Autopilot | Psychology Todayconsciousness - Running on autopilot - Psychology & Neuroscience Stack Exchange10 Signs You’re Living on Autopilot | SUCCESSYour autopilot mode is real - now we know how the brain does it | New ScientistMy Information:Instagram: @decompress_with_jess • Instagram photos and videosEmail:
Nov 1, 2021
22 min
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