Decentralised Podcast - Blockchain, Crypto, and Futurism
Decentralised Podcast - Blockchain, Crypto, and Futurism
Nick Hollins
Halsey Minor | VideoCoin & Live Planet
1 hour 5 minutes Posted Oct 29, 2018 at 9:35 am.
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Show notes

Halsey Minor has been founding technology companies since CNET in 1993, including NBCi, OpenDNS, Salesforce, Uphold Inc., Google Voice, and his latest ventures, VideoCoin and Live Planet.

VideoCoin aims to compete with Amazon, Google and Microsoft – by sharply reducing cost for encoding, storing and streaming video … by decentralising the infrastructure … rewarding machines for processing video, similar to how Bitcoin miners are rewarded for confirming transactions.

Live Planet is a virtual reality company, set to put affordable VR sets of cameras and goggles – into the hands of consumers in the very near future.

In this episode we're talking about virtual reality, cloud sourcing video encoding via blockchain, and Halsey's experiences in the early days of the internet in the 1990s.

I spoke with Halsey via non-VR call from my new podcast studio in Byron Bay, Australia on October 2, 2018.

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