Decentralised Podcast - Blockchain, Crypto, and Futurism
Decentralised Podcast - Blockchain, Crypto, and Futurism
Nick Hollins
Aaron Wright | OpenLaw
36 minutes Posted Oct 9, 2018 at 9:33 am.
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Show notes

Aaron Wright is a Co-Founder of OpenLaw, an open source company based with ConsenSys in Brooklyn, creating next generation smart legal agreements.

Their project aims to reduce cost for legal services, while increasing speed and ease for getting things done via smart contracts. As we’ll hear in this episode, blockchain technology has major implications for all industries.

Beyond OpenLaw, Aaron is a Professor at Cardozo Law School in New York City, and leads the Cardozo Blockchain Initiative. Among the first of its kind in the United States – where law students are learning how to code and create smart agreements.

He is also a Co-Founder of The Brooklyn Project, creating a framework of standards for token generation – aiming to promote the token-economy and protect consumers.

I met with Aaron at Ethereal Summit in Brooklyn, hosted by ConsenSys during Blockchain Week NYC in May.

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