Decameron 2020: Survival through Stories
Decameron 2020: Survival through Stories
Thinkery & Verse
Thinkery & Verse present "DECAMERON 2020: Survival through Stories," a reading and discussion of Bocaccio’s Decameron as it relates to contemporary pandemic experiences. To reawaken the full sense of Boccaccio’s framing device, our podcast will offer, for the first time in English, Boccaccio's Decameron recorded with eleven different actors (as opposed to a single reader). Guest artists include Karen Alvarado, Erin Bogert, Ashley Bufkin, Celine Dirkes, Diana Guizado, Bob Jones, JM Meyer, Brady Marchand (Sound Engineer), Abishek Nair, Regan Sims, Reagan Tankersly, and Ania Upstill. Podcast intro: Karen Alvarado. Editing and Sound Design by Brady Marchand. Copy editing by Bob Jones, Ania Upstill, Karen Alvarado, and J.M. Meyer. Project manager: Celine Dirkes. Graphic design: Hannah Lang.
18. What sparks political engagement? Boccaccio in 1358 and America in 2020.
Here in the United States we are at the center of a global pandemic and the greatest political turmoil in generations. What sparks political engagement? In Boccaccio's Decameron, Pampinea berates her peers for accepting second-class status, and demands...
Oct 9, 2020
36 min
17. Interview with the humanist Marianna Iannaccone on John Florio, Boccaccio's Early Modern translator
The Decameron 2020 team learns more about the 16th century translator of The Decameron, John Florio
Sep 25, 2020
1 hr
16. Imagining a more just post-pandemic world, Part 2
Welcome back to Decameron 2020: Survival through Stories. In the second part of our segment on Black Lives Matter, we will continue our conversation with the artists James Edward Becton, Ashley Bufkin, and Justin Withers.  Johnny Meyer will begin the...
Aug 31, 2020
48 min
15. Imagining a more Just Post-Pandemic World through Black Lives Matter, Part 1
In the next two bonus episodes, we are taking a step back from Boccaccio’s stories in order to bring more focus to the stories going on around us. Boccaccio’s ten young story-tellers are, in part, using narrative to elevate their minds above the plague...
Aug 29, 2020
1 hr 17 min
14. Discussion with Bob Jones, Ashley Bufkin, Erin Bogert, and Karen Alvarado
We've reached the third and final discussion episode for the last three stories in Day 1 of Bocaccio's Decameron. In this episode you will hear from actors Ashley Bufkin, Erin Bogert, myself Karen Alvarado as well as Bob Jones serving as host for our...
Aug 24, 2020
57 min
13. Pampinea tells a story wherein we learn why honest love agrees with people of all ages. (Day 1, Story 10)
In the 10th and final story of the first day, Pampinea tells the story of a young beautiful Widow who intends to shame an older yet dignified doctor.This story was narrated by Karen Alvarado.Translation by John Florio. Podcast intro: Karen Alvarado....
Aug 22, 2020
11 min
12. Eliza tells a story about an aggrieved woman who uses wit to put a foolish king in his place (Day 1, Story 9)
In the 9th story of the first day Eliza tells the tale of how a courageous Gentlewomen changed the King of France from a meek coward to a just ruler.This story was narrated by Erin Bogert.Translation by John Florio. Podcast intro: Karen Alvarado....
Aug 22, 2020
4 min
11. Lauretta plainly declares that a covetous man is not worthy of any honor or respect. (Day 1, Story 8)
In the 8th story of the first day Loretta tells the story of a well-regarded court entertainer who, with a few clever words, checked the avarice of stingy rich man. This story was narrated by Ashley Bufkin.Translation by John Florio. Podcast intro:...
Aug 21, 2020
9 min
10. Two monks, too many hens, a flood of soup, and four loaves of bread (Discussion of Day 1, Stories 4 through 7)
We've reached the second discussion episode. Here we will pause our recitation of Bocaccio's Decameron in order to hear from our storytellers. Bob Jones serves as today's host, and we will also hear from actors Regan Sims, Johnny Meyer, Diana Guizado...
Aug 8, 2020
32 min
9. Philostratus tells the story of a troubadour whose wit aids his remuneration (Day 1, Story 7)
The seventh story of the first day: Philostratus tells the story of a poor troubadour who uses a parable to reveal the ways in which the casual hubris of the rich can hurt the less fortunate. This story was narrated by Reagan Tankersley.Translation by...
Aug 8, 2020
15 min
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