Dear Millennials: The Lit Ass Podcast
Dear Millennials: The Lit Ass Podcast
Dear Millennials
SZN 5: Episode 10: Bonnet Appreciation ft. Poundcake
1 hour 1 minutes Posted Jun 9, 2021 at 7:49 am.
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Show notes
June is officially Bonnet Appreciation Month. This is a PSA that we Dear Millennials love and appreciate your bonnet ministry; however… Well, we’ll get into that in this episode. It’s our Season Finale and this may be the last episode of Dear Millennials as we know it. This may be someone’s last episode. Find out who by watching this episode.

We had two amazing guest join us this episode. The first is Marvin’s beautiful cousin, Ameera. She’s a rising junior at Central High School. She’s a dancer and aspiring social media influencer. She’s reppin’ for Gen-Z on today’s show!

*Tunes Organ* We told you that our next guest would put the icing on the cake. Tonight, we’re welcoming Comedian Poundcake as our featured guest for our Season 5 Finale! And yes, he will be “STEPPING INTO THE LIVE” even though he might be “TIYERD!” . He just sold out two shows in four days at Chuckles Comedy Club in Memphis! He’s a young king well on his way to stardom in the comedy and entertainment circuit! We’re so excited to have him join us!

Tonight’s Segments: Living Single w/ Mary Jane! Kickin' it w/ Karys Belger, our Dear Millennials correspondent! Top DM Commandments, & a Surprise! Thanks for tuning in!