Dear Future Husband
Dear Future Husband
Dear Future Husband is a place where I cover numerous topics that will help in your relationships, household and everyday life. Please email me at for topic suggestions or questions.
Manipulation In Relationships
Manipulation in relationships
Aug 14, 2019
9 min
Satisfying your mate
The importance of making sure your mate is pleased
Jan 22, 2019
6 min
This episode explains how a friendship benefits you as a whole.
Jan 15, 2019
14 min
Just some simple advice from Saada
Dec 18, 2018
7 min
Ladies Do Not Pursue Men
Nov 28, 2018
8 min
Value Yourself
Nov 23, 2018
15 min
Domestic Violence
Nov 16, 2018
21 min
Don't Forget Your Husband
Wives should always put her husbands needs first.
Nov 12, 2018
15 min
Introducing Dear Future Husband
This introduction is giving you the basics of what this station will be offering you. Also if you have ANY questions or topics that you want discussed on air please email me at
Nov 8, 2018
2 min