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Dead Rabbit Radio
Jason Carpenter
Paranormal, Conspiracy, and True Crime news as it happens! Jason Carpenter breaks the stories they'll be talking about tomorrow, assuming the world doesn't end today.
EP 571 - The Stairway To Nowhere
Today we discover sexy dancing is mightier than the sword, and then we travel to Athens, Georgia to visit the Portal to Hell and a staircase that leads . . . nowhere!
Nov 24
30 min
EP 570 - Jason Fights A Witch!
Today we meet a woman who used magic to become famous, and then we talk about the time I fought a witch!
Nov 23
38 min
EP 569 - Is There A Hidden Civilization Living Inside The Great Wall Of China?
Today we meet a horrible woman, find out Dance Moms is more sinister than you thought, and then find out there are people living in the Great Wall Of China!
Nov 22
32 min
EP 568 - Ten Chocolate Cakes And No Lightbulbs
Today we go digging up a swamp, and then we travel to a remote house and eat some chocolate cakes and drink milk . . .while investigate a murder?!
Nov 19
31 min
EP 567 - The Missing Children Of Happy Valley
Today we visit the most dangerous workplace on Earth, and then we visit Happy Valley . . .at least we would if it still existed!
Nov 18
29 min
EP 566 - Was Tesla An Alien From Venus!
Today we look at marijuana time travel, and then find out that Tesla is from another planet!
Nov 17
26 min
EP 565 - The Yellow Note Conspiracy Of NYC
Today we meet a man who barely escaped with his life, a banishing ritual that is more trouble than it’s worth, and then we pick up yellow notes scattered across NYC!
Nov 16
31 min
EP 564 - The Demon Behind Your Closet Door
Today we meet a woman with a bizarre alibi, and then we travel to your bedroom to open your super spooky closet at 3am!
Nov 15
31 min
EP 563 - The Homeless Kids Of Miami Vs. The Demonic Legions Of Hell
Today we travel to Miami to join homeless children in a war against the wicked!
Nov 12
35 min
EP 562 - The Death Of Rebirth Island
Today we walk down a haunted path, discover a bizarre coincidence, and then take a trip to the deadliest island* ever!
Nov 11
33 min
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