Day 6
Day 6
Get caught up on the week without ruining your weekend. Host Brent Bambury delivers an energetic mix of must-hear stories carefully chosen to keep you in the loop and keep you guessing. Ready when you are on Saturday mornings. And heads up — there will be a quiz.
Can OpenAI be trusted to develop ChatGPT responsibly?
PLUS: A trauma surgeon on what he witnessed at a hospital in Gaza; the lives altered by the overturning of Roe v Wade; a scientist trying to stop bird flu in its tracks; Andy Kim on 50 years of Rock Me Gently; an Indigenous community's plan to build homes, and a self-sustaining economy, out of hemp; and Riffed from the Headlines, our weekly musical news quiz.
May 23
54 min
A BC mother works to keep others safe from wildfire smoke, following the death of her asthmatic son
PLUS: Toronto's WNBA expansion signals a larger movement in women's pro sports; reviewing John Krasinski’s new star-studded movie IF; Logan Holladay, the stunt-driver who set a world record for cannon rolls in The Fall Guy; what we might learn about Banksy from his latest court case; and a Palestinian architect who curated an exhibit based on what his family lost in the Nakba.
May 16
54 min
The mother of a hostage taken by Hamas navigates a week marked by military escalation and talk of a ceasefire
PLUS: The history of rap diss tracks; the stars of Dog Man The Musical; the life and legacy of pioneering Asian-American photographer Corky Lee; 2SLGBTQ+ activists aim for the largest rallies in a generation; and Riffed from the Headlines, our weekly musical news quiz.
May 9
53 min
A Palestinian-Canadian nurse who chose to stay in Gaza reflects on what's been lost after seven months of war
PLUS: Poet Gary Geddes on the anniversary of Kent State; how a Chinese restaurant in Toronto is benefitting from the Kendrick-Drake beef; how Baby Reindeer unleashed an online sleuthing nightmare; an exiled journalist explains why the Taliban's social media strategy is key to its rule; five pioneering Black ballerinas from a Harlem ballet school are reclaiming the spotlight more than 50 years later; and Riffed from the Headlines, our weekly musical news quiz.
May 2
54 min
As pro-Palestinian demonstrations sweep across campuses, Canary Mission seeks to blacklist activists
PLUS: the Taylor Swift shadow economy; tracking hate speech in India; T Cor Bor, a star system we only get to see once every 80 years; a cattle farmer breeding more energy efficient cows; and Riffed from the Headlines, our weekly musical news quiz.
Apr 25
54 min
Day 6 presents What On Earth: “Can Earth Day be badass again?”
The climate is changing. So are we. On What On Earth, you’ll explore a world of solutions with host Laura Lynch and our team of journalists. In 1970, 20 million people showed up to fight for the environment on the first Earth Day. More than five decades later, is it time for this much tamer global event to return to its radical roots? OG organizer Denis Hayes recounts how – amidst other counterculture movements at the time – his team persuaded roughly one in ten Americans to take to the streets. As he approaches 80, Denis offers his singular piece of advice to the next generation of climate leaders. Then, environmental warriors Maria Blancas and Axcelle Campana share ideas on what a reinspired Earth Day could look like – including making it a public holiday.More episodes of What On Earth are available at: love to hear from our listeners and regularly feature them on the show. Have a question or idea? Email
Apr 22
29 min
New doc says teen fashion giant Brandy Melville built its success on exploitation and abuse
PLUS: Bluey's season finale has left everyone wondering about the show's future; after 30 years the bus from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert has been found; a researcher worried no one would read her work on coral reefs, so she turned the data into music; how the year 1999 broke the music industry; and Riffed from the Headlines, our weekly musical news quiz.
Apr 18
54 min
A small business owner resists Momofuku's bid to trademark Chili Crunch
PLUS: Maia Kobabe's graphic novel Gender Queer: A Memoir is the most challenged book in the United States; how China uses WeChat to undermine democracy around the world; Civil War imagines a United States at war with itself; a new documentary tells the story of Judee Sill, a celebrated folk-rock icon only now getting her due; and Riffed from the Headlines, our weekly musical news quiz.
Apr 11
54 min
41 years after she topped the charts, Bonnie Tyler still loves singing Total Eclipse of the Heart
PLUS: How records of past eclipses help us understand human history; an unpopular Israeli government stares down growing international criticism and domestic protests; what Beyoncé's cover of Blackbird means to one of the Little Rock Nine; one of the few female crossword puzzle makers makes a case for diversifying the grid; a New York Times investigation reveals disturbing connections between child Instagram influencer accounts and self-described pedophiles; and Riffed from the Headlines, our weekly musical news quiz.
Apr 4
53 min
A series of scandals and a flood of sports betting risks undermining fans faith in the games they love
PLUS: 10 Things I Hate About You turns 25; Naheed Nenshi shakes up Alberta politics; Hatsune Miku, the vocaloid, hologram and pop star poised to take on North America; how a retired couple from Idaho became among the best in the world at recovering the bodies of people who drown; and Riffed from the Headlines, our weekly musical news quiz.
Mar 28
54 min
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