Dave Ryan's War of the Roses
Dave Ryan's War of the Roses
Dave Ryan, Steve LaTart, Falen Bonsett (KDWB)
Dave Ryan's War of the Roses
War of the Roses - She's Like a Buick Sedan
Amelia over heard her boyfriend, Josh, describer has as a Buick Sedan. Nothing exciting but gets the job done. She's let him move in with her cause he needed a place to stay.
Jan 18
20 min
War of the Roses Classic - Blacklight Nightmare
Clark & Bailey went to a club and ran into Bailey's ex. Bailey disappeared for a while and came back from the "Bathroom" with something on her that is interesting.
Jan 16
15 min
War of the Roses - Who Are You Taking to Mexico?!
Brianna's friend saw Noah eating in the Culver's parking lot. Noah was supposed to go out to lunch with his friend Marcus and saw him eating at Culver's hours after he said he would. He also came home smelling like perfume.
Jan 11
20 min
War of the Roses Classic - Wax On & Wax Off
Mckayla is casually dating Jeremy & isn't sure if he's out still dating other people. She doesn't wanna get a bikini wax if he's seeing other people.
Jan 9
15 min
War of the Roses - It's Not Going to Eat Itself
Samantha's boyfriend, Garrett just got back from Vegas. She found a pair of shorts that say "It's Not Going to Eat Itself" in his suitcase and when she asked what they were all about the said he bought them for her.
Jan 4
18 min
War of the Roses Classic - They Sleep in the Same Bed
Eric's wife, Kay, let her best friend, Ivy move in with them for a little while, but now she's been there for a long time. They do a ton together, cuddle, buy her favorite food, & More.
Dec 5, 2023
13 min
War of the Roses - Ski Trip or Buy a Ring?
Estelle called the show to do a little bit of a different War of the Roses today where we see if he'll buy her an engagement ring or he'll take a ski trip with his friends.
Nov 30, 2023
24 min
War of the Roses Classic - Ian the Trainer
Rachel called the show to take her boyfriend Ian to War of the Roses
Nov 21, 2023
14 min
War of the Roses - Box of Wine Sent in the Mail
Aliyah & Bradley are married and got sent a box of wine. No Note or anything. Then they got another box with a note from Jonah that said some very revealing things.
Nov 16, 2023
19 min
War of the Roses Classic - Lick My B***s
Caitlin walked in the room and heard Alex voice to text "Lick M B***s" and he claimed he was sending it to his co-worker, Logan.
Nov 14, 2023
13 min
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