Darker Projects: The Byron Chronicles
Darker Projects: The Byron Chronicles
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Been listening since 2006
You can find all of the seasons on Spotify not Apple. Right from the beginning. Happy listening!
What a joke
This is the M O for this outfit, they NEVER finish anything they start, leaving you abandoned, you guys should just give up, and go back to your job at McDonalds, because you can’t do this one, LEAVE podcasting to the professionals! Happy burger flipping!
Partially available on iTunes
Before you start this series, be aware that you can only listen to the second season on iTunes. The first season and all the seasons following the second are only on the website, and you can’t make a playlist as you can with the normal podcast player. You also can’t use your lock screen controls since you have to use your browser to follow a link for each episode. Not optimal by any stretch. Otherwise similar to Dresden Files.
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Great show
This is probably my favorite podiodrama.
Oh Byron!
How I love this podcast. Entertaining, witty and well written. I adore the voice actor! They couldn't have selected anyone better; He's perfect. The production is on point and the storyline is a great roller coaster.
An extremely polished radio drama
Radio dramas are evolving rapidly. MR Busby produces great stories. And the character devolopment is impressive. I'm now listening to the Leviathan chronicals. So far it hasn't disspaointed. I've been so immersed in Byron's world, that I hate for it to end here. Hopefully there will be a sequel.
Mike Kojoori
what happened???
has this podcast been abandoned? There is no post on the website either, i can't find a facebook or twitter account. I wish I knew
where is the rest of the story
is the story over? did the podcasters give up? i was enjoying it, but it seems as if the story is never going to be finished.
where is season one???
I really like this but wheres season one??
Couldn't make it past the first episode
The writing and dialogue leaves much to be desired, and the production is not the quality that I would expect from an audio drama. Couldn't finish the first episode.
Sarah EBS
PDX's Own Podcast Drama
Byron Chronicles is an audio drama podcast set in Portland and made by a Portlander, Eric Busby. It is a decent Urban Fantasy/ Horror show. It does not have a regular schedule, but it is worth the wait. It does not have the stereotypical tragically hip Vampires. Vampires here are menacing. If you want an Urban Fantasy that breaks the tropes of the genre, check this out.
Great Story
Enjoyed the story just wish it played in order and gave us a proper conclusion.
Great Escape!
Love the writing and production.
Good but...
I enjoy the series very much. I have 2 problems though. 1 is that the episodes jump around a whole lot. If they could just spend a couple more minutes explaining what the hell is going on it would be great. There are so many neat worlds inside but it always seems like that are zipping right through them. The second is consistent episode releases. I am thrilled every time I see on downloading but that is about once every two months. Would really love to have more scheduled releases.
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Love this stuff
This is an awesome show really hope they start recording again soon.
Finally... Season 3
Cant wait to see where this goes from here EDIT: maybe not because they stopped recording AGAIN?!!
Doc Vape
Listenable, but not recommended
The Byron Chronicles like so many other audio dramas suffers from a lack of 2 out of 3 very important components necessary to a completely successful audio drama production. Sadly for them, they are the really crucial ones. So, these 3 components are writing, acting, and engineering - that is the mixing, editing, sound effects, what-have-you. And Byron is lacking in the first two. The writing though compelling enough in regard to plot development and fair use of expositional dialog held my attention for a couple episodes at a time, but the highly derivative characters (for example, Byron's painfully obvious "Doctor Who complex"), the ceaseless banter and sarcasm in a failed attempt at wit, and the relentless pop culture references make this program almost unlistenable. The engineering/production value gives it an edge on a lot of other programs so it's saved a little, but I'm growing tired of it. Next we have the acting: first off let me just say my daughter and I were seriously cracking up for fully at least half an hour listening to the way the announcer says Darker Projects. Secondly, and this is partly due to dialog, but every character always sounds sarcastic which is freaking annoying. Also, and correct me if I'm wrong, but do 70 percent of these characters have fake english accents? Last, but not least, (and this isn't even necessarily an acting flaw), what the hell is with the ratio speech impediments?! It's so extremely distracting it's driving me crazy. What it comes down to is that due to the great dearth of truly fine productions, this one falls into the category of listenable for people such as I, that obsessively must listen to audio drama, but not recommended. I'm embarrassed to admit I listen to this, but people here already do so it seemed a safe venue, and I wondered if anyone else shared my opinions...
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I heart stuff
Is This A Doctor Who Copy?
I like the story but it seems like the character had a Doctor Who complex. HIs companion gets him to do the things that are necessary and he make quips and finds ways out of no ways! Interested but wondering just where this is headed....
I can't believe this
Awesome awesome story I just wish there was an ending how unsatisfying. I still recommend you download this
When When WHEN???
I need a new episode. Does ANYBODY know when the next episode comes out?
this is a good one
Great story. Great characters. i want more . Or at least an ending.
This is my favorite of the Darker Projects podcasts, but its hard to wait for the up dates. I hope it hasn't ended.
Willow Borer
Great story, but too much time in-between episodes with no news.
Love it. Just waiting for the next episode…
Interesting story :) I am so impatient and want a new episode as soon as possible. Love the twist of season 3. Please, please produce more.
Is there realy no extra episodes after Sam?
Byron = yay! Chris = ruin
This is a TERRIFIC plot and story, I love it. Byron is such a terrific character, and the idea for the story is brilliant. But Chris absolutely ruins the story, she's annoying, petty, stupid, a brat. But I just saw a review saying she dies! Hurray! I'm just intensely disappointed that Byron even had a passing interest in her. She's pathetic, so happy she'll be out of the story. Please do keep writing! =D
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Love the cast.
Chris' death sucked though... LoL anyways- amazing story.
Amaya Hikaru
Happy that they have started again
So happy the Darker P picked this story up after a long break.
All Hail the Pale Man
Season just listened to ep 1 of season 3. i got nerdy goosebumps
audio romance!
I can't even begin to say how in love with this story and voices I am! It's brilliantly done and worth the wait!
This series is one of the best pod cast that I ever had the privalige of listening to
Great Story: MORE PLEASE!!
This is my favorite Darker Projects podcast, and it has gotten better episode by episdoe. My only complaint, which I've heard from others and is also for other Darker Projects podcasts is that sometimes we have to wait forever between episodes. And this one ends on a cliffhanger. More episodes please!! Don't leave us hanging!
Lo Jia-fu
Love it!!!
Great voice work and the story really pulls you in. Excellent. Thankyou and keep up the great work! However, it has been quiet a while since the last episode. Has this series finished? Will there be a Leviathon follow-up??
One of the best!
This audio drama really surprised me. Darker Projects usually puts out a decent product but The Byron Chronicles just blew me away. The production, voice acting and writing are all outstanding. I especially appreciate the humor that crops up; it reminds me a lot of Wormwood. If you are as addicted to audio drama podcasts as I am, you will love this one. The only concern for me is the same one as with all Darker Project shows: episodes go missing on iTunes and the files on the website don't always work correctly. Fortunately, as of this writing, there is only one missing episode in iTunes and the file on the website does work. That small technical issue aside, The Byron Chronicles is fantastic.
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oh my this a great one
I loved it .... just that simple I hope there will be more
Captivating storyline....Voice talent, David Ault-superb!
I find myself eager to "tune-in" to each episode, very intrigueing. This podcast (The Bryon Chronicals) is well produced, scripted, and voice-acted. You can not help but be "drawn in" when David Ault (Byron) engages. Continuity between episodes flows seamlessly. My only dissapointment is having to wait for the next series of episodes to be written to complete the saga.
Cross Reference
The most enjoyable part of this podcast is when they make refrence to other podcast novels like the Leviathan chronicles.
Didn't know a podcast novel could be so engaging!
This is by far the BEST, most engaging podcast novel (series?) that I've come across. PLEASE KEEM EM COMING!!!
The Best of Darker Projects
I've listened to many Darker Projects before, but The Byron Chronicles is the best of them...even better than Nemkoff's. I admit I have unsubscribed and re-subscribed to this podcast a number of times...I always come back. Ya gotta luv Byron and if you can't empathyse with Chris you shouldn't be reading undead stories. I don't think I will unsubscribe to this podcast again, even if it doesn't update for a year or more. I am really happy to have such great audiodrama, especialy for free. Thank you, for all the completely blind in your audience. I'll be there in the next two or three years and thanks to the great people in podcasting and Podiobooks I will get to enjoy the internet experience for a little while longer. Thank you again.
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Lady Magoo
great podcasts
I love this podcast it is the best darker projects audio story. I am so happy it was updated again i couldnt wait for the next episode i hope the next one comes out soon. keep up the good work
Great Fantasy
The Byron Chronicles tells the tale of the Pale Man names Byron...Fantastic sounds and characters. Warning the story line straight forward and the BTW to the authors to long between episodes.
It's one of my favorites. It's really, really great. David Ault is fantastic in it. One problem: it doesn't come out consistantly. I reccomend listening though!
My Timing Is Digital
No update in like a year.
Thats worse than not writing the story at all, you DONT leave your listeners hanging for over a year!
make more
Awesome podcast, one of the best!!!!!
This is a truly enjoyable podcast. I would give it 5 stars but some of the voice actors are TERRIBLE!! You can totally tell that they are reading it off of a script. One guy sounds like he is pronouncing every single syllable. What happened to the rest of the episodes. It ends on a cliffhanger and the last episode came out on 12/22/08 and there hasn't been one since. What up with that?
Great story!
I love vampire novels and this chronicle is very well done. My only complaint is the irregular downloads. Darker projects seems to leave stories unfinished and I wonder if this too will not be completed. It is WELL worth listening to as! Although I hope more episodes will follow.
I Love Byron!
I love this podcast! It takes your imagination on a rollercoaster ride. I wish they would come out with new episodes a little faster. I can't stand the suspence of waiting.
This podcast rocks
This is an awesome podcasts. The story is awesome and really keeps you interesting. I really hope Darker Projects brings this back with some more new episodes. Please dont keep me in suspense I need more. I am a Byron addict
Warning: This Podcast is Highly Addictive!!!
This was the first SciFi Audio Drama Podcast I discovered, but it is still my favorite. There are some others out there that I am very fond of, but this is the one that makes my day when I see a new episode is available! The crew at Darker Projects is doing an awesome job. I can only hope that they keep going, and increase the frequency of new episodes being released in all of their Darker Projects . . . .
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The Best
I'm new to itunes and I have to say this is the best!!! Great podcast...very enjoyable hope they come out with more in the future...Their website is also way cool!!!
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