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Danny and Gallant
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Y'all are haters
I loved the You Tube cast of the game. Absolutely loved it. H8ers!!!!
Rod Mundy
My review keeps being deleted
Danny and Galant are Pete Carrol defenders because he interviews with them. They are afraid of upsetting him. They will blame anyone else for issues with the team but not the guy who admitted to neutering the offense when he got scared. Annoying voices. Very effeminate.
No Pete on Mondays???
Why doesn’t Pete’s show your show up on podcast Mondays? Some of us can’t listen live
We want Brock and Salk back. Danny is okay but Paul is just terrible. Never should have gotten rid of Lydia or Tom. Very disappointing
2 Journalists Approach?
What made you guys think people would want 2 journalists on a morning show? I understand Danny because he’s been covering the Seahawks for such a long time, and understands Pete pretty well. Gallant though? What does he bring to the table? He’s having to learn about the city on the fly while also looking for an excuse to talk about what gives him a shred of credibility. His Houston knowledge and that he went to Syracuse. I know Salk is from Boston, but Salk was fortunate enough that he came onto the station as the Hawks new regime started, no basketball, and the M’s were... the Ms. He also brought high level baseball knowledge with him. I don’t know what Paul offers beside nice hair and finding a way to talk about himself. I’m a huge fan of Danny, and enjoy his quirks, but he has Seattle Equity to get away with some of his corny takes. So I can’t go 1 star. You guys have to notice that a small amount of people are listening to hour 1, and skipping straight to Blue 42(when Brock is on). 950 KJR looks to have the QB advantage now.
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Rick Dider
It Just Doesn’t Work
I’ve waited over a year to write a review because I wanted to love this show after listening to Brock and Salk for years. But I’m at the point where I can’t even get myself to turn this show on in the morning. The show just doesn’t work, I have nothing against either guy, but it just doesn’t work. The entire programming before Tom Jake and Stacy comes on needs a complete overhaul otherwise this station will continue to lose listeners
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Chone Figgins 11
Please move on from Gallant
Please move on from Gallant. Super annoying voice and acts like a teenage boy. Even Pete Carroll sounds annoyed by him. No longer listen to this show - please fix it and I’ll reconsider. I skip the morning show now and enjoy the John Clayton show instead.
Leftist preaching is tiresome
Hey Danny quit preaching your ideology. If I wanted that I would tune to CNN. Sports figures, including sports radio hosts, should stick to sports. Political commentators should not talk sports. Believe whatever you want on your personal time but at least half the listeners do not care at all what you think about political matters. Danny, perhaps you should start drinking again. Airing of all your personal matters are not my concern. Personal demons, tragedies and political opinions are not what this show should be about.
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I’m sorry but I can’t stand Gallant
If Bumpus replaced Gallant this show would shoot up to 5 stars
I tried listening to this show again
And it reminded me why I quit listening to it a year ago. Gallant is bad at his job. Hope his contract ends soon.
Long time listener
I value Danny’s insights, but Paul brings out the worst in him. Too much Shtick, too many giggles, hard to listen to.
As a younger listener
As a 17 year old I really enjoy this show !!! I think it would be a funny idea if y’all would read the hate comments 😂
Love it
Love the podcast!
great show
Danny is very polished and Paul’s a good partner he’s not from Seattle so he give a fair outsider opinion he does need to stop yelling in the mic it’s called talk radio Paul not yell radio still very good i listen to them daily
Over the politics
I am so tired of listening the the injection of politics into this show. I wont be listening to 710 anymore.
Not great but really good
I like the show ( because my opinion matters..lol) Paul talks to fast at times and Danny cackles too much. That said, they seem to enjoy the discussion and genuinely give good information on a daily basis. Paul’s outside ( of PNW ) perspectives on the mlb and nfl are interesting. I like that. I know it’s not for everyone, but what is?? Keep it up guys!! Miss B & S but you’re filling the shoes! Thank you.
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Danny Yay, Paul Meh
Danny is great... the other guy is not. Miss Brock and Salk. It’s not good. Hard to listen too. Paul has gotta stop referencing movies, being annoying and having meh takes. We should send him to the NY Jets! Oh! And Gallant stop breathing into the mic! Put a gate on that thing.
Ryan Car
Keeps getting worse
As time goes on, this show keeps getting worse. Danny continually has these long winded comparisons bringing us back to his childhood and how he watched some guys uncle make a tackle and that’s why he likes this player. Ten minutes later he makes his point. Spare me. Gallant is the guy at the sports bar that thinks he’s a sports guy who won’t shut up giving dumb takes and comparing them to some pop culture reference when in reality you just want him to stop talking because he knows nothing sports. Shows weak. Bring in anyone else or just replay Seahawks games for 3 hours every morning.
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After listening to Brock and Salk for years I was bummed for the change but was willing to give it a try. Due to my work schedule and location (Ellensburg), I listen to the show on podcast. I can no longer waste my time listening to Danny not finish a sentence and jump all over the place off topic. With Paul talking about Star Wars, Breaking Bad, and his latest video game. I know with the social distancing requirement things are tough, but this stuff was happening prior to the March shut down when there were current sports to talk about. There is a problem when the show is better with a stand in guest (BUMP) than Danny and Gallant. I have switched to Tom Jake and Stacy.
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Ellensburg Eric
Gallant is awful not funny or interesting
Pauly G
Paul is a professional started listening to him in Houston and he’s still a good listen even in a different time zone.
I miss Brock and Salk.
This show is poor.
al from seattle
Tough to follow rock stars
Tough to follow rock stars like Brock and Salk, but had to turn it off as it just did not work for me. On a good note, found Tom, Jake and Stacy!
Like fine wine
At first I was not a huge fan, but like a fine wine these two have developed better chemistry over time. I think they are as good as you can get for a successor to B&S.
Food was great
But the service sucked. Thanks Pawl.
Should’ve been Danny and Gee
Gee Scott paired with other O’Neill would’ve been a really fun show to hear weekday mornings. I can’t figure out why the station thought a young host from another part of the country (with very little knowledge of Seattle sports) was the best option for the void left by Brock and Salk.
Please replace Gallant with Bump
Gallant’s preplanned shoehorned analogies are positively cringeworthy. It’s almost like satire of morning radio shows. And he is an outsider who will never be able to relate to all the stuff Seattle sports fans have experienced together throughout the years. I just can’t listen to the show when he is on. I heard a couple shows with Danny and Bumpus and it was INFINITELY more listenable... I have no ill will towards Gallant, seems nice enough. It’s just not a good fit. I hope 710 does the obviously correct thing and dump Gallant and promote Bump to the marquee. And maybe move Tom, Jake and Stacy to 7 and Danny and Bump to midday. Jake Heaps is a revelation on 710. Meanwhile, I’m listening to Chuck and Buck on KJR...
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Gallant isn’t good
Poor opinions awful deliveries. He is way too loud and corny to even make Danny laugh. Hopefully you guys come up with a better option. This currently is a big step back. Tom jake and Stacy should be moved to the morning slot
Change is good, and so is this show!
While I fully miss Brock and Salk being M-F, Danny and Gallant has been a great addition to 710’s lineup! Danny brings the in-depth knowledge of Seattle sports and Gallant brings a different perspective that will only grow better as he gets used to Seattle and our sports. Nobody likes change, but for those who gave the show negative reviews, please reconsider and give it another listen! There’s some really good segments such as “Parcing Pete”. And I agree with another reviewer who mentioned taking calls, I’d like to hear some calls being taken!
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Someone needs to tell Danny to adjust his mic or get a new one. Gets annoying hearing constant feedback whenever he gets too loud or too close to it.
Paul is coming into his own!
These guys had big shoes to fill, but the show has hit it’s stride – it’s a fun pairing of the Seattle sports encyclopedia (Danny) with the very knowledgeable but new to Seattle (Gallant). I listen almost every day, thanks gents (& Jessamyn!)
Takes time to develop chemistry
Enjoy the show. Wish they would take calls.
Please change this show to Danny, Gallant, and Bump! More Bumpus please!
Just not working
I’m sorry I mean no disrespect but they tried something with this show and the dynamic is not there, maybe switch things up and move them to the middle of the day and move Tom Jake and Stacy up to 7am. Coming off of Brock and Salk for ten years this just isn’t the answer.
Worst of the new lineup
a little Danny goes a long way, and Gallant is similar to Danny with the constant pop culture one-upmanship and hyena-like laughter (Danny is much the worse of the two at this.) I listen only because I like to hear current news when I take my lunch hour, and Danny & Gallant is the only one available. I would love to see Tom, Jake, and Stacy in the morning slot.
PDX Sherman
This whole show seems forced with Danny trying to carry the show since Gallant is more worried about referencing things to pop culture all the time. I have been trying to give this show a chance, but it is not working for me at all. The only time I listen to it is when Brock is on and the Pete Carroll Show. After the shift in 710 shows all day long this is my least favorite of the new shows.
Alaskan Seahawks Fan
Awkward tension between Paul and Danny. I’m really trying to give the show a shot but it’s painful to listen to at times. Paul doesn’t have much good to say about Seattle. I thought an outsiders perspective would be nice but I can’t stand the constant doubting of the Seahawks. Get on board or go back to Texas.
Poor replacement for B&S
Like many, I simply can't listen to this show - Dreadful stuff! I guess B&S were always going to be a tough act to follow, but this is really poor and as someone else said it does not come over well their not being in the same studio. The Gallant guy almost sounds like he's trying too hard, or maybe he's just annoying with the way he delivers his opinion/inputs regardless. Never was keen on Danny anyway, so its KJR in the mornings now...
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Gallant was the wrong choice, guys
I’ve had to stop listening due to Gallant. Not trying to be mean...just honest because i miss having a daily morning show to listen to. Can’t get through the show with his loud and obnoxious personality. Danny is solid but gallant is just too much to listen to and there’s no chemistry.
Danny and a YouTuber (by manic audio quality)
A “great” college try from Danny in NYC and Paul from wherever. Feels a lot like a corporate New England ESPN producer helping out a buddy (or as directed by Bristol) with Danny. Plant a headstone for the LOB and misfit radio, dated 2019. It was a great trip though! You can’t replicate the chemistry of actual NFL experience commentary (Dave W.) and wild card insane/unprepared comments from an experienced print reporter (Jim M.) with a YouTube-like personality. When it’s just “The Danny O’Neil Show”, I’ll be back.
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S.D. 509
Doesn’t seem natural
This is a hard listen, you can tell they are not in the studio together and the interaction between Danny and Galant is hard...
Blazing Asian
New and Transition.
How soon we forget. Brock and Salk SUCKED at first. Give it a shot. Danny- keep after it (Go Dawgs). Gallant- stay cool and keep on. You guys will start clicking. Peace.
Rough start
I gave this new show a shot but it is so bad that I just can't do it anymore. Bad attempts at jokes, obscure and irrelevant pop culture references, wildly inaccurate sports opinions, and non stop loud talking makes the show a very hard listen. Danny and Paul both seem like nice guys but I feel like they are both number 2's who would benefit from being partnered with a strong number 1.
Work In Progress
This is a new show and it will take some time to find their rhythm, but in the meantime please tell Paul to slow down and stop yelling everything he says. Not every statement needs to have a punch line. The fans just want to have/hear a well thought out conversation around Seattle sports, not a bad comedy show that we have to turn down and eventually off.
MSQ fail
Gallant is bad.
Gallant is just a fill-in right? He’s like a poor-man’s Bill Simmons. His 80’s pop culture interlude are not entertaining.
Solid Gold
Paul, Welcome to the family! Danny, SOLID GOLD! Congratulations on the new show. Jerry San Diego
Love you Danny
Gallant you seem cool
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