Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe
Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe
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Excellent Podcast!!!
Daniel and Jorge are a great duo. Very engaging and never slow. I stumbled on their podcast and can’t stop listening.
Best podcast
Favorite podcast out there. If the idea of knowing more about the innate nature of the world, the universe, or just life in general intrigues you, you really should give it a listen.
Love it!
Every episodes is educational and informative. I love the discussion and topics. Great work guys. Funny jokes and natural discussion.
Love listening while working out.
pluto da bish
I love this show
Complex insights made accessible and funny. The episodes are best when Jorge handles the humor and Daniel handles the science.
Temporary Aussie
Great StarTalk replacement
Needed something scienc-y to listen to after NDT violated the trust by boosting Rogan forever ago. These gentlemen filled that need.
Looking for a new one
Stop with the forced laugh
great show, 5 stars, but the one dude who force laughs at the scrawny sounding guys jokes is cringy. trying to laugh too often. tome it down
Best way to understand the universe !
One of the reasons that people scape from science is , the jargon language of the explainers and utilizing professional_ confusing words , without explaining them . But this podcast was so comprehensible and easy to understand by possessing public language and skilled hosts . Keep on going , you guys are awesome and you are doing your prophesy in the best way possible .
I swear...
The people who are like,”tHeReS tO mUcH bAnTeR” or stuff like that, y’all can just stop. They work very hard on this podcast, and y’all just spit on it. The podcast is awesome, and if you can’t handle it, LEAVE. Thank you for your time
Get on with it
I really like the subject matter but they spend way too much time trying to come up cute humor. Case in point , The episode “What if the earth stoped spinning” they were 15 minutes into a 45 minute podcast and they were still joking about Superman and vampires. I found it distracting to the point that I stopped listening and unsubscribed.
Too much banter
The banter distracts and I’m pretty sure it’s scripted anyway, not spontaneous as the hosts pretend it is
Entertaining and mind blowing!
Daniel and Jorge have a great talent for presenting complicated ideas in a fun and accessible package. From space and time, to black holes and all things quantum, this podcast is not to be missed!
Good information.
Besides the mockery of Black Lives Matter and constant racial stereotypes. Besides that part, a very wonderful way to understand a lot of things because of the perfect way they ask and answer in their conversation type format. 5 stars if they kept their racial banter and mockery out.
Stars ✨ are 😉 the 👐🏻 limit ✌🏻
Keep going with all the hard work your voices are soooooooooo smoothing fun 🤩 podcast ❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊😊😊🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴
Jorge is the worst
Please please replace the interviewer with anyone else. This would be the best with one of the “Stuff to blow your mind” guys in the place of Jorge.
Thanks for all you guys do. Helping people to understand these things goes far beyond useful coffee talk. Curiosity needs to be stimulated, no matter how young or old you are. Bravo
Black Hole lives matter
is the T-shirt you guys need to print up! Great podcast as usual boys. With that said, I vote for Fusion here on earth befor a mini black hole 😬
SingleCab Steve
D &J .... time crystals?
Gentlemen, can you please comment on the Oct 1 2020 Google release, by Popular Mechanics, on the article “For the first time ever, scientists caught time crystals interacting”? Actual science, hoax, or malignant internet actors? They claim a ten year progression of theoretical and experimental investigation. Love the show, cheers, flutemanjohn
I enjoy these guys!
Found this podcast only about 2 months ago. Marathoned all the episodes and have to wait now for the new ones. Daniel and Jorge are very good together in my opinion. Daniel could record bedtime stories and make a killing....great radio voice. The science and explanations to some of the universe’s questions are easy to understand from these guys. I only have a high school degree but l love everything about what these guys talk about. A few pretty harsh reviews down below.......wow....do these people kiss their mothers with those mouths?? People always need something to complain about I guess.....sad. The universe would be better off if these people were fed to a blackhole.......👍 You guys are great! Keep up the good work!
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One of those podcasts I never miss
I love it. They explain topics in a way that someone like myself who is uneducated can comprehend. And their cheesy jokes make my dad heart happy.
Want to like it but so annoying.
The first 15 minuets of each episode is always mindless chatter. Really want to like the podcast but ends up feeling like a waste of time.
Smart. But dumb.
I cannot live without you guys
Seriously, my blood pressure goes down when I listen to your podcast. Thank you! So, Daniel said (in effect) things go only in one direction in a black hole- that is, IN to the black hole. Hmm. Gravity is the result of space-time curving. Hmm. Sooooo- is “time’s arrow” also the result of the curvature of spacetime? Could that be why time only goes “forward”? We are constantly falling into the future.
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I’ve been waiting for this very thing
Easily digestible physics for the everyday person. Great sense of humor and informative. Like science? Listen to this
Nice balance
Great podcast. Has a nice balance between entertainment and hard science. Often stimulates one to read further on presented topics. Appreciate also the disclaimers that a lot of physics remains unknown.
I work with the science of history. Very different subject, but when I’m interested in something else I make sure to find people that have credibility. I know amateur historians are often incorrect. Daniel is a particle physicist that works on, or with the people that do work on, topics discussed. Jorge is a cartoonist that asks Daniel questions I might ask myself, with a sense of humor that doesn’t get obnoxious. He also has a knack for analogies. Highly recommended show.
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The Physics Podcast I've Been Searching For!!!
Love this podcast. Highly recommend. 👍
Made-up pseudoscience on parade...
On a current episode Dr. Whiteson admits both that the LHC only exists because of lies told to the US Congress (by someone Dr. Whiteson regularly calls out as a fraud) that the Texas particle-accelerator wouldn't work, then admits that he profits from those lies by working with the LHC. He is a liar, a fraud, and his open admissions of such on this podcast should be enough to have him fired if he worked for a reputable university. But he only works for UC-Irvine, a bottom-tier "university" that is desperate for anyone with a "Dr." In front of their name, no matter how disreputable they are. Dr. Whiteson's involvement somehow puts them below DeVry for physics research. "Dr." Whiteson has me convinced that UCI would hire a McDonad's fry cook for a tenured physics position simply because the heat involved in cooking a dry grease patty is equivalent to understanding the Big Bang. This podcast has alternately acknowledged that Mars has minimal atmosphere (due to little-to-no magentophere), then claimed that it does, then acknowledged that Mars has minimal atmosphere again just because they acknowledge creepy, stalkerish, crushes on Matt Damon. They don't care about science, they only care about what mental-image helps them get through the, begrudging, annual love-making session with their wives. They openly state that they are racist anglophiles (despite one of them being South American) and they have no place in Science. Why does this matter? The inciting incident of "The Martian" is the massive wind storm that separates Matt Damon from his team, injures him, and ruins most of the habitat. The end of the movie relies on Matt Damon taking advantage of the fact that Mars has minimal atmosphere to launch himself into space and get to a return vehicle... The fact that Mars has minimal atmosphere means that the inciting wind storm is impossible on Mars. Matt Damon couldn't have been impaled, his team wouldn't have had to leave, so there is no movie without acknowledging that Mars' atmosphere is too thin to have that kind of windstorm. I wrote to Dr. Whiteson about this via email on May 20, 2020, specifically in regard to the dangers of pop-science. I asked him about "The Martian", and his misrepresentation of facts, and I framed it against Dr. Tyson's correcting of the stars in "Titanic" versus how it paints a genuine hero, William Murdoc, as a cowardly murderer when he actually died trying to save people. Dr. Whiteson's pathetic response was to question when they had said that Mars' atmosphere was thin due to an almost non-molten core. He claimed to be totally ignorant of the fact that he had claimed such on the podcast. When I referenced the specific episode, he responded with something totally off-topic -about how they totally didn't discredit Dr. Zweig's work on quarks- and the next day he stated on the podcast that Mars had no magnetosphere and, thus, has minimal atmosphere. Also, Dr. Whiteson frankly denied Dr. George Zweig's discovery of quarks because Dr. Zweig is of Serbian ancestry. Dr. Whiteson only acknowledges Anglo, or Communist, physicists based on his racism and politics. Warning: Don't try to explain that Russians aren't Anglo, he'll completely flip out because he's a moronic, bigot, Russian cut-out. TL;DR: This podcast is entirely informed by what the hosts want to be true on a given day, based on their ignorance and bigotry, and they are both pop-culture-fellating hacks. They're pathetic. They cannot remember what they claimed episode to episode, do not care that they regularly contradict themselves, and should not be believed for anything they say. They are two of the worst examples of pop-science, and will change their "beliefs" based on what some famous person says via Twitter. They're pathetic and not worth your time.
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I jus wish u two never stop this podcast or else I’ll no longer fall asleep😳😂.. Literally gives me chills jus thinking abt falling asleep while listening to ur podcast, Keep it coming👌👌👌👌👌
Terrific Podcast for Space Junkies!
If you are looking for a podcast that simplifies some of the complex concepts of the universe , then look no further! Daniel and Jorge do a great job of really dumbing down some of the PhD level topics so that ordinary listeners like us can understand and appreciate the beauty that is this Universe. My one request would be to include all the different mysteries that still can’t be explained by science in one show and let Daniel speculate as to what they are .
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Thank you thank you thank you
You two work together so well. I love the little jokes and I’ve learned so much from your podcast. This is the perfect thing to listen to while working, it makes the time fly! I appreciate all the time that goes into making this 🚀🌎⭐️🪐☄️♥️
Fun and educational
I love the chemistry between Daniel and Jorge. They have an awesome way of breaking down complex topics and making them understandable and entertaining. The best part is that the guys will answer questions. The interaction really adds to the learning experience!
200+ Episodes of Great Physics Information
Sometimes there’s too much wind-up banter, but once they get into each topic this podcast rocks! Thank you Daniel & Jorge for all your efforts. Looking forward to the next 200 episodes!!
Save the Forests
Excellent Podcast
Inspired my interest in physics and the universe, topics that I had previously avoided because of mind bending complexities and dryness. Daniel and Jorge are the trifecta—amazing intellectuals, highly talented communicators, with great senses of humor that entertain and relate. I now have an enthusiasm for science that I never had before. Thanks, Daniel and Jorge!
Best podcast in the space
Daniel and Jorge have exceptional chemistry...super funny with good comedic timing! Plus, the topics are always interesting. I have been listening since the beginning and thought they would have run out of ideas, but Daniel has a good sense for tackling standard topics in physics that you would expect and quarky topics that are meant to be off beat. I look forward to every new episode!
Jay F22
Love this dorky podcast!
I love listening to this podcast on walks; the hosts cover a variety of physics topics and put a lot of effort into trying to explain things in a way that the average person can understand. Daniel's love for physics is infectious and Jorge always makes me laugh! If you're looking for a very technical physics podcast then this probably isn't for you--but every time I listen to an episode I gain a new appreciation for the universe and am excited to learn more.
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Very informative with great explanations from Daniel but must Jorge constantly do that droning “mmmmmmm” several dozen times per episode? He should listen to his podcast. It’s distracting from the material and monotonous. Perhaps an “ok” or “alright” etc Jorge?
If you like science and dad jokes, this is the one for you.🤣🤣
Good science in an easy to swallow format
I enjoy all the topics that this podcast deals with. Daniel and Jorge make it fun with their banter.Any sentient life forms from Homo sapiens to Hamsters will find this podcast entertaining and educational.
My biweekly dose of physics
Every Monday and Wednesday I look forward to the following morning for the next episode (admittedly, I don’t always wait that long - the episodes drop at midnight Eastern - but that may not be the best time to properly appreciate this podcast 😃😌😴😯⏪⏪▶️😌... 🔄). I don’t think I had realized how much I was missing learning about physics/astronomy/the universe/etc. (wiki-walks don’t go very far before they start repeating, alas) until I found this podcast. I always learn something new and interesting! Sometimes it’s a topic I’ve never even heard of, other episodes bring me up to date on something I studied a decade+ ago. Anyone who is curious about the nature of the universe and would like to learn about the current frontiers of our understanding/ignorance should check out Daniel & Jorge Explain the Universe.
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Zeka Wigarmundr
Great but beware! 🤣
I listened to a few of these episodes on Tuesday and have since been lost in a quantum rabbit hole trying to piece things together in the language of mere mortals, the only language I know 🤣😭 it’s head spinning, brain splitting, almost a little nauseating lol.. but I feel like once I was able to truly comprehend wave/particle duality and the Schrödinger equation, everything else (reluctantly lol) clicked and my mind is scrambling to make connections as to what this suggests is our true and ultimate cosmic destiny. Which I will end here before I begin to pace again lol. Enjoy!
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Amazing Find!
Stumbled upon this podcast when Daniel was interviewed by another of my favs and just adored his voice so decided to check it out. It has not disappointed. I love Daniel and Jorge’s playful banter which reminds me of my college days shooting off corny jokes with my fellow math majors. Some of the topics are review for me as physics has always been a deep topic of interest, but even that material is spun in a fun and engaging way. One of these days I might even sign up to answer their random questions!
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Leonis Sayfire
Good info, but…
There is some good information in this podcast, if you can get past the silly and way too frequent attempts at humor by the moderators. Why do Podcasters always feel it necessary to try to ‘lighten things up’ and amuse us with stupid banter? It is beyond me. We are here for information!
My only science podcast
Which probably says a lot about me. I find Jorge and Daniel so approachable and enjoy listening in on their conversations. Great dynamic. Thanks so much.
Praise and criticism
Thanks guys for the great effort you make to simplify tough scientific topics like these. But I highly recommend that you keep the content interesting and fun by shortening the period of the episodes and get down to the brass tacks and feel free to drop many jokes. I think 25:35 min is the optimum time for an episode.
I learn so much
I learn a lot from this podcast and I love Jorge’s voice.
I can’t believe I get to listen to this...FOR FREE
Wow I just found this show and it’s so good! I’m a molecular biologist, but I’ve always been interested in biophysics and this just really hits the spot.
Great show, too many breaks.
I really enjoy their chemistry and banter accompanying the information but there are way to many breaks for such a short show.
This podcast is the best! I hate it when people say they don’t like Jorge because he doesn’t know what Daniel is saying all the time or when they say he’s playing dumb. It’s not like any of the listeners know either, so why blame Jorge. I think the jokes are amazing. All the bad reviews are by people who probably listened to one episode for like 2 minutes and decided it sucked even though they had barely listened to it. It’s not fair and you shouldn’t trust first impressions. Sorry you guys you’re the best and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I LOVE THIS PODCAST!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💖🧸🌸🌼🌻💐🌷🥀🌺🌾🍄🍁🍂🍃🌿🌱🍀👑👏🤩💀🤗🙃😃😇😎🤯
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D & J: Astro GOATs
Accessible, enjoyable and often humorous topics covering physics, astrophysics, particle physics, cosmology and more
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