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Hip-hop discussion podcast from an MC, a writer, and a record collector featuring interviews with well-respected figures from rap's past and present. A Stony Island Audio experience.
Episode 145- A Gondelman-esque Compliment Fest with guest Josh Gondelman
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Every year Dad Bod Rap Pod does something slightly different for these holiday episodes. One year we did a radio-style music mix, the next we told stories from our personal lives, and this year we have a positive, fun conversation about some music that we love with a very special guest. Josh Gondelman is a beloved Twitter institution, a gifted stand up comedian, author of the book Nice Try and a writer and executive producer on Desus & Mero. Josh joined us for a conversation about things we love: The song Bubblz by Anti-Pop Consortium, the Music of MF DOOM, rap songs about everyday life, and the Method Man & Redman album Blackout! We sincerely hope that you enjoy this episode and maybe look to revisit some of the music discussed. It has been and will continue to be a rough year for a wide variety of reasons, but we are sincerely thankful for everyone who listens to DBRP, which is part of the Stony Island Audio podcast network.
Nov 26
1 hr 6 min
Episode 144- Lyric Jones Interview
This week the fellas interview an artist who just released a breakthrough album, Lyric Jones. Her new album Closer Than They Appear was recently released to critical acclaim. Lyric has an interesting backstory, as she is a talented singer, drummer, and classically trained musician who has been making moves in hip-hop for a while. Catching the ear of Little Brother's Phonte Coleman eventually led to this new album's creation. The fellas also discuss some near-classic rap albums, Sesame Street, and proper beard length. Beats this week are by Spectacular Diagnostics and we appreciate the submission. DBRP is brought to you by the Stony Island Audio network.
Nov 19
49 min
Episode 143- Mystidious Mixtapes with guests Sach and Laurent Fintoni
Doubleheader episode this week. After the fellas discuss their mental state after the recent election, we interview Sach Illpages of The Nonce about his album World Ultimate and his newer work. He is joined by producer KTD to discuss their new collaborative project. Next up is a discussion on the intersection of instrumental hip-hop production and electronic music with author Laurent Fintoni. Laurent spent over a decade researching various artists, scenes, record labels, and movements and the result is his excellent new book Bedroom Beats & B-sides: Instrumental Hip Hop & Electronic Music at the Turn of the Century. We highly recommend picking up a copy. Dad Bod Rap Pod is a proud member of the Stony Island Audio podcast network.
Nov 12
1 hr 47 min
Episode 142- Exotica Level Event with guest Fat Tony
This week we are joined by MC, storyteller and personality Fat Tony. Tony helps us understand the intricacies of his new concept album Exotica. The album is a unique collection of character based short fiction rap songs, an intriguing listen. The fellas also address election worries, celebrate Demone's first EP with his group Lackadaisical being re-issued on vinyl, and share some initial thoughts on Busta Rhymes' new album Extinction Level Event 2. Beats this week were submitted by Spectacular Diagnostics. DBRP is a proud member of the Stony Island Audio podcast network.
Nov 5
1 hr 11 min
Episode 141- Dancing With The Sounds with guests Small Bills
This week we delve into the legacy of Aceyalone's seminal album All Balls Don't Bounce on its 25th anniversary. After that we have dual interviews with the members of new group Small Bills. Producer The Lasso, whose work you may know from collaborations with Lando Chill, Chris Orrick and Psypiritual, is a multi-instrumentalist with restless creativity who has crafted a new sound for Elucid on this project. Elucid, one of the best MCs in the world right now, has an extensive solo catalog and is a member of groups Armand Hammer, Nostrum Grocers, and now Small Bills. This project finds Elucid exploring new sonic territory displaying the same high level lyricism we've come to expect from him. Small Bills' debut, Don't Play It Straight, will be released on Mello Music Group on Friday October 30th. DBRP is a proud member of the Stony Island Audio podcast network
Oct 29
1 hr 26 min
Episode 140- Highly Illogical with guest Illogic
We are joined this week by hip-hop writer and columnist for Spin and Bandcamp Max Bell to discuss the major rap releases from last week. The rap universe was blessed with albums from Benny The Butcher, Black Thought, Homeboy Sandman, Open Mike Eagle, Kenny Segal, among others. We offer initial reactions to these releases and discuss how some of them invite comparison based on subject matter. Next up is an interview with MC/Producer Illogic, who just released his first self-produced project of his long career, Autopilot, Beats this week were submitted by Scarwig. DBRP is a proud member of the Stony Island Audio podcast network.
Oct 21
1 hr 29 min
Episode 139- Defying Convention with guest MC Paul Barman
This week we focus in on the idiosyncratic rap stylings of MC Paul Barman. We've been following Paul's career since his life-changing collaboration with venerable producer Prince Paul in 2000. Paul's intricately written rhymes have consistently improved over the course of many releases and he is one of hip-hop's most unique characters. We were very pleased to speak with Paul and he proved himself to be a wily and active participant in the conversation. So please sit back and enjoy this slightly off-beat interview and some discussion and analysis of Paul's place in hip-hop culture and a bit of talk about some recent live-streamed performances we enjoyed. Beats for this week's show were submitted by Small Professor, who has a collaboration with MCPB dropping soon. Dad Bod Rap Pod is a proud part of the Stony Island Audio podcast network.
Oct 15
1 hr 21 min
Episode 138.5- I Can See Alaska From My House
Surprise mini-episode where DBRP producer and co-host Nate LeBlanc interviews friend of the program Alaska about his past and present as an indie MC and member of groups Atoms Family and Hangar 18. Alaska is the co-host of our fellow indie hip-hop podcast Call Out Culture and has a new album with his partner in that show Zilla Rocca as group Cargo Cults. Their new album Nihilist Millennial features Zilla's beats and Alaska's raps. We close this show with a cut "Rammellzee" from the album, which is available on their crew Wrecking Crew's Bandcamp. Beats from the Atoms Family era by Cryptic One. DBRP is a Stony Island Audio podcast.
Oct 12
43 min
Episode 138- Roc Steady with guests Kathy Iandoli and Sa-Roc
This week we have two special interviews. First up we have an interview with Kathy Iandoli, author of God Save the Queens: The Essential History of Women in Hip-Hop. Kathy shares insights on hip-hop form her unique perspective as someone who has studied the contributions of women throughout hip-hop history. Next up we have an interview with MC Sa-Roc on her career, her writing process, and her new album The Sharecropper's Daughter. Beats this week were submitted by Sean Kantrowitz, who has a brand new show on the Stony Island Audio network called Can't Knock The Shuffle. Give it a listen everywhere podcasts are heard.
Oct 8
1 hr 10 min
Episode 137- Not A Fairy Tale with guest MF Grimm
This week the fellas are joined at the virtual table for the first segment by hip-hop writer Abe Beame who published a major piece this week ranking all of the original albums that received coveted 5-mic ratings in The Source magazine. Here's a link to the piece we have a lively discussion about the hip-hop album canon, and the unrepeatable circumstances of the heyday of hip-hop journalism. In the second segment we interview rapper, author, and label head MF Grimm. It was a distinct pleasure to talk to Grimm about his past as a child actor, his streetwise rap style, his autobiographical graphic novel, and much more. Dad Bod Rap Pod is a proud part of the Stony Island Audio podcast network.
Oct 1
1 hr 26 min
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