CyberLaw and Business Report
CyberLaw and Business Report
CLBR #321: A Look Inside Social Media Content Moderation with Tarleton Gillespie
1 hour Posted Dec 4, 2018 at 11:00 pm.
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Show notes
Gillespie explains that his book I have been writing about the impact of platforms and the digital transformation for fifteen years,” said Gillespie. “This book explains how content moderation works: how the platforms think of their responsibilities, the way they create and articulate the rules, the labor behind the scenes, and recent efforts to automate it all.” Based on interviews with content moderators, creators, and consumers, this book contributes to the current debates about the public responsibilities of platforms, be it about harassment, data privacy, or political propaganda. Gillespie argues that content moderation still receives too little public scrutiny. How and why platforms moderate can shape societal norms and alter the contours of public discourse, cultural production, and the fabric of society.

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