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CLBR #305: Does Twitter Violate Human Rights with Amnesty International’s Azmina Dhrodia
50 minutes Posted Jun 27, 2018 at 12:00 am.
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Show notes
Amnesty International's latest report discusses what a lot of Twitter'sfemale users already know: the social network is toxic for women. The non-government organization says the platform fails to respect women's rights by not "investigating and responding to reports of violence and abuse in a transparent manner." By being inconsistent in the enforcement of policies and by failing to clarify what is and isn't acceptable on the platform, it's fostering a hostile environment. That forces women to self-censor and even to stay silent due to fear of receiving abusive messages, including rape and death threats. According to Amnesty, that makes the problem a human rights issue. 
Amnesty International technology and human rights researcher Azmina Dhrodia talks to Bennet Kelley framing Twitter's abuse problem towards women as a human rights issue in an effort to force the platform to enforce its policies consistently and in a transparent way.