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CyberLaw and Business Report
The Volcanologist Taking on Trump and the GOP in 2018
54 minutes Posted May 23, 2018 at 12:00 am.
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Show notes
Over the years, CLBR has tried to provide insight from a tech perspective on upcoming elections.  In 2014, when there was a vacancy in the Congressional District representing Silicon Beach we hosted a tech debate among the leading candidates.   In 2016, we had a discussion of Engine’s Presidential Candidate Scorecard (for which Trump received an “F”) and provided a preview of the Presidential and Senate Primary for California.
This year we are focusing on one race and one candidate, in particular, as being representative of a much larger trend that is of interest to the cyber community (i) promotion of science, technology and STEM education; (ii) net neutrality, (iii) privacy and cybersecurity;  (iv) immigration and tolerance and (v) concerns over an increasing radicalization of the Republican Party in Washington and refusal to acts as a check on Trump.
ca-25-jess-phoenix-for-congress-poster_large_fullsizeJess Phoenix represents a number of trends this election.  She is one of over 300 women running for the House (a record), is running in California which has been on the front lines of many of the battles; and is part of a wave of scientists running for Congress.  In addition, she is challenging an incumbent Republican in a district carried by Hillary Clinton in 2016, making this district one of the many swing districts that will determine control of Congress.
Her race has captured both local and national attention.  As a scientist, she is a strong proponent of Green Tech.  She is also a strong advocate of cybersecurity due to her husband’s work in the field.

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