CURATED - The Creative's Podcast
CURATED - The Creative's Podcast
Fred + Telsha + Kenneth
A podcast FOR creatives, BY creatives.
PLAYBACK - CURATED Episode 1 (Live in Brooklyn)
Playback Episode! The very first episode of Curated, recorded LIVE in Brooklyn! Feat. Olivia Anthony, Patrice Pugh, Jordun Love, Jacoby Lambert, Riley Wilson, and Myles Loftin. Topic: My Lane is My Lane. We're back with an all new episode next week!
Jun 21, 2019
59 min
CURATED: Notes from the Field - Special Episode (Feat. David Marshall)
On the second installment of Curated’s artist profile series within a series: “Notes from the Field”, Telsha sits down with her partner David Marshall, a current client specialist @ Dover Street Market/ freelance creative producer to talk about dating a creative. We finally got Dave on the show ya'll, mission accomplished. Follow Silas on IG @dave.creative
Jun 14, 2019
37 min
#SleepyLegend pt. 2 - Episode 7 (Season 2)
I need sleep...but I’m here. On pt. 2 of our discussion on fatigue as a creative, we talk showing up when you really just want to rest. We also note our best practices for operating in a state of exhaustion, as well as how to prevent a burn out! #TeamMORESLEEP Black Craft feature this week: Curated Sounds: It's Black Music Month! Kenneth hips us to which artists he's listening to in honor. *Spoiler: Auntie Mary is one of 'em ;) Influencer: We thank ya'll for listening!
Jun 7, 2019
31 min
#SleepyLegend pt. 1 - Episode 7 (Season 2)
On this week's episode we unpack the idea that we are MORE creative when we're tired. Is your exhausted self technically self? We discuss the link between creativity and fatigue and our own experiences with doing our best work at the last minute. This week’s Black Craft Feature: Curated Sounds: Influencer of the week: Lil Nas X
May 31, 2019
27 min