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Love the pod.. time stamps tho
Love the banter and discussion.. acknowledge your tribal chief and put some time stamps in your 4 hour pods please and thank you
Remove Tom Campbell
Wearing headphones while listening Tom is too loud and obnoxious, please limit him or at least control him please lol show is great otherwise
Here for the main pod
Really love the pod, but got more than I bargained for with well everything else. I like Desert island grapes and interviews, but maybe ether make a seperate pod for everything else or for Maffew Ross and Jack. Cause that pod is heavenly
Mainly here to have the main podcast on the go, but what a lovely podcast it is! I love hearing Maffew, Ross, and Jack talk about loose bears and football mascots just as much as I enjoy hearing them talk about the wrestling.
You MUST make Tom Campbell and Culatholic part of your day!
The title says it all. Fantastic reporting, entertaining classic reviews, interviews with industry stars! The common theme throughout is Tom Campbell, and his unique brand of positivity and wit.
Join Them!
Cultaholic is the gift that keeps on giving. The hilarious approach by Tom, Justin, and Maffew to Classic Raw, Classic Smackdown!, and classic pay-per-view watch-a-longs are a dream for any wrestling nostalgia fan. Filled to the brim with wrestling knowledge and insight, these wonderful shows are enough to make anyone a Cultaholic....holic.
Amazing podcast, really
I have been listening to this podcast since day 1 when you started. Maffew, Ross, Jack, Sam, Adam P, Andrew, and Tom are great. I love every show on this podcast.
Best podcasts ever!!
From the Cultaholic Classic Raw and SmackDown Reviews, Desert Island Graps, daily news, and the Cultaholic Wrestling Podcast, Cultaholic produces a unique and diverse range of content. Every week, I get to laugh along with Tom and Justin on the Raw Review and Tom and Maffew on the SmackDown Review. I get to hear and enjoy what Ross, Maffew, and Jack say on the podcast. There's truly something here for everyone. I can fully trust Cultaholic to provide an amazing podcast every day and Cultaholic will be there to entertain.
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Steven Scodes
This dude is just lame😂
I just wanted the once weekly podcast. Got spammed with 20 other things I didn’t want. Unsubscribed same day.
Positive Wrestling News
Love the daily quick news with Tom, and the weekly pod with all the Diddlers! Welcome back Ross! The Wrestling with Mental Help special was incredible insight. Thanks for sharing, stay healthy and happy!
If you like a lot of wrestling on your podcast...join their cult.
Maffew, Ross, and Jack do a great podcast that is wrestling based but goes off on other topics too. My favorite segments is the mailbag and Reese’s pieces. The Hall of Fame is also a great segment where they nominate wrestling related and non-wrestling related people to a hall of fame and they have to explain there reasoning. If you like a lot of wrestling on your podcast...join their cult, Cultaholic. Special note for Jack- if you can’t think of nominating anything for the Hall of Fame, you can nominate me and see if it gets any votes. Lol.
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Kurly Kevin S
Cultaholic Review
This is one of my favorite podcasts of all time, this show is supposed to give me wrestling news, and that is what it does.
Jackson Faber
It’s a shame
Had to unsubscribe, they would spoil the event in the title of the podcast before I could get off work and get home to watch it. No reason to put this stuff in the title. Shame, I like to hear the daily recaps on my way to work every evening.
Dirty Diddlers!
Love all of your content! Great reviews, perspectives, and comedy! Keep up the good work you dirty diddlers!
Tom is the best
I can't get enough of the classic raw and smackdown podcasts Tom is great!!
Captain Pike
Tom is my librarian
Specifically leaving this review after listening to Toms retro news update. I loved the idea and thought it was great. Would love to hear more, and everything else uploaded to the podcast channel is great. Keep up the great work!
Great Content!
love the show, wish you guys could make individual seasons for each show so the news podcast, wrestling podcast, 9 pitches, and classics raw reviews are separate and i can scroll through them individually
Best wrestling channel out there!
The title says it all! Love the addition of news podcast, just wish it was formatted the same as the youtube videos with two people, but it's still great nonetheless.
One of my favorites
Love the guys. Love the classic raw reviews it’s a great time Just wish the sound was louder
Loads of fun
Thanks for the content and laughs. Keep up the good work gents!
Awesome best podcast yet! Keep up the good work guys.
Love it
I’m a big fan of those that do it for the content. My only issues echo other reviews...sound quality. Justin Henry’s audio sounds like he is speaking into a tin can or it cuts out and gets all garbled. Other than that I’m always happy to listen to a new episode.
Join the Cult
These guys back at Name Redacted was a huge part getting me back into wrestling. Since starting Cultaholic their love for the product has helped me fall more in love with the different wrestling companies around the world.
Fix the sound please...
You guys have the microphone set up wrong and then I can’t hear what you all are saying until you get happy and start talking loud and then my ears get blown out. Please fix this. No other podcast has this issue.
I love the bus
I just wanna congratulate jack for coming out of the bus and the ease jack has had into his new life style with the help of his friends and no diddlers at all.
What happened to the feed?
I love these guys, but what happened to the feed?!
The best
I have been listening since back in the what culture days and this is by far my favorite podcast period, I listen to every single one
Great content, raise the volume!!!
Love the podcast, real funny and covers a lot of info. One issue is that the sound is way to low. I have the volume on my phone to max and can barely hear it. In my car, I’m using Bluetooth and have the same issue, please raise the levels guys.
Please fix the sound
Really love the show but I have to take a break from it because it is so frustrating that I can’t hear what anyone is mumbling about—until you all get excited and then suddenly my headphones and eardrums explode. Really hoping you get it straightened out.
Instantly feel closer with my favorite YouTube channel. Thank you guys for taking time out of your day for us fans. Fantastic work!
Justin Bottoms
Rubbish 5 Stars
Definitely not bad
bigtime movie watcher
Killer Podcast!
These guys are fun to listen to, love the podcast already.
6.25 stars!
Ross, Jack, and the legendary Maffew. The three men even casual wrestling fans think of when asked to name the greatest minds in the business. This podcast is fun and entertaining. MAffew adds a new dimension to the Cultaholic mix and makes it fresh and exciting for the listener. Every episode is better than the last. Keep up the good work.
Mr. Stephen Pike
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