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CSG Podcast
Nate Timmons, Ross Martin and Jeff Morton
The oldest and most trusted Denver Nuggets based podcast since its founding in 2011. Your host Jeff Morton brings his innate knowledge of Nuggets history to talk about the modern team. Expect great guests and much more each week.
CSG #637: MPJ's words and Jamal's stagger
Michael Porter Junior had some interesting quotes after the Nuggets lost to the Orlando Magic on Friday. What they meant and how the Nuggets adjusted the very next game against the Detroit Pistons.
Jan 8
30 min
CSG #636: DONT LET HIM DO IT! Jokic hits miracle shot
The Denver Nuggets showed grit and determination as they overcome a 18 point 4th quarter deficit against the Golden State Warriors and win on Nikola Jokic's 39 foot heave as time expired.
Jan 5
31 min
CSG #635: The forest for the trees on NBA ratings; and why I never joined Substack
On the latest Mortcast, Jeff talks about why he never actually joined Substack and why you can't use the NFL as a guage on the NBA's popularity.
Jan 2
30 min
CSG #634: Mike's interview with Jokic and how 'branding' permeates everything
On the latest Mortcast, Jeff talks about Nikola Jokic's interview with Michael Porter Junior. How Mike's ability to be casual got the best interview from Jokic.
Dec 29, 2023
29 min
CSG #633: To Grift or not to Grift, that is the question for Nikola Jokic
To Grift or not to Grift. Nikola Jokic go himself to the line 18 times against the Warriors on Christmas, are we ok with that?
Dec 26, 2023
28 min
CSG #632: Nuggets schedule gets better in January and straw poll riduculousness
The Denver Nuggets schedule gets a LOT better after the new year, how will they look going forward? The ESPN Straw Poll is out and it will be sure to poison the discourse yet again
Dec 21, 2023
31 min
CSG #631: Nikola Jokic is getting the Shaq treatment and how Michael Malone can help
In 2001 the NBA changed their rules because they couldn't properly referee Shaquille O'Neal. On the latest Mortcast Jeff talks about how that change is affecting Nikola Jokic in 2023.
Dec 13, 2023
34 min
Around the NBA with Trey: In Season Tournament tweaks and Eastern Conference contenders
Episode 2 of Around the NBA with Trey Mitchell. This week Trey and Jeff talk about The NBA In-Season Tournament and potential tweaks to make it better. Also the guys go over the contenders in the Eastern Conference
Dec 10, 2023
50 min
CSG #630: Nuggets will benefit from being eliminated from In-Season Tournament
While a group of four teams battle on a multi-colored court in Las Vegas, the eliminated Denver Nuggets might just benefit from not being there.
Dec 6, 2023
28 min
CSG #629: Nuggets 'Care-A-Lot' a victory over the Clippers
Nuggets have won two in a row and miraculously beat the Clippers in LA on a second night of a back to back without Jokic, Murray and Gordon. Also, Jeff talks about how he doesn't like the in-season tournament
Nov 28, 2023
31 min
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