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Episode 60: Tubular Turbellaria
Big thanks to our friends at the Bald Scientist Podcast and Nagging Naturalist Podcast for their recommendation of Turbellaria, or flatworms. Episode 60 is all about these fascinating critters and how they’re basically Time Lords from the planet Gallifrey. If you don’t believe us, tune in! WANT TO ADOPT OUR SPOTLIGHT ADOPTABLE? It looks like Melvinhas already been adopted, but check out other pets at the Willamette Humane Society: ARE YOU A PODCASTER WHO WANTS TO BE FEATURED ON OUR SHOW? We like to share short promos (under 1 minute) for other shows with our audience. If you’d like to be featured, send us a short promo to  Sources: * * * *
Sep 21
43 min
Episode 59: Bodacious Box Turtles
We’re back! It’s Episode 59 and after our unplanned hiatus, we are so excited to be back and better than ever with an entertaining and fact-filled episode all about box turtles! We talk about the basics of what makes a box turtle a box turtle, where their from, how they breed, what dangers they face in their native environments, and how to responsibly acquire and care for one as a pet. Please note, this episode is not intended to be a full care guide especially because care varies between different species of box turtles. We’re working on a care sheet for our website, but in the meantime let this episode serve as a way to dip your toes in the water! Also! We can’t believe we didn’t have the full turtle vs. tortoise vs. terrapin discussion. But don’t worry! That will be a topic across our social media channels over the next few weeks.
Sep 2
1 hr 3 min
Episode 58: Senior Dog Extravaganza!
Honestly Episode 58 is really a dream for us, though we know that you’ll enjoy it too! For this episode we interview Bunny Rosenberg, the Director of Community Engagement at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. Plus we’re joined by two special guests: Lucy and Ethel the senior chihuahuas. We’ve talked about rescue dogs before, but senior dogs are particularly at risk in shelters across the country. Bunny tells us about the best and worst parts of working with dogs nearing their sunset age and we fangirl about some of the cutest dogs ever. It’s an extra long episode, but every moment is filled with senior dog love! LEARN MORE ABOUT MUTTVILLE HERE: WANT TO CHECK OUT OUR SPOTLIGHT PODCAST? You can tune into the Fancy Black Lady Podcast for lots of episodes all about the world from a fancy black lady point of view. ARE YOU A PODCASTER WHO WANTS TO BE FEATURED ON OUR SHOW? We’re currently focusing on shows by black creators or by other POC. If you’d like to be featured, send us a short promo to 
Jul 5
1 hr 18 min
Episode 57: Hilarious Hyenas (of the Spotted variety!)
CritterCast family- it’s Episode 57 and we’ve got a fun one in store for you! But first we want to address what’s going on in the world. The #BlackLivesMatter movement is in the spotlight once more and we’re offering complete support. It would be irresponsible not to use our platform to help elevate the stories and shows of black and other POC creators. So that’s what we do, but in true CritterCast form. We also have a full 1 hour episode ALL about Spotted Hyenas with a very special guest host Moxie, the host and author of Your Brain On Facts! Moxie shares with us the fascinating and disturbing world of spotted hyena anatomy and mating. We learn about their complicated social structure and why, yet again, Disney got it wrong. WANT TO CHECK OUT OUR PROMOTED PODCASTS? This week we’re featuring two awesome shows by BPOC! First check out Book of Lies and then hop on over and give The Root of Science a listen too! WANT US TO WRITE YOU A LETTER? Email us your name, mailing address and if you have a sticker preference to Sources: *
Jun 7
1 hr 9 min
Episode 56: Leaping Lemurs (specifically ring-tailed)!
For Episode 56 we decided to invite special Jr. Guest Host Jake on to discuss the fluffiest of lemurs: the Ring Tailed Lemur. It’s a pretty old school episode with tangents, completely unscripted humor, and old fashion fun facts about one of our favorite critters. We did have some technical difficulties this episode and we’re sorry we couldn’t do more to clear up the audio. But we hope you’ll enjoy! WANT US TO WRITE YOU A LETTER? Email us your name, mailing address and if you have a sticker preference to WANT TO CHECK OUT OUR PROMOTED PODCAST? This week we’re featuring the Your Brain On Facts Podcast in anticipation of our upcoming collaboration! Check them out here: WANT TO ADOPT OUR SPOTLIGHT ADOPTABLE? It looks like sweet Presley has already been adopted, but check out other available senior dogs at: WANT TO HELP THE LEMURS? Visit the Duke Lemur Center’s Website here: Sources: * * * *
May 24
1 hr 8 min
Episode 55: Stellar Storm Petrals
Episode 55 is a little later than we’d hoped, but it’s here and it’s a super fun episode we know will make up for the lost time. This week we’re calling on a guest host and resident “expert” (as usual, neither of your regular hosts claim expertise on the subject). We’re talking the tiniest but mightiest of sea birds: the Storm Petral! Our guest host Amy is a grad student studying sea birds and spends time on a remote island studying these among other species. She teaches your hosts Cassie and Koreena all about these fascinating little birds that you’ve probably never heard of but will love after listening to this episode!
May 11
57 min
Episode 54: Rockin Rough Green Snakes
We’re baaaaaaaack! It’s Episode 54 and despite the chaos that coronavirus has thrown at us, we’re bringing you a short and sweet episode about the smallest, cutiest snakes on the block (of the south-eastern United States at least). We’re talking Rough Green Snakes in this episode, plus we take some time to explain our absence and tell you some hilarious stories about our struggles of #QuarantiningwithCritters and we want to hear YOUR stories too! This episode features a promo from: Happily Every Aftermath Podcast This episode features adoptable pets from: Northern California Herpetological Society SOURCES * * * *
Apr 12
47 min
Episode 53: Meanwhile in the animal world
Hello lovely listeners! These past two weeks have been wacky in the United States. The country is finally starting to understand the magnitude of COVID19 and taking steps to slow the spread of disease. And that means a lot of unexpected time alone, at home, doing our part to keep others healthy. So we thought listeners might need a pick me up and decided to find and share 6 exciting, happy, and downright awh-inducing stories about animals for this episode. We hope you enjoy! Featuring a promo from: Team and Strumpets Podcast Featuring Adoptable Pets from: Alley Kattz Rescue  
Mar 16
59 min
Episode 52: Gargantuan Greenland Sharks
Oh, hi! Nice to see you again, or hear you again, or have you listen to us again? However you want to put it, we’ve been radio silent for a hot second but we’re BACK with Episode 52 discussing a critter you probably have never heard of. But isn’t that what we do best? This episode we’re diving right down to the deep sea to talk about Greenland Sharks. While we may not know a ton about them, we certainly know that they are some really weird, really ancient sharks and that is enough to send us into a research frenzy. This episode features a promo for the You Totally Made That Up podcast and spotlights on adoptable dogs from Austin Pets Alive!   SOURCES:
Mar 2
1 hr 3 min
Episode 51: Sensational Seahorses!
We’re back with another CritterCast episode and this time we’re taking a dive back into the ocean waters to study seahorses. If you’re interested in finding out more about these fascinating fish and listening to us fangirl about Dr. Heather Masonjones who studied why their mating habits then you’ll love episode 51!   Sources
Feb 2
1 hr 3 min
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