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Loved this. Where is Season 3?
I have been an avid listener of crime town. The uncovering and delving into corruption highly interests me and the stories are almost unbelievable! You guys do an amazing job presenting the facts while still keeping it interesting. My only issue is where is season 3?! You’ve lured us in & now we want more!!!!! Please tell me there will be more?!
Binge listening. Top notch
Gotta get a update of kwame Kirkpatrick
I love this show
New episodes
When will we get new episodes
3rd time listener
It’s the Sopranos of podcasts. Every time I listen I somehow love it more and more! Five ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars
Not Past It Episode - Ma Barker
The producer/narrator of this episode is just as guilty in rationalizing/building up Ma Barker as Hoover was in vilifying/tearing her down.
Not Past It is not Crimetown
Crimetown was fantastic. Wish there was another season. The Not Past It episode on Ma Barker is absolute garbage and I wish I could get my 30 minutes back.
Disappointed in Not Past It
season two: copaganda
extremely disappointed in the second season, just fyi opening a podcast season with a white cop shooting a black kid is not the greatest way to get a huge audience
Simply outstanding
Fantastic storytelling. You tell intricate stories so clearly, without diminishing the huge personalities central to each tale. The musical backdrop is beautiful without being distracting. I’m a podcast junkie, and this is in my top 10.
Season 3 when
Yo Marc and Zach when is season 3 coming out? C’mon guys don’t keep us waiting.
goke da boss
Season one was great … then it fell off hard…. Get back to telling mob stories
What happened? …
Fed Hill Must Listen
I was visiting a friend who happen to live on Fed Hill when they recommended this podcast to me. Just a couple blocks from the original location of the Coin-o-Matic, listening to the noir stories of Patriarca and his men in the very neighborhood in which I had been staying truly brought the area to life. Visiting the Hudson Fur Bonded Vault, the mayor’s Power St. mansion, and even getting a haircut from Vinnie D himself, this podcast has made my stay on Fed Hill in Providence the experience of a lifetime.
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I started listening to season 2 to learn more about a shady character mentioned but I am hooked. The story telling is superb and has captivated me. I’m finding things to do around the house to keep binging. I will go back and listen to season 1 next.
*note: this is based on Season 1 only. A fantastic telling of the real history of Providence in the 20th Century where the two most powerful forces in the city at the time, the mob and the government do battle. I grew up in Rhode Island and heard many of these local myths before, this podcast does a great job separating fact from fiction, we bunch of colorful characters that would make the creators of The Sopranos envious.
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I'm nit saying my nam
Thank you
Tired of fox, cnn, and all the rest. I needed a break form that. This podcast is marvelous. Intriguing first hand history of a crime period in Rhode Island. It's like a page turner book. Thank you very much.
Crimetown Rocks!
This is a classy podcast. The tempo of each episode is set. The voices are crisp. The music fits into every arch- its brilliantly done and much of it is original. It leaves you wanting more. But then! Then there’s the content. It’s crazy good. Compelling. The interviews are off the charts great. You’ll want to drive and drive and drive until you get to the end. And then: Listen again.
Corruption central! Fascinating! Perfect podcast!
This is so well researched, often including original sources such as recorded testimony, transcripts, interviews from prison (remember when people used to go to prison for white collar crime?), etc. Although there is a ton of detail, the stories are so fascinating it’s never too much. I’m Addicted! But I’m gonna start slowing down my listening because I only have six episodes of Detroit left. Looking forward to Boston or a southern city, but with these guys at the helm I’m not gonna be fussy!
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First Season
The first season is honestly the best single season podcast I’ve ever listened to. If you like organized crime and politics, this is the best podcast for you. Season two was ok because it deviated from the organized crime aspect, and the Mayor in season two ultimately came across as a very unlivable person that I ultimately wanted to see pay for his crimes.
The pandemic has allowed me to discover podcasts, prior to Covid I never listened to them. Over the past 11 months I have listened to a lot of podcasts but this one is the best I have heard. I especially liked season one as I grew up 8n Providence , Rhode Island and lived through the Cianci years. Excellent job on both seasons. When will you do another season? Please do another season. For you listeners looking for a podcast to listen to crimetown (both seasons) they are both great.
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Season 3 please!
Crimetown’s two seasons have been fascinating looks at two cities I didn’t know much about. The episodes are involving and well put together. Looking forward to more!
The Best Podcast
Both seasons were Excellent, please share another season soon.
Season 1 was PHENOMENAL. A Masterclass in Investigative Journalism Style Podcasts.
I live in Providence and have for the past 11 years. You can’t live in Providence without hearing about Buddy Cianci, I was actually in college when he ran the most recent time (and lost) and while I heard some of these stories before in bits and pieces, I had never heard the whole story! I lived on Fed Hill for several years, been to the restaurants that are now where the old coin-o-matic was. It’s crazy that I know of nearly every single place that they mention in these wild stories, but just didn’t know what had happened there until listening to this. I pass Hudson furs on my way home every day and the vault story WAS INSANE! As a fan on investigative journalism style podcasts, I have to say that this was TOP NOTCH. This was an incredible podcast from the interviews to the editing, from the stories to the music. But even beyond all that: what a great, entertaining podcast about the super interesting mob history of the little city I call home. Thank you!
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Great Podcast
Please do another season
Bad bad
Not good
Genuinely Immersive
This podcast has so much to offer , incredible interviews with the mob world players in 2 US cities, produced in an intelligent, relaxed way. Great entertainment too.
I listen to podcasts like it’s my actual job. This is a truly powerful podcast. This podcast takes you through a walk of history in the city of Detroit. This was an absolutely moving piece of work. I love how they give you every piece of the story. I listened to this on breaks at work, every car drive I’ve been on in the last week, I could not stop listening. This is a heartbreaking beautiful story put together to keep you guessing, and in suspense. You fall in love with the mayor of Detroit simultaneously hating every smooth put together sentence he speaks. Truly a powerful piece.
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How do you get season 1?
I can only get season 2 😔
Rhode Islanders ...listen!
Love this show,,,if you want to Learn more about the most corrupt little state in the union you have to listen . As everyone knows in Rhode Island...every one knows everyone . Guarantee you will know someone in this podcast or know someone who does ...the song rivals the sopranos song too! Garvey
scott garvey
Excellent and fascinating!
Born on the East Side of Providence and grew up in the Cianci era and lived a few streets away from Mr. P! Moved to FL in 1983 so didn’t live through round 2 of the Buddy comeback. This podcast is incredibly well researched and presented. Tripping down memory lane of old haunts and the experiences of the city - especially “up da Hill”. Episodes fly by! Few more to listen too and wish there were many more. Thanks for bringing my youth back to me and learned many things I didn’t know - pretty cool to find out I was married by Judge DeRobbio who prosecuted Buddy!
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More please!
More please
Best podcast in town!
I don’t normally post reviews anywhere, but this podcast is so good that it deserves a 5-star review. Blending a mix of history, politics, corruption, racial and ethnic dynamics, big personalities, and anecdotes told by the people who were there — this is a must-listen for political junkies, mob followers, and more. I hope Crimetown comes out west next to LA, SF, or Oakland.
This one ranks among the BEST!! Listen to season 1 and get hooked, listen to season 2 and you can’t wait for season 3!! Recommend this series to everyone!!
Kenny Simth
Best podcast
Best true crime podcast I’ve heard. I lived through the Detroit one, but the Providence one may even be better because I didn’t know the story. When is season 3!!!! Can’t wait!!
Well researched and very entertaining. Great job!!!
Great listen
I absolutely love this podcast. It's well-researched and so interesting. Keep making more!
Maximus Desimus Meridius 1
Great show and a lot of first hand information. Very interesting podcast. Second season is even better than the first.
You learn something new every day...
...and this podcast proves that. I was looking for podcast episodes about disgraced former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick besides the one from Swindled (a fantastic podcast, by the way), and I found out that a Crimetown episode - no, a few episodes - covered his case. And then I discovered the topic of this podcast was corruption in various American cities, including Detroit and - out of all places, Providence, Rhode Island. I had no idea that corruption was rampant in the latter city or that it was a mob city. That explains why a few minutes into the very first episode, I was hooked! Great job, Marc and Zach! Keep it going! 👏🏾😉
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JP Genius
I was hooked on Episode 1.
A fascinating set of stories about corruption in two cities (so far). The hosts do a lot of research and the interviews are top notch. They weave a fantastic narrative between a number of interesting and sometimes bizarre personalities. I really loved season one because of my proximity to Rhode Island. For a true crime fix, you can’t beat this one!
What a great podcast, if you are into mob stories, this is right up your alley. The whole series is fascinating. I absolutely loved each second of it.
Details are great
Great detail. Great interviews and a very smooth transition from episode to episode. One of my favorite podcasts!
Awesome reporting
The story of Detroit broke my heart but it was not a surprise knowing the nature of brutal political battles in cities like Detroit and the forces competing for power as well as the weakness of some of our leaders. I could not wait for the next episode and the story of Detroit’s politics is it all too common commentary on local and national politics across the country. I can’t wait for the next season.
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Have listened to all of season 1 and most of season 2 and I just never really want to. Never left thinking oh I can’t wait to listen to the next episode. Not going to finish season 2 and never coming back.
Providence and Cianci
Absolutely riveting and beautifully told
800.600 1000
more more more!!!
Please .... Boston perhaps? Certainly lots of good fodder there
Crimetown crafts the most informative, engaging and suspenseful shows. The best I’ve heard. The best—A+.
More please
Best podcast I ever listened to. Detroit was Smoking!!
Season 1
Season 1 was phenomenal. Probably the best podcast ever made. Better than Serial. Season 2 not so much. I missed the original hosts as well.
Never knew about Buddy or the mob being so prominent in Providence. I really enjoyed this.
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