Crime In Music
Crime In Music
068 - I'm 50 Cent and I Got Businesses, Beef and Bullet Holes!!!
1 hour 30 minutes Posted Jun 18, 2021 at 10:00 pm.
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Born on the mean streets and raised by his mother, a local drug queen. After his mother was killed by rival drug lords, he started selling drugs in middle school. He told his grandma he was in after school programs, but in actuality he was slinging dope and carrying a starter pistol. The jig is up when he gets caught carrying his gun to school by the metal detectors at the entrance. From this point on, he straight up told his grandma that he sells drugs and carries a gun, in school. He drops out of school early, mainly due to racking in over $10K in monthly drug profits.

Like most budding artists, he starts out by performing in a friends basement and fell in love with the art form. After playing at parties and producing several mix tapes, he gets signed to a record label. From here, it's off to the races. He rubs elbows with Eminem, Dr. Dre and many of the most popular artist of the day.

He owns every business under the sun; books, music, beverages, mines, Boxing Promotion, apparel, shoes, video games, luxury underwear, a vodka company & so many more. Pull on your best bullet-proof vest, gather up some lawyers and listen to the the Finical Flummadiddle of 50 Cent.

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