Crime In Music
Crime In Music
066 - I'm NOT a Person, I'm the 2010 Love Parade!
1 hour 29 minutes Posted May 13, 2021 at 8:27 pm.
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Show notes

What started out as the most awesome birthday party ever turned into Germany’s Love Parade. This became one of the largest Techno Events in Europe. Dozens of customized audio trucks, loaded with thousands of dollars in audio equipment manned by the greatest DJs on the planet toured the city blasting out the latest and greatest the Techo, Scrance and Gabber music at that time.

As the parade grew, so did their critics. After years of battling the local government for permits and permissions, the Love Parade had changed into a Music Festival in the Ruhr Valley area of Germany. In 2010, at an old railway shipyard, equipped to handle 250K people, a crowd crush takes the lives of more than a dozen people when 1.5 million people attempt to attend the festival.

Pop on your party boots and glow clothes, let’s see if we can get into the greatest amateur circus on earth, it’s the 2010 Love Parade Music Festival!

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