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'Creepypastas' are the urban legends of the internet. A new age of horror told through digital word of mouth.
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I love it
Not only is this something I’d never do but I’m making a review but it’s awesome the voice is the best and it helps with stress relief
Best voice in the game and will read amazing stories can’t help but say he is the best
Love the podcast!
Love listening to your voice as I’m working on miniatures, driving late at night, or going to sleep. Thankful you’re doing a podcast as well so I can download them to my phone and not have to deal with YT.
You always find the best creepypastas to read I’m so glad I can listen to you when I’m on the bus!
Thank you so much
Your podcasts bring me the best sleep that I have possibly ever had. Thank you so much. I’m so glad I don’t have to just listen to them on YouTube while leaving my phone running all night. Please continue this for as long as you can/want. Thank you!!
Josh D K
Great podcast
Don’t give up. I really love your podcast!! It’s great!!
This is really good
Very creepy I really liked don’t talk to the neighbors and the body farm
One of my favorites!
Great creepy stories with excellent narration. Love his voice! He narrates the stories fantastically yet his delivery is calm enough to soothe me to sleep. Definitely one of the better horror anthologies out there!
These are perfect to listen to on long car rides and flights, but also good for studying and working
nickname 195638
I can finally sleep
This is so relaxing to fall asleep to
I like it but it is pretty creepy😖
Long time subscriber
I’ve been listening to him for years and is my absolute favorite narrator!
The Best and most consistent!
I use to have constant insomnia before I discovered Creeps a few years ago. It’s crazy to think that scary stories can help you sleep but he does it in a way that it’s very relaxing while still interesting. He Always has new content and updates stories in long playlist so you can binge. Can’t say enough good things!
The Greek Sheik
I listen to creeps frequently. i hate using Youtube on my phone because i can’t close out of the app while listening to his narrations and lock my phone while i work. Now that i found the podcast, it makes it so much easier to multi-task while listening to my favorite narrator of creepypasta!
I started watching your videos on YouTube several months ago. I love to listen to the stories before I go to bed. I’m so glad you made a podcast version so I can listen in other apps! Keep up the good work!
Reason I open the podcast app
I’ve alway been a heavy podcast listener but once I found this podcast, I seem to be falling behind my other shows. The narrator is absolutely remarkable and I dread the day someone replaces him. The best thing is, there’s about a hundred more episodes I haven’t even listened to yet and I love there’s new content everyday! Great, great job!
Love it!
Definitely one of my top ten favorite podcasts.
I honestly don’t know why any other Creepypasta YouTubers do this!
Love it the podcast is so great
Relaxing! Tehe ✨💁🏼‍♀️
I’ve literally listened to all of these. they help me sleep at night, when I see a notification I get excited and start listening to it immediately! Keep up the good work it means a lot 🗿💕
Really Great!!!!!
I started listening to this podcast a couple of months ago and it’s very very interesting, the narrator is great
Love it!
I love listening to these stories on YouTube and now I can listen anywhere I go!
Tony with a T
When I first started getting into creepypasta, I discovered creepsmcpasta didn’t have a podcast. Disappointing, I know. I had to do the safari YouTube trick, so I could play the audio in the background. Why, god, must you punish me like this? That was probably less than a year ago. In the meantime, my favorite creepypastas were the red door, the Reddit rules for driving at night, the time travel ones, the language the genius sister invented that attracted demons from alternate dimensions, really long ones that are at least an hour, etc. When I opened one of the recent videos, the amazon locker one, I saw the icon for iTunes! Finally! I had just ordered a pizza and I haven’t had pizza in months. You can imagine my excitement having just discovered this today, especially after ordering said stuffed crust supreme, that I can finally listen in without it draining my battery! Plus, I can listen to new ones as they come out! Thank you creepsmcpasta! I love you!!! To those who didn’t rate this 5/5 stars, it was probably on accident... if not... how dare you. Plus I can down the pizza with this wonderful cherry coke swill. FYI. Plus, plus, I get to make the stories into a playlist!! I’m so happy. Finally no more annoying YouTube. No more annoying 5 minute YouTube ads I have to manually skip. No more request desktop website on safari. No more fumbling for my phone, to manually find a new story that I can play in the background. This is great. And amazing. And wonderful. Ok I’ll stop. Amazing. Nom nom nom glug glug glug... and delicious. Thank you for reading.
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Best creepypasta narration
Ive been listening to creepsmcpasta for over a year now and wished i had discovered the podcast sooner. I love the stories they choose and the narration quality is top notch. Look forward to hearing the new stories daily. A must listen for any creepypasta fan.
Sly dude
Hi, I want to explain
Most of these podcast come from a YouTube channel so the “needed disclaimers” are actually in the story but not the podcast. I just want to tell some of the people that. I’ve already rated this podcast I think it’s nice. Thank you for reading this if you’re one of the ones who’s triggered by the unsettling moments
Soothing voice and some great pastas. Nice dude.
Flying peasant
Why did it take so long to find?
I’ve been listening to horror story pods for years and this never popped up on my searches for more. WHY??? Great stories with a....soothing narrator that makes the stories somehow creepier. Highly recommended for those that are a bit choosy about their horror pods!
Absolutely great!
I’ve been listening to CreepsMcPasta for years now and love it! Love his reading, voice and stories. Some stories can be graphic but that’s how they are written. If your are easily offended then I suggest reading a goosebumps story or something equally PG. As for the rest of us that grew up watching horror movies and reading scary stories we’ll continue to thoroughly enjoy this work!
NEEDS TRIGGER WARNINGS. I love horror but I do not love five hour panic attacks. Please add rape and abuse warnings. Show that you care about your listeners.
No content warnings
I’m sorry that I can’t give this five stars. The reading is excellent and your voice is soothing, but the lack of appropriate content warnings for subjects like animal abuse, animal deaths, rape, etc— that just isn’t okay.
Love it
I love listening to your creepy pastas to go to sleep I’ve listened to others to but always find my way back to your Channel no one else is quite as good in my opinion there are a few clif hangers here and there and some story’s I feel like could have been extended and been amazing long ones but keep it up great content
creeps mc insomnia
I struggle with insomnia, and I have grown to develop a strong tolerance to scary-type stories/movies/shows/etc. This is the perfect thing that will get my skin crawling, the stories keeping me company until sleep arrives. I love this, some podcasts even scare me (I’m not being sarcastic, it really takes a lot to scare me). The 5 star is reviewed is more than deserved ❤️
|) /-\ |) |) ¥
You put the scary back into these stories!!!👍 I can’t stop listening
Running out of battery
It’s actually a five star I just wanted to see if I could take the five star
William Richard D
I am 11 how do I get the wing cap in mario 64
lv.99 gamer
Best entertainment
I can’t imagine how this show could be any better. The reader is amazing and curates great stories. Recommending it to everyone and they love it, too. Thanks for doing this! If there was a fan club, i’d be in it lol 😁😁😁
Good but could be better
All I have to say is.... “BUT”
Good Creepypastas
I just like this. No bad things. Just nice. Good job, Jeff.
podcast listener 👁👄👁
I used to listen to weird darkness but the stories were started to be more about crime and events and less about creepypastas and ghost stories and then I found this podcast and it was just what I was looking for, Creepypastas only and no stories about crime or events
Truly fantastic narration. My absolute favorite.
Creepypasta buffet
This is the absolute best podcast ever
Ton Bon 97987
Best creepypasta podcast. Ever!
This is the only podcast I will listen to! Amazing.
dakota likes ducks
This is so amazing and really elusive, I like how the narrorator starts right into the story rather than lots of random things like some others I’ve heard.
I love creepy-pasta and these stories are AWESOME this is definitely one of my new favorite podcasts
“So for this podcast”
I use to enjoy listening on YouTube, so happy I found you on podcast! ☺️
The best podcast ever
I never knew you had a podcast, one of my best decision made
Fover fan
Wack (in a good way)
If you have to do homework but don't wanna listen to music you know all the words to because you'll sing along and end up not doing homework? Then listen to this!! (i listen to it when i'm not doing hw too but ya know), it's easy to follow so if you're not listening to the whole thing and just focusing in on it every minute or so, you'll still understand what's going on, some take more thought than others, but overall it's pretty good to listen to :))
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Thank you
Super thankful that this is on the podcast store now. I don’t have WiFi and love that I can download these to have on my phone. Narrator has a very soothing voice.
Forever fan
I’ve been listening to CreepsMcPasta since I first found him on YouTube, a few years ago. It’s the only way I can go to sleep. Now I love the podcast, I download them for our weekend summer road trips , when we often don’t have reception. His voice is great. Like grown up bed time stories!!
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