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We explore and discuss philosophies, professions, trends, and advice regarding all things creative. We feature a variety of creative professionals to hear their thoughts and experiences in the creative world.
Design Sprints
In this episode, we discuss the methodology, impact, and applications of the "Sprint" ideology as written about by Jake Knapp. Editing and music by: John Bougioukos visit us at:
Nov 14, 2018
44 min
Interview with Illustrator Jérémie Claeys
Join us in learning about Jérémie's journey from a comic book loving young boy, into a Graphic Designer who re-discovered his childhood passion for Illustration that brought him to a Freelance Illustration practice that he loves today. Jérémie's website: Our Blog: www.creative Music in this episode by: Dr. Doctor Track: Semilanceata
Sep 20, 2018
1 hr 3 min
The Subjectivity of Time in Your Creative Practice
Time. It never feels like we have enough of it. Time can affect so many aspects of how we manage our lives, but how about our Creative practice? Today we talk about how you choose to view time can affect how smoothly your practice runs, the amount of income you can make, and even your client relationships. Visit our blog: Music by: Iceland by napz Meydan: Underwater Intro Music by: Mockateel
Jun 4, 2018
22 min
Branding & Identity with Jain Karan of Magfirst
Building a brand is more than just having a nice logo. It's about the process of research, discovery and analysis that goes into understanding a business or individual's needs and who they are most trying to target. The end result should be a beautiful visual identity and on-point messaging that lasts well into the future. In this episode we chat with Jain Karan, the CEO & Founder of Magfirst, a Publication Design Agency, and Enamus, a Branding Agency. He shares with us his masterful understanding of Branding & Identity, and how to properly approach the process, delivering information that is illuminating for aspiring Brand Strategists and businesses alike. Check out what Jain's up to:
Jun 29, 2017
56 min
Creative Burnout
When someone gets to be a working Creative, it's easy to think that it's a dream come true. However, many Creatives can experience an insidious issue, that's not always easy to figure out. This issue is called Creative Burnout. In this episode we discuss what you can do to realize you might be burning yourself out, teach you how to spot the signs, how to heal from it and have a fulfilling creative Career. Our Blog: Music By: Scott Holmes- Positive and Fun Paul Fisko- Six Times Four & Little Glass Men- Sub Aqueonic
May 8, 2017
54 min
Interview: Creative Career Pivot with Mark Steiner of GigSalad
Many creatives may reach a point where they realize they want to try something different, that's outside of their current creative career education and experience, but are not sure how to make the leap. In this episode we talk to Mark Steiner founder of the successful startup, GigSalad, an online market place for entertainers of all types to land gigs for various types of events. Mark started off being an Actor, then a Talent Agent, until one day he realized he wanted to combine his talent to form a startup. Mark tells us his story of his Creative career pivot, and how he got to where he is today. Visit GigSalad: Visit our Blog: Music: : Jazz Comedy The Atlas Room: Physika Mockateel
Mar 16, 2017
1 hr 9 min
New Years Resolutions for Creatives
When its time for the ball to drop every year, most of us have made resolutions that we want to implement for the New Year. In this episode we discuss some resolutions that are helpful for creatives, not only for 2017, but for the remainder of your creative practice. Check out our newly designed blog: Music in this episode by: 4T Thieves
Jan 23, 2017
34 min
UX, UI & the Startup World
Many people are being struck with startup fever in recent years, and people from all disciplines are unexpectedly finding themselves gravitating towards this fast paced and innovative arena. Recently we had the opportunity to be on a panel at CalArts, where we spoke to students about how to transition from being an artist, to being a part of the tech-heavy startup world. We also discussed the importance of understanding and implementing UX and UI when creating a digital product. In this episode, Zach and I have a roundtable discussion with the 3rd member of the CalArts panel discussion, Damjan Krajacic (the founder of the design studio ActiveColor), continuing our conversation on these topics.
Nov 18, 2016
51 min
Post-Screen Design
With technology innovation moving at the speed of light, devices we have grown accustomed to are now moving farther away from visual design and moving more towards Artificial Intelligence run interfaces. This is starting to reduce the way and capacity in which we interact and rely on the screens of our devices. Eventually technology will integrate with minimal graphics as we approach more advanced AI and augmented reality (AR) based experiences. What will UX and UI designers create when screen usage diminishes? We discuss our theories and predictions on this topic. Check out our blog: Music By: Lee Rosevere
Oct 21, 2016
57 min
Interview: Design Thinking with Jeb Banner of SmallBox
In this episode we had the pleasure of talking with Jeb Banner, CEO and Co-Founder of the creative agency, SmallBox. Jeb and his team are driven by curiosity and focused on achieving the goal of partnering with people to create distinctive and meaningful experiences. In this episode we talk all things Design Thinking, and how to apply it to areas outside of design, like improving employee engagement and transforming the way you approach people and situations amongst many other things. Check out SmallBox: Visit our blog:
Oct 5, 2016
49 min
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