Creative Dog Training Online Podcast
Creative Dog Training Online Podcast
Creative Dog Training Online
Creative Dog Training is all about taking our over 30 years of experience and passing it on to you! Are you tired of difficult or non-practical advice on how to help you dog? Then our casts are for you! Our casts are short to the point information sessions designed to give you PRACTICAL tools for not just training your dog, but having the dog you've always wanted! Get more info @
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Outdated info
Yikes, just listened to 5 min of the fearful dog episode. FYI, you cannot reinforce fear in your dog. Behaviors yes, but not fear.
Short, sweet, and to the point
I appreciate the practical and easy to follow advice without any fluff. These podcasts were immensely helpful when we introduced our 5 year old rescue GSD to our home and our 1.5 year old Sheepadoodle.
Just the facts
I read sone if the review that call the conversation robotic. Whatever. I love the lack of fancy and just the facts tone. Practical and fantastic steps and advice. Got the puppy to ring the bell to go outside, settle-down, brilliant.
Love it !
amtrak fan 123
Doesn’t flow
Their voices and conversation seems so rehearsed and robotic which is extremely hard to listen to. Their content is good but their delivery not so much.
Creative DogTraining
Very vague training information given on the podcasts-must refer to the website if you want any specific practical techniques. Seems every episode is just an advertisement for their website. Ugh!
I love this podcast!
After listening to multiple dog training podcasts and resources, I definitely think this is one of the best for multiple reasons. They provide structured, thorough, and common sense advice on almost every topic and offer additional resources online and in person. It’s clear from their advice that they are very knowledgeable and experienced. They are also personable and relatable as hosts. One of my frustrations with other podcasts is a tendency to spend minutes within a short podcast asking for likes and reviews and subscriptions to the point that it becomes irritating if you listen to them frequently. I respect that this podcast doesn’t do this and they jump right into their topic and let their quality speak for itself.
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Very Interesting
Great podcast very informative and fun I love the way they have it step by step instead of just consistently telling you what to do and how to do it.
Red head 360
awesome podcasts, wish there were more!!!!!!
Informative and good delivery
This is great podcast for several reasons, they give practical information to implement at home and why. The way the deliver the podcast back and forth between the two of them, makes it seems like a true podcast and conversation.
Excellent Information!
I discovered these podcasts when we got our puppy in 2014. I have listened to so many of them, and they are packed with excellent, helpful information. They have really trained me to train our dog very well. Anytime I have mentioned something I've learned to our vet, he has fully supported what they teach. I have probably recommended these podcasts (and website) to dozens of other dog owners. Thank you Creative Dog Training team!!!
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So much information!!!
We just started taking our puppy to Creative Dog Training. They truly know what they're talking about. I didn't know they had a podcast until much info! These podcasts are a great add on to the classes. I wonder if someone could use just these podcasts for training? People, this mom and son duo know what they're talking about!!!
Great information.
I don't usually write reviews but these podcasts are well put together and easy to understand. We had a basic obedience class locally. These podcasts have good reminders and give information that could be not covered in the local class. I am so glad I found them.
Very Informative
The aspect of this podcast that I like the most is how it is designed. It is a step-by-step tutorial with the reasoning behind each step. I have litened to many other podcasts on how to train a dog and this one is the most applicable to me. I'm not training a guard dog -- I'm just an ordinary dude trying to raise a house-dog correctly and the information that Creative Dog Training passes on has been very valueable to me. It may not be the podcast for you if you need a lot of trivia, but I find it relevant and helpful. Keep up the great work.
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reliable and common sense, presented by people who clearly know their stuff from years of experience. and a pleasurable listen, too.
If you would like to try an artistic, off beat podcast on Dogs, go to DogSoup. Created for hawaiian public tv -it explores the world of dogs from the eyes of an outsider, uninformed and clumsy. Have fun, Greg.
mr. suggestion
This has helped me tremendously. I started using the techniques with my two yappy at times unpredictable papillons and they really work. I see what I need to work on and now I have the tools to know how to proceed. Thank you soo much for this wonderful podcast.
She (narrator) sounds like a robot reading a book in a very fast pace. Gets boring after 1min.
Interesting and true
Great podcast!!!
I subscribed to this podcast recently because my mother had just gotten a new puppy and was having trouble housetraining. She was getting very frustrated about it, and fearful that she would be destined to follow her puppy around with a mop and bucket for the rest of her life. I listened, and emailed her the link for the housetraining podcast. She followed the common sense advice, and has had terrific success. She commented just the other day how they hadn't had any accidents for so long, she couldn't remember when the last one was. Thank you for such a concise and informative podcast. I'm listening to the rest of the shows one by one, so I can help learn more about what I need to be doing better for my own dog.
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